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  1. Anyone watching the game know why he was pulled at 5.1 ip?
  2. Serving up sliders all night.
  3. "And after that its off to Cheese Days in Monroe!"
  4. Perhaps if he ate AJ Reed. But yea, he has a cannon. Proud seeing my baby boy walk for his first time last night....
  5. Hes an easy shutdown candidate. Bicep tendinitis requires a minimum of 3 months rehab. And at that point if it's not getting better then tenodesis is performed. Rehabilitation after the surgery takes 4 to 6 weeks. Easy drop in redraft but a hold in certain dynasty leagues.
  6. 3/4 with a 3 run bomb last night. Added a BB as well. Hitting .447 since he returned to AAA. Any chance he's back up this year?
  7. Go on...
  8. Is Cole's 100 point increased average against lefties this year bad luck or just how he is pitching? Could point to his numbers being pedestrian as of late. Ump also not calling obvious strikes early in the game put Gerrit on tilt I think.
  9. Just stop talking, maybe he'll go away.
  10. Agreed. He isn't wildly swinging, or hacking. He has a very fluid swing and is getting a lot of straight back fouls. Adjusting is the proper term here.
  11. The strike zone was very liberal today. Pass.
  12. Check the MiLB forum. I hope he keeps the pants. Does he play today?
  13. Rishard Higgins - WR CLE
  14. Round 1 1. Wink - E. Elliot RB DAL 2. Luck Dynasty - L. Treadwell WR MIN 3. Kingfish - J. Doctson WR WAS 4. Teco Raww (to Wink) - S. Shepard WR NYG 5. Misfit Toys - C. Coleman WR CLE 6. Jmadtown - Derrick Henry RB TEN 7. A Very Bad Man - OTC 8. El Chingon (to Teco Raww) 9. Iron Cock 10. Texan AD 11. Discount Double Check 12. Southern Steeler