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  1. Worth a look in his two-start week? @PHI and vs. PIT seem like good matchups
  2. welp I guess this experiment is over as quickly as it started.
  3. might be the time to pick up and stash Tillman
  4. Worse, My league counts K's. 1-2 K's each time out
  5. Huh? This guy is a set it and forget it...
  6. screw you! Giles time!
  7. ok - getting preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty tired of this slow start
  8. I think we might've jumped the gun on thinking this guy was fantasy relevant .... looking POOR at the plate
  9. you should pay us for all the extra scrolling we have to do to get past your signature
  10. Okay what do you two say for tonight? Haha...
  11. New owner. Burned a high waiver claim. All Aboooooooooooooard! Right? right?
  12. Just saw that. Give me a break..... players should be banned from saying stupid things like "99% sure i'm playing" and then proceed to sit out 3 more days
  13. Hitting 101 on the gun
  14. I have a high-waiver claim in for him and no real room to play him.... and still feel relatively confident in him producing long-term. Dude's swing is just so pretty
  15. Predictions on Correa playing tonight?