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  1. Rendon is a causality of the fantasy community's glorification of HR/SB guys. The combination of Runs/RBI/AVG is really valuable and a pretty rare skillset - people overlook it. There are not many players who can go .300+ 90+/90+. Last year, only four players did it: Betts, Martinez, Yelich, and Freeman. Rendon did .308 88/92 in only 136 games.
  2. Your point is well-taken regarding his FB% and selling out for power. But I don't think we can explain away Lindor's relatively low BABIP (.279) on that basis alone. Indeed, i've seen most estimates for lindor's xBA hover in the .286-.290 range. maybe .310 was a bit high for assuming 30+ hr, but .300+ 30+ is certainly not out of the question. His fb% dropped slightly from 2017 to 2018, so maybe this is something that continues to go down marginally.
  3. This is really more AC forum material because it's a league-specific question, but, to frame this more generally, Lindor should be picked earlier in H2H than in Roto. H2H is just about making the playoffs, and you are better positioned to afford one player's absence in the early season. I would have picked Lindor #3 overall pre-injury. I'd pick him #9-10 post-injury in H2H. You have to remember with Lindor that there is a ton of upside in his BA. He's been unlucky with BABIP, despite having some speed and despite his HardHit% being on an upwards trajectory. There aren't many guys who can go .310 30+/20+ - Lindor is one of them. Indians offense lost some pieces though.
  4. I think there's a good argument that you can wait on 3B until the later rounds (Moose, Shaw, Donaldson, Turner, etc.), but I like Rendon at his price point way more than other early/mid-round 3Bs. .300+ 100/100 is very nice, and that will play with 24-28 Hrs. More importantly, Rendon is safe, and has as high a floor as anyone. Baseball HQ is the highest I've seen on him at ~$29 for standard 5 x 5 - tied with Bregman. That's a little crazy for me, but I understand the reasoning. He's a bit like Freddie Freeman at 3B - doesn't quite have Freeman's upside (one of these days Freeman will bat .310+ with 30+ HRs over a full season), but hitting pedigree will make him very safe.
  5. yahoo 12-team Re-draft H2H 5 x 5 I give: Trout + Bellinger + Tailllon I get: JoRam + Freeman WHIR
  6. yahoo 12-team Re-draft H2H 5 x 5 I give: Trout + Bellinger + Tailllon I get: JoRam + Freeman WHIR
  7. I have a question. One of the most frequent memes on this forum is that trades shouldn't be vetoed unless there is collusion. I've always found this amusing. Collusion necessarily requires an inquiry into people's state of mind. 1) So, I ask you all, if you go by the "only veto with collusion" rule, how do prove collusion? How do you separate idiocy from cheating? Unreasonableness from scienter? 2) What about the scenario where Trader A stopped caring about his team so he doesn't care about his return in a trade, and Trader B innocently accepted the trade? That's not technically "collusion," but Trader A is purposefully engaging (unilaterally) in anti-competitive actions.
  8. I feel bad that I missed this post. I never said your argument was invalid because you used ad hominem. I simply disapproved of such tactics. Here are the facts. I made criticisms of Clement several weeks ago when it was not popular. Rather than responding to the substance of my post, you assigned me a subversive agenda: that I was only criticizing Clement because I had missed out. I consider this a juvenile tactic. You don't know what I think; and it was complete speculation on your part to presume you knew my intentions. The reality is that I didn't feel I missed out. I dropped Clement precisely because of concerns which have since proven to be valid. And even if I had such a petty motivation, I still think it would behoove you to focus on substance rather than speculate on motivation. None of this is an example of the "fallacy fallacy." I am simply sharing my normative preferences for argument. Second, in the most weaselly of moves, you suggested I was "bathing in self-aggrandizement." Again, let's look at the facts. (1) I made an innocuous post questioning Clement's value - no ego involved. (2) You took that as an invitation to dismiss my points by speculating on my motive. I don't think you are entitled to play victim in this scenario. You don't get to try to punch someone in the face, swing and miss, fall flat on your back, and then have your victim not say anything. You don't want me to gloat? Don't open yourself up to gloating by needlessly attacking people. What goes around comes around. But, you know what, just for you, I think I will take that self-aggrandizement bath given Clement's stud performance this week. I have four words for you and the handful of morons who rec'd your post: I told you so.
  9. Everytime I log onto Rotoworld forums and see this thread on the first page, part of me dies. It’s like a little kid asking when he’ll see his dead dog again.
  10. It all comes down to passing involvement. In these kinds of situations, I don’t think more carries makes as much of a difference. if certain backs are thrust into a bell cow role, they lose efficiency and those marginal carries aren’t worth a whole lot of fantasy points. on the other hand, if Lindsay goes from 1-2 catches to 4-5 catches, that’s a massive difference in PPR. That’s like 5-6 extra points, and would push him into low end RB1 territory. That probably won’t happen because of Booker, but it’s possible with Lindsay being on the field more often. Good chance to prove himself.
  11. The trade must stand. First, this trade isn’t so lopsided as to threaten the balance of your league. Lindsay has been a solid RB2 and he has upside for more with Freeman hurt. Brown has a ton of potential and came off a great week. WR2 isn’t out of the question. Yes, I think the Hunt dude won, but I certainly see scenarios where Brown/Lindsay outperform. Every trade involves some degree of risk. Second, your league’s failure to address the situation where your commissioner himself makes a trade, is not the commissioner’s problem. The rule is literally that the commissioner shall review trades. He did just that. One question though: you say league policy is to reject facially lopsided trades. How has this determination been made in the past? Does the league discuss for X amount of time? Does the commissioner do it sua sponte?
  12. Nothing to do with his ability to run. The Bears are a pass-first team that doesn’t involve him in the passing game. This isn’t 2005. RBs have a hard time sustaining top-end value without passing work - even in standard formats. That’s especially true when guys are doing 12-15 carries instead of 25-30 carries. Even if a player averages a solid 4.5 ypc that’s 6-7 points. That’s assuming relatively good amount of carries and efficiency - and it’s still meh. By necessity, this makes Howard pretty TD dependent. That’s fine, but again, Bears are pass-first. Finally, with Howard, you can’t even assume efficiency. Whatever talent he does have is undermined by a very predictable game script. When Howard is in Bears run it up the he middle. Defenses know this.
  13. Sounds horribly boring and pointless. The entire fun and point of fantasy sports is the unexpected. You draft guys based on predictions not on actual results. I’d rather play “fantasy throw rocks at each other.” The basic premise is that you throw rocks at each other. Someone says the word “fantasy” at some point so that it has relevance to this forum. I have plenty of other equally stupid ideas. I can do this all day.
  14. Didn't watch the game, but my bigger concern is this: even if Bengals were playing catch up, why on earth did Mixon only have 3 receptions for 1 yard? Is Mixon's involvement in the passing game something to watch for in the future? That will obviously cap his upside in PPR leagues. Or was Dalton just playing terribly?