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  1. Lots of scared money up in here. Mack starts, you start him. I want nothing to do with Wilkins personally, no room for him. But to each his own.
  2. There is no problem. Fire him up this week FTW.
  3. Football is very situational. Evans has been a victim of circumstance so far. Week 1 flu, week 2 short week and shadowed by Bradberry. Not ready to call him washed up, but it's also not crazy to rank Godwin over him this week. I agree with the few posts above that if you have both, you are starting both. Let's circle back to this after Evans hangs 20+ on the Giants this Sunday.
  4. In redraft, it's probably still a little early unless it's a deep league. It can go from too early to too late quickly though. A team that reaches 3-0 this weekend might take a stab at him where he's available. In keeper or dynasty, you should have already been stashing him. That said, even in redraft, if it's a deep league with nothing in the way of RBs on the wire, he is a decent lottery ticket. The Browns traded Duke Johnson for a reason, and I think that reason is they pencil in Kareem Hunt for that role down the stretch. There's no way to know how many touches he will receive, but we know he's talented and that he should maximize the touches he does receive. I think the Browns will want to see how he fits their scheme to determine how to handle him in the off-season. At worst, you have an elite handcuff on an offense with plenty of weapons to keep defenses honest. Or, they may trade him, which would be a wildcard for his value. But if you knew today he would definitely be traded by the Browns by the time he is eligible to return to game action, that actually might increase the likelihood you want to stash him. There are a ton of possible outcomes. Talent wins in the end. It's possible you are stashing what merely is an RB3/RB4 with upside were anything to happen to Chubb. But it's also possible you are stashing a league winner if he is moved to a team that will feature him or Chubb is injured prior to Hunt's return.
  5. He's fine to drop, likely won't be picked up either. Pick him back up later if you want but currently he's purely a cuff that only you'd be interested in rostering.
  6. I'm not fading Aaron Jones until we actually see his touches go down. He's the best play due to volume alone. If you are really nervous go with the dude that can score points in huge chunks, Kupp. Avoid Thurs night and that tough Titans rush defense.
  7. 12 team auction keeper, .3 ppr Unlimited keepers for unlimited length of time, but price increases $5 each year. Budget is the only limiting factor. $200 budget, here's my team and their 2020 price: Dak $7, Josh Allen $6 McCaffrey $46, Montgomery $38, Mack $30, Mattison $2, Justice Hill $2, Kareem Hunt $6 Mike Evans $43, Thielen $16, John Ross $15, John Brown $15, Godwin $9 Evan Engram $19, Waller $6, Andrews $6 Mecole would be $12 to keep next year. Twice as much as Waller. Whether he will prove to be a better keeper value at 12 vs 6 for Waller is difficult to determine, he has potential in that offense and has already flashed it as a rookie. I obviously don't need 3 TEs. I want a piece of the chiefs passing attack, but not if I'm selling too low for a good TE when the position is such a wasteland. Make this swap or continue to hold all 3 TEs and wait for a better offer / more desperate owners needing TE help? I'm 2-0 btw.
  8. Yep we'll get to see whether Justice Hill can help the Ravens, and by extension us, win.
  9. No... strong arm that will actually be able to get the ball down field + mobility to extend plays = boom plays now a possibility. He'll now be able to reach his floor in one play and the ceiling just went way up imo.
  10. Hurry up and drop him already then! The rest of us thank you.
  11. Yeah that thread has been garbage. Mostly people asking questions to thin air. No actual discussion. I used to discuss in that thread a lot but I haven't even posted there yet this season.
  12. Can't get less efficient than last thursday night.
  13. How much higher should I go? This is a 2nd round burner of a rookie catching passes from the best QB on the best offense in the league. He could end up looking like a steal at $12 next year. If I got him to accept Engram for Mecole instead, would that change your opinions?