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  1. Tbf I was watching the game & Mahinmi was playing very well & was out there during their run. I’d consider this a one time thing (hopefully). It’s up to Mo to come out aggressive on the next one.
  2. He was still very solid pre Hayward injury. You may see a slight dip in AST & PTS. Most of Smarts value comes from his defensive stats, 3PT & AST sprinkled in. He should be fine moving forward as long as he’s healthy.
  3. Lord, all thy ask is for one measly block. I shall forever be grateful. Amen.
  4. Forgot he was playing vs Toronto, which has Embiid’s number. Still, he didn’t look right out there. Probably nursing something
  5. He looked a bit timid today. Was getting dominated by the Clippers frontcourt. I’ve seen this from Wagner as a Lakers fan. He’ll surely come back with confidence some other night.
  6. I hardly see this kid out on the court. Bertans, Rui, & Beal seem to be the headliners in this game vs LAC.
  7. This man is nasty. The Clippers commentators were raving about him & how SAS messed up by letting him go. Thanks Markieff. He’s even got a sweet passing game.
  8. Currently watching the TOR v PHI game. Mind you this is the first time I watch any PHI games this year. I notice Embiid moves a bit slow out there. Also noticed he favors his left leg a lot. Always lifting it & moving it around. Is Embiid normally this slow moving around the court? Looking like Mr McDouble Jokic out there.
  9. Will begin to ramp up on court activities within the next week or two. My guess is we see him sometime in early January.
  10. Another 3pt from Big Ben. Too bad this game is a blowout at half. Line could be monstrous.
  11. Recently had the pins removed from his hand from the first surgery. This was to be expected. Any hope of him coming back sooner?
  12. He’ll be dropped by plenty. Only to go off the next game.
  13. He’s a hold for me, mostly because of second half breakout potential should he be unleashed. Plus he’s already valuable with the elite efficiency & stock potential in limited minutes. Don’t forget MEM outstanding playoff schedule.
  14. The temptation to drop is there. The risk is him going off & somebody else taking advantage. You hate to see it.