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  1. Why bench? He's doing fine unless you drafted him expecting good percentages. If that's the case why complain at all because that was never going to happen in the first place. You should have known what you were getting into and if you didn't then take it to the vent rant thread. He had the most minutes tonight on his team. Shooters shoot. Shooters also have serious off nights. Don't roster shooters if your worried about percentages. Were you really expecting something different?
  2. Hope you don't mind I bumped this Kaboom but thought it was an appropriate time.
  3. He's been up since 5 games before the allstar break. Before that he was up and down. Clicking now. Practicing with all those studs in the off season has really been paying off.
  4. If somebody was relying on Wiggins for efficiency that has nothing to do with math but just common sense. If you build around efficiency he's valuable. Personally I wouldn't even bother with him because I don't punt anything in category leagues but I've seen plenty of managers have success with the guy. You are right he's a big inefficient chucker.
  5. True. However same could be said with Boban getting 30+ minutes though. IMO it's too small of a sample to gamble with this guy on such an early pick. I'd rather draft a proven player with a longer track record at the 1st turn or second round. We're also running out of time this year for him to prove he's capable of consistently even lasting 30 minutes without any foul trouble. If the season ended today and you go into next year drafting him that early that would be quite the gamble.
  6. People still drafting him in second round next year? One even suggested at the turn in the first. 😂
  7. The thing is, yes stat wise they are close over a two week period. However it needs to be looked at in context. The 3 big games for Bradley were without Conley and Conley is now back and Bradley is back to Bradley. If you take out Bradleys games without Conley the comparison wouldn't be close. It was a perfect storm for Bradley in those 3 games. Wiggins stinks but It took a Conley sitting for Bradley to even get close to a crappy Wiggins 2 week sample. Plus Wiggins missed 3 games.
  8. Last 14 days. Wiggins- 16pts, 4.3rbs, 1.8ast, .8stl, 1.0blk, 1.5to Bradley- 13.6pts, 1.8rbs, 3.6ast, 1.0stl, 0blk, 2.2to
  9. Wiggins also missed 5 games in last month. Also Bradley had 3 outlier games. Although I could care less since I own neither lol.
  10. For those of you looking to play on ESPN just a heads up here. When you click on a player to see said players stat card you'll notice it's super tiny on mobile devices. When you try to zoom in on the player card it will literally move off the screen so you can't see it. So in other words if you like to see stats of a player all I can say is good luck because it just doesn't work on mobile devices. I filled a spot on a basketball team this year just to see the changes on ESPN and boy it's terribly disappointing. How can a site not provide a viewable player card to see said players stats is beyond frustrating. I had to refer to my Fantrax leagues player stats just to see what's going on with players. Basically I'd just use the ESPN site to set my lineup and have to rely on other sites to see stats. If you are on ESPN and use a mobile device for fantasy, I encourage you to click on a player and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's basically unusable.