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  1. Half ppr Worried about njoku's health. Reed has been disappointing. Who you roll with?
  2. RB is a complete non-entity on the wire. There aren't any upside pickups out there in my 12 team league. You could do worse than Burkhead, but his upside isn't very high.
  3. This game will have a playoff atmosphere on monday night with the nation watching. Best believe I'm rolling with Brees in this spot.
  4. These two are not mutually exclusive, my good sir. You can have your cake and eat it too!
  5. I dont like Freeman in a half ppr when the alternative is a guy like Reed. Freeman won't pitch in on the catches, leaving his floor vulnerable. He's TD dependent this weekend imo. Reed better floor with a higher likely ceiling this week.
  6. You are fine at QB. But that's pretty good value. I like Edelman and Jones a lot. Kittle and Burton are swappable. I wouldn't consider moving hill for mahomes normally as i think your QBs are fine but this is quite the haul in return for Hill. Help here?
  7. Yeah im good with jordan reed there. Healthy, coming off a bye week... he's a start. Help here?
  8. 12 team auction keeper league. $200 budget We can keep as many players as we want as long as we can afford to fill our roster on draft day. The price of each player increases by $5 each year. No limit to number of years kept. Here is my team and price to keep next year: QB- Brees 35, Jameis 15 RB- McCaffrey 41, Dion 25, Lynch 19, Ronald Jones 15, Rashaad Penny 14 WR- Evans 38, Sanders 26, Alshon 18, Theilen 11, Godwin 4 TE- Reed 9, Vance McDonald 8, Njoku 6 Brees is on bye next week and the bucs play Atlanta, so i intend to hold Jameis until at least then. Jones and Penny have been disappointments but are rookies so I intend to exercise a little patience in case they develop into strong keepers by year's end. I obviously don't NEED 3 TEs, but it's such a depleted position that i actually like the idea. It's already paying dividends as my opponent this week has literally no strong TE option to play against me. That should be the case a few more times over the next 6 weeks. And furthermore, I should be able to trade a TE to a needy team. So the logically places id look to cut (backup qbs and tes and my underperforming RBs) have me a little hesitant for the reasons described above. Would you be looking to add Davis given my team? If so, who is my cut?
  9. I'm not sure i want to outright drop them though. May need to sleep on this.
  10. Id take the deal. Getting the best player in the trade in MT.
  11. Id be fine starting them next week @cle and think theythey might be one of the stronger starts.