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  1. Was his injury minor and he should be good to go next week? Or another week 3 situation where we need to roster a backup TE?
  2. Was his gigantic day against Bradbury, or did other defenders end up trying to cover him?
  3. What are you guys doing with him this week? Start, bench, drop? How much will Tate’s return help him?
  4. Devante Adams and courtland sutton did poorly against Chi, but Emmanuel Sanders, Terry McLaurin, and Paul Richardson did well. I believe Sanders is the only one that is slot of this group Geronimo Allison and trey Quinn had touchdowns but mediocre yardage against Chi. are they the slot receivers of their teams? I don’t really know, just saw some preseason articles proclaiming them as the slot receivers. I am assuming Adam Thielen is still slot receiver this year too? If so, is it safe to project 1 touchdown and average yardage, which would be a safe start?
  5. Reason for his bad game:
  6. Is it just me, or did he run sort of slower in this clip?
  7. Any comparison point to other receivers with similar injuries? Do they play mainly as decoys/blockers, or do they have no issues running routes and still have their usual games?
  8. Anyone else using Yahoo having trouble editing their picks? I thought picks don’t lock until game time.
  9. Two of woods’ weaker games last year were against NO (including playoffs). Yes he’s an every week starter against other opponents, but should we worry about NO game planning to shut him down tomorrow?
  10. Carolina had only 6 pts against TB, and could've easily been 4 pts without the flukey safety. This makes me believe more in SF's performance in week 1 against TB. So i feel comfortable picking SF up to start wk 2 against Cin.
  11. Same pattern last year, 1-5 receptions max, but a touchdown 62.5% of the time.
  12. So what happened with him? No AD to split work with, and up by 17 points during first half which was about his best possible game script. How serious was his injury during the game?
  13. Profootballtalk reports Tyreek Hill is undergoing tests on his collarbone. You can't "sprain" a collarbone, so if there's an injury, it will be a fracture. That would mean Hill would miss roughly 6-8 weeks and be a candidate for injured reserve/designated to return. We should get official word by Sunday evening. SOURCE: Profootballtalk on Sep 8, 2019, 4:17 PM ET