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  1. Brady. Because f*** Jim Irsay. Also the media not "covering" the hgh scandal has bother me.
  2. Just don't get it. He's on a minute restriction anyways. Agree, horrible calls.
  3. Why take Embiid out?
  4. Staying mostly to help block. Vitai (starting rt) is not ready to play. Edit: was referring to ertz but sproles is also helping. This offense is mess without lane Johnson
  5. Pass, this guy is a turnover machine... Seriously tho, these sixers guards are turrible. Hinkie is a God. Embiid pick, saric trade, Mcw trade, stauskas trade, they also would have Dunn if it weren't for ainge being so stubborn. #TrusttheProcess
  6. Regretting watching it. Very emotional Watching both Mattingly and Michael Hill, f***ing heartbreaking
  7. One of his last Instagrams, he posted a picture of his pregnant girlfriend. Just tragic, Rip.
  8. Mayb Maybe its just ramblings of an eagles fan. But eagles wr play in training camp have been horrible. Huff and agholor have been terrible. Change of scenery, wake up call, Yada Yada. I'm optimistic.
  9. Have you seen the wr depth in Philly? He will have his opportunities
  10. Poor Victor Sorry I don't know how to embed tweets
  11. What also makes me sad is, once pop retires, the spurs will no longer be the exception of a nba small market team.
  12. Timmy's retirement is a total opposite of Kobe's. Which pretty much everyone expected m
  13. I don't see how both sides don't make that deal. Another possible destination is Minnesota, perhaps