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  1. Go on...
  2. Is Cole's 100 point increased average against lefties this year bad luck or just how he is pitching? Could point to his numbers being pedestrian as of late. Ump also not calling obvious strikes early in the game put Gerrit on tilt I think.
  3. Just stop talking, maybe he'll go away.
  4. Agreed. He isn't wildly swinging, or hacking. He has a very fluid swing and is getting a lot of straight back fouls. Adjusting is the proper term here.
  5. The strike zone was very liberal today. Pass.
  6. Check the MiLB forum. I hope he keeps the pants. Does he play today?
  7. Rishard Higgins - WR CLE
  8. Round 1 1. Wink - E. Elliot RB DAL 2. Luck Dynasty - L. Treadwell WR MIN 3. Kingfish - J. Doctson WR WAS 4. Teco Raww (to Wink) - S. Shepard WR NYG 5. Misfit Toys - C. Coleman WR CLE 6. Jmadtown - Derrick Henry RB TEN 7. A Very Bad Man - OTC 8. El Chingon (to Teco Raww) 9. Iron Cock 10. Texan AD 11. Discount Double Check 12. Southern Steeler
  9. GTFO. I kid. Do you really think they'll play around like that?
  10. 1. Mid to late 80's fastball and nothing higher. This means no buzz whatsoever from fantasy writers. 2. Susceptible homerun pitcher. But other than that, he has amazing command and always gets ahead of count on hitters with his first pitch strikes. He is poised on the mound and if he can keep his balls down and not hang he will continue to win, imo.
  11. Always take value when it's there in the draft. Cam.
  12. With all of the RB woes this season couldn't bench Miller in the championship. He needs 6-8 touches to have a serviceable game and 12 to have an awesome game. We ride together, we die together. We bake pies together. ****, we even swat flies together. Miller time! See you in Dallas sweet prince.
  13. I'm doubting Diggs, guys. Am I crazy to start Johnson in his place today? LEave a link.
  14. You don't need Lacy. Get another solid WR.