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  1. League: MLB Showdown (Western themed)12 Teams, H2H each category, 8 keepers Phantom Hill DesperadosNotables: Arenado, Blackmon, Rendon, Cain, Gennett, Simmons, Eaton, Suarez, Syndergaard, Chapman.This team needs an owner ASAP. Prior owner has been AWOL for the past whole month. So the team has fallen. Email me or post here if you're interested. First come, first serve!Thanks!Randy
  2. Yeah Richards is probably a solid #13. I'm kinda back and forth on Cozart, and his ability to maintain his levels of production. For me, injury risk may be the only thing keeping Richards below Cozart on my depth chart. Thanks!
  3. Right on, thank you. How would you change the ranking?
  4. no SP's at all. Not Severino, not Keuchel, not Tanaka. Not too sure about your strategy there (I also doubt the ability of Bautista to "provide me with great numbers for years to come"), but thank you nonetheless, for your input.
  5. Pretty sure who I'm going to keep, but just wanted to post this and get any other advice I can get. Teams: 16 Keepers: 12 (must keep 12) Format: 8x8 roto (HR, AVG, RBI, R, K, SLG, OBP, SB / G, ERA, WHIP, K, W, QS, SV, HD) Intended keepers (this is also pretty much my depth chart) 1 Charlie Blackmon 2 Josh Donaldson 3 Marcell Ozuna 4 Luis Severino 5 Eric Hosmer 6 Miguel Cabrera 7 Dallas Keuchel 8 Masahiro Tanaka 9 Eduardo Nunez 10 Adam Eaton 11 Didi Gregorius 12 Zack Cozart Also rostered: G. Richards, Minor, Bautista, Me. Cabrera, Tulo, Grandal, W. Castillo, Molina, Morales, Crawford, B. Rodgers, Zobrist, Pederson, M. Taylor. Does my top 12 seem accurate? Any players you see with red flags? Any trades you see that could be made? etc Thanks guys!
  6. Grand Slam Fantasy Baseball (est. 2011) 16 team, 8x8 roto, 12 keepers, FAAB, snake draft. This is a free league that is VERY active, with hundreds of trades per year. Active off-season as well. This is a great league with very knowledgeable, friendly owners. And out of the 16 owners, 12 have been in the league since day one in 2011. That gives you an idea of how good the league is. We don't have openings very often. It's a FUN league as well. We do all sorts of unique things that you don't see very often in ESPN (or other) leagues. Stuff like "Cash Considerations", draft pick trading before the system resets, we have a Facebook group page where a lot of us chat, we have Power Rankings and Divisional Standings, hundreds of trophies available per year, and we keep track of all single-season and career records at our unofficial/official site We also just started a sister league, so to speak, last year. Called Grand Slam Elite, where the top 10 historical Grand Slam owners compete in a fun H2H format (participation not required). Team needing an owner immediately: Cubs (Scherzer, Cruz, Verlander, Murphy, Pham, etc). Qualifications *Serious inquiries only *Knowledgeable owners only *You must have a Facebook account to verify authenticity *You must be an active owner (daily lineup changes, responding to trades in a timely manner, etc.) *You must be able to provide links to other teams you've owned Let me know if you're interested by replying here, or emailing me at Thanks!