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  1. Josh Donaldson 2017 Outlook

    They will play him at SS and Jose at 3B for the whole year to let them bring up their young outfielders for September.
  2. Marcus Stroman 2017 Outlook

    Close. Not quite a CG, but no earned runs.
  3. J.A. Happ 2017 Outlook

    Probably Bolsinger.
  4. Marcus Stroman 2017 Outlook

    I think they said it was the first time in interleague history that an AL catcher and pitcher went back to back. Pretty cool.
  5. Freddie Freeman 2017 Outlook

    They're not in Canada right now.
  6. Joe Biagini 2017 Outlook

    I heard them on the broadcast saying he'll be getting at least one more start. After that, who really knows. To think Biagini was a Rule 5 pick last off-season, and now one of the Jays most reliable bullpen guys and a very effective spot start.
  7. Interesting Trade Offer... WHIR!

    Another vote to move Puig.
  8. Active or Betts

    LOL. Sorry, I meant Altuve. Stupid autocorrect.
  9. Active or Betts

    Simple question - who would you rather have?
  10. Devon Travis 2017 Outlook

    I'm waiting too. He has too much potential to be this bad. When the Jays offense can't be this bad all season either. Can it?
  11. Toronto Blue Jays 2017 Outlook

    I actually think Bregman and Reed would be a nice haul for JD, and not just because I have Bregman on my fantasy team.
  12. Marcus Stroman 2017 Outlook

    He didn't get the calls on the bottom corners of the zone early, and that forced him to come up in the zone where he got hit.
  13. Renfroe or Gyorko

    Thanks guys. I've been trying to target a multi-position eligible guy, but no one is willing to move the good ones. I'll stay put and just plug and play for off days.
  14. Renfroe or Gyorko

    For this year only. Also, I've been looking for someone as a backup 2B and SS for a while. Is the upside worth it?
  15. Fransisco Liriano 2017 Outlook

    The assumption is that if Biagini is starting it would probably be in the minors for in case there is an injury. He probably would have been starting in the minors last year if he wasn't a Rule 5 pick.