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  1. Not normal? Happens all the time. Sometimes teams are out of time outs or they don’t want to use up clock by running. All sorts of scenarios in which that happens.
  2. Yep. Something I figured out a few years back. Most owners have not adapted to this.
  3. I was really just referring to all the worry warts that have already been dropping big name guys in a lot of these threads.
  4. Not necessarily under the radar but all the guys that were prematurely dropped after the first week will probably go first.
  5. Lol SOB. Told the wife we won’t get it this year. What the hell was I thinking! Errr
  6. You would think he would have been drafted in the majority of 12 team leagues and higher.
  7. I’d rather let the TE needy team suffer. I’m not a fan of helping other league mates fill their roster holes.
  8. Yeah he’s going to be fun this year. Well said. I agree for where and what I drafted him for I’ll always be comfortable starting him until proven otherwise.
  9. So true on second part. Never even crossed my mind not to hold.
  10. ESPN waivers will probably never process with all there problems. The suspense is killing me. Hard to go to sleep before first night of waivers. Last year at the end it was 2:00 ish till 4ish. Eh who knows.
  11. Lol you guys beat me to it. Gosh been down this road before but tempting no doubt.