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  1. He's talking about a rehab assignment. Not getting sent down.
  2. It's still basically winter in Chicago. Cold, windy games. 6 inches of snow just this past weekend. Let's wait just a tiny bit before declaring him a bust. Leagues are not won in April.
  3. Dude just pitched a filthy complete game shut out. One hit. No walks. 9 Ks.
  4. Perfect execution on the play. Stole 2nd right after. HR next at bat. He's doing all the things and having fun. No concern or complaints from me. Let the kid play and the chips fall where they may!
  5. Looking to pick up an extra QS and/or W for this week's matchup. Which of these 4 give me the best shot? I also view these as decent pickups in general, so I wouldn't mind hanging onto any of these guys.
  6. Stand PAT. Other guy would be getting a deal in a 1 for 1. Squeeze something else out of him and maybe. Help here?
  7. 12 team, H2H weekly league Batting cats are: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS My team: Alfaro Encarnacion Baez Mondesi Arenado OF: Kris Bryant, Bellinger, Pham, Enrique Hernandez Util: Braun, Muncy, Vogelbach Bench: Peraza, Piscotty
  8. I highly doubt I sell this guy. I don't believe anyone will offer what he is worth. The thing i've learned about waves in both fantasy and stocks is in general it is better to ride them than assume/try to guess when they will end. This one could just be getting started. 2019 could be a monster, #1 overall type year for the former rookie of the year, if you sell now you may miss the ride. That said, I'd certainly stop what I'm doing and think really hard if I receive any offers involving a top 15 overall player, consider my team needs, and take a big picture view regarding who might help me win it all. That's what it's all about. There's so much to like about Bellinger and the Dodgers in general that I'm having a hard time saying honestly what single player offer would get me to jump. Obviously Trout and Mookie. Not many others would feel like a confident swap right here and now all things considered imo. That lineup is stacked. Could be this year's Red Sox.
  9. So pick up Kennedy? Feels like a trap.
  10. No we don't award holds, only saves. I'm thinking Rogers might be the drop here. There is not a lot of clarity in that closer situation. Musgrove's role is clear.
  11. Thoughts on Taylor Rogers? Fools gold or something there? I also read Strahm will likely have his innings limited as well, though not quite to the degree of Kikuchi.
  12. I'd scoop Enrique. Surprised no one else has. If you like Goodrum, maybe try to find another drop? If you don't have another drop, i think I'd make the swap personally just based on the strength of that lineup. Help here?
  13. There's always a lot of activity early in the season, especially for this league. For example, Blake Snell was dropped and scooped before the season started, and we all know what happened there. Sure enough, the team that picked him up went on to earn #1 seed in the playoffs and went on to win it all. Here are the league details: 12 team, daily H2H league, 6x6 with batting categories being R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS and pitching categories being K, QS, W, SV, ERA, WHIP My team (and what we start in this league): C- Jorge Alfaro 1B- Max Muncy 2B- Baez 3B- Arenado SS- Mondesi OF- Bryant OF- Bellinger OF- Pham OF- Piscotty Util x3: Encarnacion, Enrique Hernandez, Jose Peraza Bench: Ryan Braun Pitchers (in no particular order) P- Ryu P- Kikuchi SP- German Marquez SP- Lucchesi SP- Tyler Glasnow RP- Mychal Givens RP- Shane Greene RP- Taylor Rogers (picked him up after last night's save to see how this plays out) Bench: Matt Stahm, Brad Keller IR: Severino, Foltynewicz Who should i swap out for Musgrove, if anyone?
  14. Very glad I played this guy in my 12 teamer today on a whim. I think I'll keep. What's a realistic projection for him with a starting job? Razzball, my usual go to for such things, has him at .262 with 19 HRs, 7 SB in 501 ABs which seems low after today 🤑
  15. Definitely make that trade. Peraza very underrated.
  16. Half ppr Worried about njoku's health. Reed has been disappointing. Who you roll with?
  17. RB is a complete non-entity on the wire. There aren't any upside pickups out there in my 12 team league. You could do worse than Burkhead, but his upside isn't very high.
  18. This game will have a playoff atmosphere on monday night with the nation watching. Best believe I'm rolling with Brees in this spot.