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  1. Sammy Watkins 2018 Outlook

    They probably need a playmaker more than just good hands,
  2. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    I hope Stafford remembers how to use Calvin Johnson, and utilize it to this kid.
  3. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    Play BIG young blood! At 6"4" 215 lbs... cmon man!
  4. Alfred Morris 2018 Outlook

    It'll still be a split carries between Morris and Breida... It just feels like Morris has a different script compared to Breida... Morris - pound as hard to wear down O-Line, then Play-Action Pass... Breida - Run like hell!!... This is based on the last game I saw against Lions.
  5. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    I just like the fact that he didn't force himself to get a TD pass or run, just wants to win. Undersize, but if he keeps this up he'll stay in the NFL for a while.
  6. Carlos Hyde 2018 Outlook

    I was referring to last night's game against Jets. His past 2 games were abysmal.
  7. DeVante Parker 2018 Outlook

    I've had him for the past 2 yrs, very disappointed. Maybe with Landry gone might give this kid a boost...
  8. Carlos Hyde 2018 Outlook

    C. Hyde was still producing yardage even before T. Taylor's injury, its just that he wasn't getting enough touches, cause Taylor is running all over the place not making any plays. Mayfield coming in made the entire offense rejuvenated, passing was working, Jets D was on their toes every play.
  9. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    He's not even in BorisChen's week 3 RB ranking... http://www.borischen.co/p/running-back-tier-rankings.html
  10. Carlos Hyde 2018 Outlook

    Hyde only had 16 carries, and had only 58% of the snap count last game. Browns knows its going to be a short week for them.
  11. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    He is however in the Top Ten USC Great RBs, behind OJ Simpson and Reggie Bush.
  12. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    The kid can't block, no wonder they don't want him there. No blocking = No FlitzMagic
  13. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    Even with those great run, he and Morris ended up splitting carries... Then again it was against the Lions who made Crowell look like the best RB out there.
  14. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Yes, yes, and yes... D. Henry should be reading this stuff man.
  15. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Outlook

    He'll do better if Lions are not playing from behind all the time. Riddick is useful, cause they play behind all the time.