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  1. Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter Seahawks' RB Marshawn Lynch needs "a couple weeks to see how he does" and "to see if he can recover" from ab injury, per source. For now. Not sure how to interpret this. Does that mean he's going to try and play through it? or opt to rest for a few weeks? Either way I don't think this should affect Rawls. But Lynch should really just stay out.
  2. Can I start my Watkins rant now?
  3. Tucker or Brown ROS? With Baltimore's offense done for the season I feel they will have issues even making it to FG range. Thoughts?
  4. Thank you Rawls my savior. Wish I was able to watch this game.
  5. Faced Langford, West, and Cooks today and the guy isn't even done yet.
  6. I feel like my team is going in reverse. Also wtf GB, getting stopped by Detroit, really? Pathetic.
  7. Tucker or McManus ROS? need to drop one.
  8. Welcome back Karlos! Forced to start him as my RB2 after losing Bell and nothing on the wire. Had faith he would at least vulture a TD, but got way more! Next week he's my RB1, please need more of this!
  9. Really can't complain, he was on my bench today but glad he had a good game. Had 2 WRs coming back from injury and Played DJax over him because of the reports of limited snap count and DJax seemed to have the better matchup. Oh well. Please keep it up!
  10. Probably not, Lacy is healthy now and Starks didn't practice due to a hip injury.
  11. Benched Freeman for Crowell last second.... lol
  12. Incredibly saddened by this news RIP Tony
  13. Don't know if this was already posted but 20% off the annual subscription for Government/military/first responders/law enforcement, etc employees. Mods: If posting this is against some kind of rule, please remove.