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  1. I traded him for Jabari. fingers crossed. I just couldn't take his FT percentages anymore....
  2. Same. If he doesn't produce today, Im highly thinking about dropping cause theres other players with upside on my WW as we speak. I'm hoping he gets 10 pts, 1 three, 7+ assists, 1-2 steals today.
  3. I just need him to start producing some stocks again!! barely any stocks the past 1.5 weeks. lets go clarke!
  4. Trade talks are loomin around.. I'm holding for just a little bit longer. Possible trade to Boston?
  5. Return tonight? fingers crossed... what do you think he will average this year with AD?
  6. WOW. his line was terrible today. im selling ASAP LOL
  7. I agree. hes the main focal point of the offense right now without KAT. With KAT, he's the second option. I'm holding him with confidence!
  8. is he a hold in 12 team leagues 9 cat? I'm hurting in the assists/steals right now.... what do yall think his projections will be?
  9. Starting him with confidence!! Bring me home keenum!!!!!! 250 yds 3 tds lets go!!!! ??
  10. I’m in the same dilemma.... I’m worried about keenum a little but I feel he still will get his. I have bortles on my bench but idk the deal w/ fournette back too. I’m confident in keenum tonight regardless he has way too many weapons not to score
  11. Thinking of pairing Westbrook/cole together and taking the risk. I even have Bortles on my bench but I’m sticking with keenum as my starter. What you guys think? In a very competitive 12 team as well
  12. I have both Dede and cole on my team.. should I take the risk and play them both this week? My other bench receivers are Benjamin and Cobb which I don’t feel comfortable with at all... hmmm
  13. So who’s starting Cobb this week? Idk I feel like Hundley is such a toss up. I’m considering starting kole/Westbrook together over Cobb.