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  1. Hey man - i think i have an opening in my $250 12t H2H yahoo league.  Still interested? we do an offline slow-draft using Clickydraft 

  2. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    Very interesting. Not sure if this is coach-speak or not, but would this push Moreland to the bench?
  3. Ok - chalk one up to me being an idiot; i was expected to see an "edit" or some icon indicating that field is editable... rather being able to just overwrite the text. Carry on...
  4. Minor (but pretty annoying) Yahoo question - anyone know how to get around their sudden lack of updating your League Name? Been running the same league for 8+ years and have continually hard-coded the year into the league name. Now, for some strange reason, you can't update it so our league name has "2017" in it for the 2018 season
  5. You need to do a full report out post-draft and then post-season for each of these leagues I've only done Yahoo for baseball, but have done ESPN/CBS for football and think their platform is considerably worse than Yahoo, but i'd like to see if that's due to my own familiarity or if accurate
  6. Chis Taylor 2018 Outlook

    Looks like he's creeping into Top 100 territory, so i think i agree with you I suspect his BA will dip considerably is he can't get that k-rate down
  7. Whoa. No thread at all.... okay then Rotoworld seems overly scathing with the official news that the humidor will be installed this year: Is anyone moving him down a little bit, or "don't overthink, it's Goldy" still hold true here?
  8. Bregman in the second round? Eh?
  9. Very interested in the next 12-team mock, but i don't play in any 15-teamer and wouldn't provide much value sorry!
  10. I've used Yahoo for a billion years and agree with you. I have been in a CBS league and simply don't understand why it would be considered "better" when you factor in the cost
  11. Chis Taylor 2018 Outlook

    my accidental nicknaming of the Chizz might be the single greatest achievement in my fantasy baseball career
  12. Rick Porcello 2018 Outlook

    SP4/5 with not a ton of upside, but most definitely draftable... i suspect he'll be better than '17, but most certainly worse than '16
  13. Are 10-team leagues really that popular? Would prefer to keep this at 12-teams if possible
  14. CJ Anderson 2017 season outlook

    of course i benched him in favor of williams this decision better not get me bounced