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  1. This isn't a press conference - it's a PROMOTIONAL VIDEO posted on the Rams site. He is being interviewed on behalf of his EMPLOYER, not the third party press. Surely if you think about this longer than 3 seconds, you will discover that a player has very different incentives in this context.
  2. This is a ridiculous and hyperbolic take. This was a promotional video for the Rams in which the interviewer explicitly asked Watkins about the sun and the grass. He wasn't going out of his way to make excuses - he was giving a positive answer to a direct question about the turf. These are marketing materials. The entire purpose is for the player to express happiness with his new team so that he is endearing to fans. What was he supposed to say when the interviewer asked him about the turf difference: "You know, grass doesn't make a difference at all. What a stupid question. Moving to the Rams changes nothing. I am still injury prone and will likely break both legs opening day."
  3. These are pretty good highlights. But I think the following video really captures the legendary talent of Gordon:
  4. Those examples cut both ways. It's not like either Hopkins or Robinson had good QBs in 2015, yet both were Top 10 receivers. Out of 35 qualified players, Bortles was 32nd in completion percentage, 32nd in interception rate, and 23rd in QBRTG. He had volume going for him and a flukey TD rate, but he was a bad QB. Hoyer was better, but still a below-average QB. Maybe Goff is far worse than both of those players in 2015, but a lot of variables have changed.
  5. All this really says is the obvious: Goff posted horrific stats last year. I personally expect an increase in production. While I don't think Goff will be as good as Tyrod, I think this will be off-set by the Rams being a more pass-heavy offense and him seeing more targets than he would have got on the Bills. We'll see.
  6. The NFL has every incentive to schedule the appeal early - they do not want to appear weak and have Ezekial Elliott playing football while the appeal is pending. So the information that broke after your post does not surprise me:
  7. #Neverforget1L I know you want to hear more CivPro
  8. @dabeesta17 I mostly agree. Here's how I break it down from highest to lowest ceiling/floor. Ceiling: Watkins, Hopkins, Arob Floor: Hopkins, Arob, Watkins Hopkins is by far the safest of the 3. He's guaranteed a lot of targets and we have a large sample suggesting he will be productive with them. I put Watkins' ceiling the highest, however, because he very well could have similar targets to Hopkins, while also being more of a big play/TD threat. There's obviously a lot of risk involved.
  9. There are also ways I can win the lottery, but it's virtually pointless to talk about. The entire purpose of a temporary restraining order is that they are heard QUICKLY. That is how the "irreparable harm" asserted is prevented. You seem to confusing a pre-hearing with an entire trial. Once Elliott has exhausted the NFL's appeals process, which will happen before the season begins, he will have a ripe claim. If he chooses to proceed, he will file a TRO and/or preliminary injunction before the season begins. In all likelihood, this will be heard and decided before the suspension even begins (because that is the point). Only in the event that a preliminary injunction is granted, will this legal process "drag out" in such a way that a suspension is avoided. If it is not granted - which is extraordinarily likely - then Elliott will have to serve his suspension while challenging the procedural process as arbitrary and capricious during that time. If he were somehow to win, he could recover damages (e.g. lost salary), but he would have been suspended. He could actually sue before state OR federal court. The court would have diversity, not federal question subject matter jurisdiction. Plaintiffs just prefer federal because they are generally less defendant-friendly. As you seem aware, "arbitrary and capricious" is a very difficult standard to prove. It would require truly egregious conduct on the part of the NFL. Keep in mind that the NFL's conduct in regards to Brady, was NOT found arbitrary and capricious. But, again, this is all moot if a preliminary injunction is not granted. Elliott would be serving his suspension while pursuing a claim in court. There's a possibility the case is even dismissed, although my guess is it survives a 12(b)(6) motion.
  10. Maybe Allen Robinson's efficiency per target improves, but his overall targets probably decrease, which caps his upside. A-Rob has been heavily reliant on garbage time chuck-fests for fantasy production. Doesn't a better defense, superior clock management, and a more run-oriented offense cut against this? Hopkins has targets on his side, but doesn't have the kind of elite per-catch efficiency as 2015 Watkins/Arob.
  11. I read the article, which is poor and also fails to mention a timeline. 1) The league's appeals process will be resolved before the season even begins and the odds of it being overturned or even reduced after the NFL already did its investigation is basically zero. They have come under fire in the past for being too lenient on domestic abuse. This is a symbolic issue. Absolute best case for Zeke is that the NFL gets a neutral arbiter (i.e. not what happened for Brady), but, even then, the evidentiary burdens do not favor him. 2) I am very familiar with injunctions. This is a temporary injunction, which is extremely hard to show. It's not just irreparable harm that Zeke must show; he must demonstrate probability of success on the merits (there are other elements, like feasibility of enforcement, that are less at issue)- that is, if the case were to proceed, it is more likely than not that he would win. Given the incredible deference given to arbitration agreements, this element will be extremely difficult to meet. Yes, you can point to the lower court's decision with Brady, but it was overturned. You think judges (even those in other districts) aren't aware of this? No one wants to be reversed. He is serving a 6 game suspension.
  12. And what useful information is this supposed to be providing?
  13. You're setting yourself up for disappointment.
  14. Who is Watkins' competition for targets? I think two things are happening: 1) Most people are assuming that the offense is so dysfunctional that teams will be able to key Watkins and the Rams can't punish them. 2) People are acting like Goff is Alex Smith 2.0, he will be afraid/unable to throw more than 10 feet, and he will defer to spreading the ball around conservatively. I get when a QB has a bad reputation and played poorly, people tend to assume the bolded skillset, but I really don't think that's the case with Goff. Last year, he had zero weapons in the passing game and the offensive line gave him no time. Both should be improved this year.
  15. This is the other thing to consider. The Rams have invested an ENORMOUS amount in Goff + Watkins. You really think they've done all that and are just going to roll over and do a ground and pound offense with Gurley all day? Sure this will be a bad and inefficient offense, but I see them throwing often, like the Jags of two years ago. Bad teams in real life can be great for fantasy when it comes to garbage time. Frankly, I think Watkins' upside is higher than that of someone like Arob. The Jags are trying to be run-oriented and Bortles has a habit of spreading the ball around the last few years. Hurns, Lee, and Thomas are all pretty solid receivers. Watkins is the de facto #1. He should be heavily targeted in an offense that could very well be pass-heavy given garbage time and the investments in Sammy/Goff. I think there's a reasonable argument that going to the Rams has IMPROVED Watkins' outlook. The Bills were going to be a run-oriented team and Watkins was never going to be force-fed - he would have been big play dependent (which he has excelled at). This is really all about Goff who unfairly is one of the most hated players in the NFL because of some dumb TV shows and ESPN narratives/memes.