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  1. I did the same and he proceeds to instantly reward with a K. Our bad, guys...
  2. Uhh what the hell?
  3. Is it though? Unintentional nicknames are the best kind love my chizz
  4. huh? stupendous outing... assume this was an early over-reaction?
  5. can someone explain how his FIP can be 2 whole runs higher than his ERA? that's insane
  6. Dropped JJ for Treinen so hopefully it's an upgrade
  7. Yes. Tough not to given opponent and his results thusfar...
  8. Need to know this as well where are the expert tea leaf readers on this one...
  9. shoulda/coulda benched aside.... that's 2 straight flops since coming back from DL (and joining my team), so how much friggin rust is on this guy?
  10. fair to assume he's back tonight given he PH last night?
  11. Did Jim Johnson just become droppable in a S, HLD league? Was used in the 7th while being down Temporary exile or full job loss?