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  1. thanks Finnegan.... why do i do this to myself every monday?
  2. I am, but reluctantly... my pred is 5IP, 4.50ERA, 1.3WHIP, 5k's
  3. @STL and vs. CHC though.....
  4. Anyone with any more intel? I CANNOT afford a Darvish injury here....
  5. Who the heck was honestly starting Meyer??
  6. looking utterly lost out there...... in a game where every Sox player gets a hit, he stand firmly at 0/4
  7. As the idiot who made that typo, I kinda agree 🤘
  8. Can this guy go 6 innings this time out? ratios already fried and looking for at least a QS with a streamer
  9. At least this was finally the push I needed to drop this bum. He is atrocious
  10. Roark is so friggin bad goddamn it man...
  11. sitting again. Looks to be a pretty safe drop IMO...
  12. why is that lol?
  13. wet blanket alert: he's completely stopped stealing bases with this latest power surge. Too much to ask for both?
  14. 2 hits, 1 SB, 50 billion K's. My drop finger is lowering........lowering...........l o w e r i n g
  15. Any chance he continues regular PT even when Davis comes back? I'm giving STRONG consideration to dropping Trumbo and just picking him up