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  1. 12 team dynasty league. Yahoo standard 5x5 scoring. I just got offered: His Kershaw For My Newcomb and Soroka Soroka can be kept on our separate prospect list, and I also need pitching. Thoughts?
  2. I think Manny would play SS until Yaris is brought up - then move to 3B. Yaris is supposed to be a great defensive SS. Manny is a great defensive 3B. Win-win for both. This is obviously IF he signs in San Diego.
  3. I planned to go young in my startup last year (I had first overall), but when Blackmon and Kluber were available at the 2-3 turn, I couldn't resist.
  4. Vlad Jr in the first round. Wander Franco second.
  5. The Twins let him catch the 9th inning of their last game of the season (they were at home), so it's not overly surprising. Seems like a perfect sendoff for a legend of the city.
  6. Looking for 6 more owners to join our startup keeper league. 4 keepers per team, head to head categories league. Let me know if you're interested.
  7. I was actually down to the game with some free tickets tonight. Rowdy is raking and hitting the ball really hard. Reese McGuire looked good behind the plate. They obviously have Jansen back there too. Gurriel looks good on the infield. They have quite a few nice young pieces coming up for September, along with guys like Guerrero Jr, Bichette, Biggio and co still on the farm. Nate Pearson apparently hit 101 mph on the gun the other night. I'm pretty excited for the future. Hopefully guys like Reid-Foley, Borucki, and Pearson can bolster a rotation that (hopefully) has Sanchez and Stroman healthy for the next couple of years (obviously a very big if). It's tough to compete right now with the powerful BoSox and Yanks line ups, but maybe this is the beginning of building towards it again.
  8. Looking for active owners for a startup dynasty. 6 skater categories and 4 goalie categories. If you are interested I will get the commish to email you. We only have 3 teams as of now.
  9. I don't know if it's as much an "opener" as it is "whoever the neck can throw a ball".
  10. I just got offered an interesting package for Trout. I give Trout I get Bryant, Moncada and Eloy Jimenez 12 team dynasty with standard scoring. Plus Eloy can be kept on a separate minors roster until he hits 130 ABs. Thoughts?
  11. I would love that - I'm going to the game tomorrow night and would definitely buy a Guerrerro Jr jersey if he made his debut.
  12. Starting at SS today (obviously his first start there). Hopefully he can move around a bunch and get 2B, SS, and who knows, maybe 3B later on. That would be pretty sweet.
  13. The Jays also have Mark Grudzelanek's nephew, Brandon. And also Dwight Smith Jr.