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  1. That trade benefits the sixers more than it benefit the Kings
  2. For a few weeks. Davis will eventually get hurt.
  3. Can't believe the pro Bowl will be the second best game I watched in a month. Smh And yes I indeed watched it.
  4. Understandable. He owned their poster boy. They will make Ty suffer.
  5. T.O not being inducted into the HOF today is absurd.. As much as I hated him(eagles fan), he was a great player. So much for off the field behavior not being a factor. They do indeed have a history of making receivers wait though.
  6. Game recognize game
  7. Brady. Because f*** Jim Irsay. Also the media not "covering" the hgh scandal has bother me.
  8. Just don't get it. He's on a minute restriction anyways. Agree, horrible calls.
  9. Why take Embiid out?
  10. Staying mostly to help block. Vitai (starting rt) is not ready to play. Edit: was referring to ertz but sproles is also helping. This offense is mess without lane Johnson
  11. Pass, this guy is a turnover machine... Seriously tho, these sixers guards are turrible. Hinkie is a God. Embiid pick, saric trade, Mcw trade, stauskas trade, they also would have Dunn if it weren't for ainge being so stubborn. #TrusttheProcess
  12. Regretting watching it. Very emotional Watching both Mattingly and Michael Hill, f***ing heartbreaking
  13. One of his last Instagrams, he posted a picture of his pregnant girlfriend. Just tragic, Rip.