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  1. I hear you but Buxton is now 25 years of age. With all the rookies being promoted left and right not a single one is cemented in the 9 hole. Take the freaking training wheels off already and at least put him in the middle of the lineup for Pete's sake. This is his 5th year now in the majors.
  2. What else on earth does Buxton have to do for the dumb Twins to move this guy from the #9 hole? I mean geez maybe his multiple hit night (including the granny) will make the Twins reconsider.
  3. I’m also a Carpenter owner and am losing patience in my shallow 10 team H2H league. My thing is we all know what he did last year but can you bank on the same turnaround for a player at the tender age of 33? It is possible we all paid for a career year of Carpenter at the draft table. I’m honestly considering moving on in the shallow league I’m in.
  4. I agree with Tonywow. I’d counter and would see if Nola’s name will get the other owner to add Holland as a throw in.
  5. Braun may not play each and every day but he sure is productive when he’s in and was a better lineup around him. Thoughts before I pull the trigger.
  6. Closing in on 40 pitches in the first freaking inning SMH.
  7. You’re seriously missing the forrest through the trees. Scream BABIP all you want so what it corrects itself and he’s a .260 hitter (whoop-d-do). With Puig he’s his worst enemy and his primary problem is between the ears (is incapable of turning it off). It’ll always be something with him. That’s why he morphed into a platoon player, why the Dodgers consistently dropped him in the order, why he was traded for peanuts and on and on and on. His head is the fundamental reasoning behind everything with him (plain and simple).
  8. You just don’t get it, his talent has never materialized and no one should have to explain that to you. He was once a late first round/early second round draft pick that morphed into a platoon player that the Dodgers traded away for peanuts. Stop acting like has half of the Yelich’s, Trout’s and Betts players that you named cause he’s not. Heck he’s not even 87% owned in Yahoo and I’m sure half the leagues aren’t even being managed.
  9. Its like I said several posts ago, you just can not consider Puig in same category as the other players named. He just does not have the same track record period. There’s a lot of hype behind Puig that has never materialized and who knows if it ever will.
  10. It all depends on your league size and even so 15 steals still don’t justify holding him in a 10 team H2H league. Hell the way he’s playing now you’ll be missing out on some of those steals because he’ll be firmly sitting in your bench. To each his own though but I do hope he turns it around.
  11. I fully agree with that notion but Puig hasn’t proven to be an elite talent that I consider in that category. In a 10 team H2H league .260 25HR hitters are a dime a dozen. He’d still be in LA if he weren’t such a head case. He’s proving that the Dodgers knew what they were doing by getting rid of him.
  12. Precisely my point, Christian Walker was who I snagged up (him and Frazier). I’ve been doing this for several years and to me at some point you have to be honest and ask yourself realistically what will Puig’s numbers look like? Are there players on the wire I feel will match or surpass his numbers? If that answer is yes then proceed. I’ve always liked Puig but the guy is just too emotional and is a hacker at heart. He has all the talent in the world but falls short between the ears IMO.
  13. I pondered for awhile and unfortunately had to cut him loose last week. There was just way too much talent on the wire to just continue to wait. Good luck though.
  14. I mean seriously what is up with Nola this year? Not looking good at all.