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  1. Great group of guys, unfortunately 1 of our owners abandoned us (we haven't heard from him). Shame, because he has a pretty good team too. Here is the roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bUASul8K6GhJxKw-iZ6TN5t2O0i9Y_QeV172Dzjtjv4/edit?usp=drivesdk Here is our league constitution: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSua43XR8cOBFO-HcFNjNIIRLiq4uohcAk9qcg4kdmGzSK3Pk8WjCrRZ1XlhwejAE3FD_yEnneucIq3/pub Team is 1-7, but looking for an owner to set up the team for long-term success. It's keep 3, but we are contemplating moving dynasty eventually. Private message me or email me at Bmpo7@hotmail.com if you're interested in picking up this team's slack.
  2. Devers BA up to .331 and OPS up to .858.
  3. Just like that, BA up to .314 and OPS .826
  4. Really sorry if you think someone is gonna trade you Trout, Mookie, Arenado, or Yelich. You ain't getting those guys. And even if you do, it would you more about you buying them rather than selling Bellinger. Anybody else, I really ain't trade Bellinger for.
  5. Well obviously he isn't going to hit .424 and 90 home runs over the entire season. I'm sure the person you will "sell" him too wont think so either. You're worrying he's not gonna be as good for the rest of the season as he has been so far? Well obviously. & "every year?" This is only his 3rd season in the MLB.
  6. Enough with the sell high talk. This guy is on the verge of a historic season. -The SwStr is down to 5%. -O-swing down to 21.9%. -HardHit at 54.1%. -Walk rate higher than k-rate (13 vs 12). -Hitting line drives like Joey Votto. -BABIP lower than BA. (.397 vs .424). - ISO at .459. -4 SBs. -23 years old. Yeah, sell high though...... ok
  7. K-rate down to 27% and BABIP down to .378. Hopefully the correction stays this smooth.
  8. What a relief. Hopefully he's actually good and not fighting through anything.
  9. ***FIXED*** Sorry my numbers were a little bit off as of this morning because I didn't refresh the page to include the entire week. My apologies.
  10. Bellinger hit by pitch in knee. Stayed in the game but it doesn't look good. Praying for the best.
  11. Another week into the season, and his SwStr down to 6.4% and o-swing down to 18.7%. The result is a 9.9% walk rate and 11.3% k rate. His babip is actually lower than his BA is. The counting stats are cool but the improved plate discipline at only 23 is the most impressive thing. He is on a completely different level right now.
  12. With all disrespect, not sure I would trust someone with your maturity level with $1000.
  13. Forgot to note: it's a money league ($30 entry fee) thats already paid for.