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  1. He doesn't really like spring.
  2. Career high K/9 (note: not k%), bb% same as 2014, and much improved from last season, 10% swstr% (not as good as 2015 nor elite, but not "done" territory), velocity is down (this is a concern), 18th in the league in siera, 17th in k-bb rate. Do I love him? Nope, will probably not return to "ace" territory, but I am definitely buying low and gambling on him. He still needs to earn his next paycheck, so there's that. Hopefully he'll juice again.
  3. Drop at your own risk.
  4. Not to mention the fact that he was also only 23? Didn't know growing pains stopped happening.
  5. What a stud. Sucks he plays for the Mets.
  6. Dude is a BEAST.
  7. Ha, it's happening. Starting at CF tonight.
  8. Man, I'm all about the intangible things in sports, but can't they sit Granderson for a day or two to get this guy some playing time?
  9. He's hitting more groundballs and less flyballs than ever. You're right. Sell!
  10. Should pull a Harper and text Collins saying "play me or trade me."
  11. Agree with you 100%. Pitched a very good game, shame Collins didn't have enough confidence in him to let him get out of his jam, especially to put in Hansel Robles. He's almost 27 and still being treated as a baby.
  12. On base 6 times.
  13. You can nail anyone with a good throw...
  14. Let the games begin.
  15. Oh overreacting Rotoworld, how much I missed you.