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  1. Can't believe it's come to this, but is anyone else thinking of dropping him in standard size leagues? I'm not quite there yet, but I'm looking at his production and realizing that if this was a waiver wire pickup I'd have already dropped him by now, and that might be the definition of the sunk cost fallacy. I know he for sure wouldn't clear waivers, and I keep reminding myself that there's a reason why we expected him to have top 50 value this year, but unless Boylen gets fired or he's been playing through injury this whole time, I'm not sure when it becomes unrealistic to expect a turnaround
  2. It actually probably doesn't. Was looking at raw pct, on closer look he's barely shot any and a few 1/2 nights skew his pct. Whether he can sustain this rebound rate is probably more important to his overall value ROS.
  3. He's not for everybody but he can fit certain builds. If he keeps rebounding at this rate (his ft percent gets back to his career average) he has value in standard leagues He's gonna have more single digit scoring nights than not though, which isn't the be all end all in 9 cat, but he's always gonna be a specialist fit
  4. His first game of the season was such a tease. Bust of the year material straight after I don't think its out of the realm of the possibility that Boylen gets fired midseason though. Signs are that he's already lost the team
  5. As a raps fans, I tend to stay away from raps players besides consistent scorers like Lowry and Siakam because Nurse basically doesn't guarantee minutes to anyone and plays whoever is performing on a given night, irrespective of draft position or longterm franchise expectations. If a guy like Siakam hadn't made the leap to a being a consistent 20 ppg focal point, even he'd get the same treatment In real life meritocracy is good coaching, but not so good for fantasy
  6. Is he a sell high while Kyrie is out, or a hold assuming he's gonna be getting fed minutes ROS? I was shopping this guy around a few weeks ago, but like a lot of people said, looks like Kyrie is going to lose some time with another ambiguous and random injury. With the nets losing games, and this whole year being a prelude to KD's return next season anyway, I'm starting to wonder whether Kyrie is a legit risk to sit 25+ games
  7. I'm holding for the upside of 13 ppg on 35% shooting
  8. kinda what was expected, but yikes if your not punting fg or to. massive hit with no return
  9. Doesn't look like a star out there but also doesn't look completely washed. Seems like he stayed in shape
  10. I'm not as concerned about that. The Bulls are bad enough that they don't have to rest anyone to lose games. They're doing just fine at that as is. Even if they start intentionally tanking and DNP'ing players, usually that also includes just giving young prospects free reign to chuck while the vets sit. Porter and Lavine are more likely to sit than Lauri in that scenario, since he has more room to develop than those 2
  11. He's not bad enough to drop, but he's not good enough to get anything but fringe standard league players back in a trade right now He's the worst kind of hold right now, where you're just hoping for the turnaround cause you don't really have a choice
  12. Not sure if its coaching/gameplan, or Gasol's decision but he seems to be going out of his way not to shoot right now, instead opting to facilitate and screen to create looks for all these young roleplayers the raptors have developing this year I think that has a lot to do with how the raptors are winning games despite injuries to vets so far, and I don't think it's going to change as long as its working If you can afford single digit scoring output, he's still giving decent production across the board otherwise
  13. People get too attached to their top 5 picks to trade them unless it's just a straight up steal Only reason I'd trade Harden is if I have serious doubts about my overall roster construction and want to bail on a punt strategy, and move him for KAT or AD or something, even if that meant taking a loss on overall ranked value With how Harden's been playing so far, most owners probably have a winning record in h2h so far, so no need to make those kind of drastic moves this early when he's a workhorse who is a good bet to sustain 1st overall value all yr
  14. Contrarian hot take, but waiver order doesn't matter that much this early in the year unless you play in a league where you have panicky owners who drop players that have no business being on the wire Assuming this is h2h, the real valuable drops are gonna come after mid (fantasy) season, when owners need to start making tough decisions on holding injured players, making playoff pushes and making desperation drops for streamers in must win matchups If you use your waiver a few times before january, you'll should still have time to rise back up the order for when it matters. Course that's gonna depend on your league. how active other owners are on waivers and whether you think there's a realistic chance must own players will be dropped over the next few weeks