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  1. Nets,imo. Ainge dun goofed. Should have traded that pick when it was valuable.
  2. Basically they got two bench players and moved up 9 spots
  3. Disagree. Lavine doesn't offer Anything on defense. Dunn hasn't shown anything. Not sure about markannen.
  4. Meh, Billy King is not very smart.
  5. George of Summer?
  6. All is forgiven
  7. Summer of George?
  8. That trade benefits the sixers more than it benefit the Kings
  9. For a few weeks. Davis will eventually get hurt.
  10. Can't believe the pro Bowl will be the second best game I watched in a month. Smh And yes I indeed watched it.
  11. Understandable. He owned their poster boy. They will make Ty suffer.
  12. T.O not being inducted into the HOF today is absurd.. As much as I hated him(eagles fan), he was a great player. So much for off the field behavior not being a factor. They do indeed have a history of making receivers wait though.
  13. Game recognize game