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  1. I'm looking for advice on my keepers this season. I may keep up to 6 in total. It is a 5x5 Auction Roto League with OBP over BA. Auction Budget is $260. Last year I over spent on Pitchers, so there are none worth keeping. The dollar values for each player reflect their cost for the 2019 season. For 2020 the value would increase by 30%. I have locked in the following keepers, Mike Trout $10, Bryce Harper $10, Francisco Lindor $6. For the last three spots I am strongly considering Victor Robles $2 (Having an amazing spring, he will get me a lot of stolen bases with a little bit of power) and Ozzie Albies $3 (position scarcity and value), I am stuck on the third. Any suggestions for the final three spots would be appreciated. Wilson Ramos $5, Jose Martinez $2, Kris Bryant $8, Trevor Story $21, Gleyber Torres $2, Anthony Rizzo $42, Charlie Blackmon $23, Whit Merrifield $20, J.D. Martinez $30, Nicholas Castellanos $19, Victor Robles $2, Ozzie Albies $3
  2. Definitely keep. The production that he is capable of will be better than most SS. You can ride a lower value SS for a month, or follow the WW for a hot SS until he returns.
  3. In a keeper league you can't part with Vlad, Eloy and Tatis. No way I'd do that trade. Those three could set you up for a long time as a champion.
  4. Muncy, I think he's going to get better this year. Plus you use OPS.
  5. Solid offense, love that you got Jose with a later pick. Your pitching is going to let you down, be prepared to do a lot of spot starts. Overall a very nice looking team, the offense will carry you
  6. Personally I'd wait to see where Harper ends up. If he gets into a hitter friendly park he could have a huge year. In a vacuum they are likely very similar, if you have the time to wait and see I'd do that.
  7. mondesi for sure. Young talent that will only get better
  8. Personally, hitting trumps pitching for me. Abreu not even close
  9. I personally like Bryant, last year was a down turn, but I think he has a tremendous upside. I believe that Bryant will rebound in a big way.
  10. definitely would take Corbin at the cost to production ratio.