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  1. This forum has a long track record in overvaluing athletic, raw potential, particularly amongst younger players. He's intriguing so I think he's worth a stash in leagues with deep benches. But I am not expecting a lot of usage. More of a handcuff to me. And even then, not a premier one. I do think there is potential for him to have some boom/bust flex value as a 3rd down/cop guy. But that is, imo, unlikely and probably at least a few weeks away in any event. We'll see.
  2. To clarify, I meant this is a case of a hyped-up/rotoworld darling Ravens RB who is buried in the depth chart and doesn't get the opportunity. Many of us wasted roster spots speculating on Dixon. I'll admit it was a cheap shot in that Dixon was chronically injured, and the two have different strengths/weaknesses (although some overlap as far as 3rd down/receiving/cop). Nonetheless, I just don't see it this year for Hill. And theres more interesting handcuffs out there to bother wasting a roster spot. In 14-team, 7 bench rosters, I'd probably stash. Anything less is pushing it. He's chilling on the WW in my 14-man, 5 bench league.
  3. This guy is Kenneth Dixon 2.0.
  4. How do you know he was a good player? Wasn't good enough to get drafted. Wasn't good enough to beat out other backs in Miami. By the way, Jay Ajayi managed 1200+ rushing yards on 4.9 ypc while Williams was on the team. That same year, Williams rushed for a robust 3.3 YPC. Clearly, a conspiracy by the Dolphins to sabotage Williams. You can't blame it all on the Dolphins. Lamar Miller also had 4.8 and 5.1 YPC seasons on those 14 & 15 Dolphins teams. Williams? 3.4 and 3.7 those same years. Dolphins did have running success, contrary to your assertion. They had success precisely because they gave the ball to players that were a lot better than Williams. And what do you know? Damien Williams looks terrible to start this year. He definitively does not look like an "elite talent." He looks like a JAG. The same JAG that did nothing in Miami and the same back who could not get himself drafted.
  5. Oh please. Williams performed decently well in a blip of a sample size at the very end of the year. He started what? 2 games at the end of the season and 2 in the playoffs? He had like 15 total carries before starting. That is NOT a meaningful sample size. It's especially problematic when this guy is basically coming in fresh, while he's playing with others guys who have been grinding for 14 weeks. You know what is a meaningful sample? The 5 years he spent in Miami, where he couldn't earn a significant time share and put up JAG stats. You know what else is meaningful? His complete lack of draft pedigree. And when I say draft pedigree, I mean he was an undrafted free agent. This guy has had an entire career of mediocrity. One playoff performance does not change that.
  6. 2nd round is just insane. There is so much downside with picking Williams there... just extremely risky and overpriced. You're right. There are countless RB busts that were a result of people gambling on high usage. But RB usage is a fickle beast, particularly when you're talking about a JAG.
  7. The 49ers have actually said they expect Coleman back in Week 5 after the bye. Could just be coach speak. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/13/tevin-coleman-trent-taylor-jalen-hurd-expected-back-after-bye/
  8. I kind of view this as a positive. While I expect regression in Kittle's yardage from last season, I think there's plenty of room for improvement in his TD total, which could offset that loss. Part of the reason his TD total was dreadful last year (given his crazy yardage) is that 49'ers had a putrid offense. Sure, there may be more mouths to feed this year, but a better offense also means more TD opportunities. There's also no reason Kittle can't be great in the redzone. He has tremendous size/speed/hands. It's certainly not a talent issue.
  9. Friendly PSA to Bills defense owners: grab Redskins defense for next 4 weeks. Bills Week 4: Patriots Week 6: Bye Redskins Week 4: Giants Week 6: Dolphins ---- Yes, redskins have been garbage so far, but they've had tough matchups in the Eagles/Cowboys.
  10. Guys, just because RB usage has drastically declined in the last ~5+ years, does not mean the human body's ability to handle a huge workload has changed. Back in like 2005, you had like 10 guys over 300 carries. Some guys close to 400. The workload concerns me a bit, but it's not too far outside of historical norms (the usage is astronomical for any period, I concede). The fact that Bell sat out last year works in his favor as well, imo.
  11. Who is the announcer who sounds like he barely passed 4th grade? The one praising Chubb.
  12. I need 34 combined points from LeVeon, OBJ, and Cleveland kicker to win (.5 PPR). Should be a super close. Somewhat cool/rare to have both 1st/2nd picks going Monday night to cover a big deficit. Time for my studs to step up.
  13. Love the talent, but he's in the most crowded backfield in the NFL. Coleman will be back after the Week 4 bye. Breida has played terrific. Neither is going away. Also, this was likely the best rushing performance of the year for the 49ers. I'd consider selling high.
  14. Kittle is just an extra blocker/decoy. Jesus. Good thing I auto-drafted him in the 3rd.