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  1. Not according to SpecialFNK's calculations
  2. Bro it's been what, 3 games? Chill we knew he doesn't have a plus hit tool, and he'll have his ups and downs.
  3. Probably just how Gio is, he's a super streaky pitcher. He can pitch like an ace for a few weeks and then stink up the joint the next few weeks. Just who he is.
  4. Seems like it's Fernando Abad based on current usage as well as all the expert opinions (Closer Monkey, Fangraphs)
  5. Why because you couldn't read the signs right?Go back through and read how many posts there were about how great the start was going to be. One thing I am learning this year, more then any other, opposing viewpoints are not welcome. Isn't worth the hassle. There were also some "temper your expectations" posts as well. Did you not see those?You seem confused, so let me help. Opposing viewpoints ARE welcome. They really are. "He's 19.You can't project a 19 year old to be a top 8 ACE, he'll likely be a 2-3." There was also a Cole Hamels discussion. These were productive. Facts are also welcome. Got something about K rate? How his pitch selection may not translate? See the problem is you come into the Trevor Story Thread with a 7 game sample size to try to prove a point, or come into this thread AFTER a 19 year old struggles to say "easy sit." Those aren't opposing viewpoints. Those are you using ridiculously SSS, after the fact, to make a point that often isn't valid. Do you understand the difference? See my point is made. All I said was that it was an easy sit. Give me a break for not posting everything I think. I learned very well in the Story thread that opposing viewpoints aren't welcome. When I looked at the thread before going to sleep all I saw was 5-7 innings , 1 run or less, and other BS. I wasn't getting involved and wished to God I hadn't posted what I did now.Do you understand that to me (and I am sure others) that it was an easy sit with all the negatives that were there? It doesn't matter if the game had been played yet the negatives were there. You and others didn't see it that way fine, no problem. OMG, this is gonna turn into another Mazara thread...
  6. I second this, seems like ever since Jepsen started sucking May decided to join the suck club too. Tons of sucktitude. Can't wait for Perkins to get back.
  7. It's literally been 2 games which he has started and he's hitting in the bottom of the order, relax. Real question is if he keeps getting the opportunity to start or if he's gonna be a utility guy
  8. Did anyone watch this game? Was his velocity back?
  9. Any see his velocity tonight? People were worried with it being more than 2mph off last year
  10. The real end of season Reds closer is NOT on this roster today. Give up on Cingrani and Ohlendorf
  11. Should he still be rostered with Chapman back? How many vulture saves/wins do you think he will get?
  12. Ruh rho well at this point you're praying he makes it thru 5 and if he makes it thru 5, the pen doesn't blow it I was watching the game and he seemed pretty good through 5. The last out during the 5th inning should have been fielded by Lindor but it bounced off his glove and it was ruled a hit instead of an error. Chalk this up to the scorer, I think there would have been a strong case for the hit to be an error as well.
  13. Miguel Cabrera owns him, like he owns many pitchers in the league.
  14. The same old, really streaky pitcher so he will look unhittable for a few weeks and stink up the joint the next few. Plus his opponents were bottom tier offenses. I'd sell for something better if I could.