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  1. Not gonna happen again right? Right? Assure me!
  2. oh god you're going to guilt me into starting him and then Nellie goes yard 16 times
  3. assume easy sit tonight?
  4. why the heck is Lamb batting 7th?
  5. Then why Is he out tonight?
  6. They flashed a stat saying if you take away his 2 starts vs CHW he's been dominant loving what I'm seeing tonight ....seems relaxed and challenging hitters with pitches in the zone
  7. His velocity and control on peak display tonight....94-95 consistently and painting
  8. two in a row
  9. everything hard hit and now the pitcher just ropes one up the middle.... Roark is trash
  10. this guy has 10 holds and we just dont care?
  11. anyone know what happened to him? Didn't see the game but see him marked as DTD
  12. is Taylor Rogers a thing? a ton of holds but I know nothing about him....
  13. Didn't see a thread. Is this guy a thing?
  14. and his last two bombs were balls that were shoulder high.... no idea how he gets those out of the park
  15. 4 consecutive quality starts.... def no brainer for me right now