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  1. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    Funniest movie...I freaking love it! I really right now can't think of any team I wouldn't like the matchup with...I think I'd actually start him against Minny's D against most other options. What a find for Andy Reid and the Chiefs...a franchise QB for the next 10 years.
  2. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    *shaking head* Sorry Scheibler...can you repeat, I was looking at your profile pic...........
  3. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    This IMO is a coin flip. Weather in the 'burgh is set to be 80 degrees and 10% chance of rain (partly cloudy). All systems go for both QB's. Both have dynamic playmakers (AB & Hill). Check Big Ben's elbow injury but Pittsburg at home with something to prove and I'll give him 6 out of 10 coin toss wins. But...nobody would blame you for starting Mahomes either. Nice problem to have. My choices are Mahomes/Cam and Mahones/Stafford. I'm starting Mahomes without a second thought.
  4. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    Start all offensive players in this game from both teams. I don't know who your other QB option is...but Mahomes is a start versus most.
  5. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    As a Pittsburgh fan with a little bit of self-awareness about his team....Start with Extreme Confidence. I am.
  6. Zach Ertz 2018 Outlook

    Wrong...I own him now, and I already feel like the Shamrock of fantasy football this year with all my bad luck. Ertz owners are doomed...DOOOOOOOOMED!
  7. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Well...I believe he has value over AB in a non-PPR for sure so rock on! Good Luck!
  8. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    I think I'd be more worried about him, and actually move him down in a non-PPR league myself. Assuming PPR I believe you made the right choice.
  9. Jordy Nelson 2018 Outlook

    Looking at Carr's past year's performances is diluted by the fact that he's now in Gruden's offence. Projecting past inconsistencies onto this year is fools gold IMO. The Raiders offense was an absolute mess last year. If we can get 2016 Derek Carr I believe Jordy would contribute nicely to the bottom line as a WR3 (WR2 or Flex as a bye week fill in). Carr is not getting a lot of preseason work in...which is confusing considering the brand new system. Ought to be interesting to watch.
  10. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Personally I'm passing on him, knowing he won't be there when I'm ready to draft him.
  11. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Not having the patience to read through 72 pages I wanted to confirm that Gordon's recent rehab stint was self-initiated correct? He decided he needed a tuneup (timing was a bit off but ok) and went in voluntarily. Obviously he hasn't failed a drug test. 20-25WR range seems about right to me because he seems so on-the-ledge with his next voluntary rehab stint and/or failed drug test, but the upside is huge.
  12. Eric Hosmer 2018 Outlook

    Ouy Vey...c'mon, you know what I mean. In 2017 he had career bests in the following categories: Runs - 98 Hits - 192 HR - 25 (tied with 2016) BB - 66 BA - .318 OBP - .385 SLG - .498 OPS - .882 RBI's...he had his 2nd best year. He won the Silver Slugger and Gold Glove, and was an MVP candidate in 2017...finishing 14th admittedly but only his second time as a candidate...the other time he finished 24th. So...he had his best year, got paid, and proved last year was the exception not the norm IMO.
  13. Eric Hosmer 2018 Outlook

    Homeboy got paaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddd......! Last year was an aberration, and the Padres fell for it.....hard.
  14. Kris Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Lost season...killing me and many other owners. We'll get angry...we'll drop him in keepers and/or push him down in our drafts next year. He'll go off. We'll be pissed.
  15. Jacob deGrom 2018 Outlook

    I think we can all agree that he's grinding this year and pitching his heart out.