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  1. Brady. Because f*** Jim Irsay. Also the media not "covering" the hgh scandal has bother me.
  2. I am now convinced Heat wouldn't even last in the West playoffs.
  3. Why no love for Houston in the finals intro? Besides that Rudy audio clip.
  4. That ending
  5. I hope Kawhi plays well on Father's day. Just found out his father's story. His dad was murdered a block from my house
  6. They've played great. Duncan is the most underrated HOFer I've personally seen in sports. He gets little attention, mostly because of his personality, or lack of one. If spurs win game 5 Best player in his era? I say yea, even if they collapse.
  7. I hate to say this but I'm going with the heat. Wade looks so much better/healthier this year.
  8. How do you guys see him once Granger comes back? Still top 25?