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  1. Dude is absolute trash. Should try hitting with his fist instead of a bat. That's the only time i've ever seen him hit anything.
  2. Card team was having good AB's and fouling a lot of his pitches and working counts. He did throw a couple of curve balls but at this point in his development its just a show me pitch.
  3. Removal was said to be precautionary.
  4. Left foot contusion per announcers.
  5. Ks panda out of frustration probably. Hopefully it fires him up even more!
  6. Steal of the draft imo. Hope he stays healthy cause he can still rake.
  7. By then another guy will be injured and he will have to be in for them. Hoping for good things from Urias. Only bad thing as some have said he does have an innings cap, but he should have some quality innings.
  8. Would have been a great game script for Miller too. Dont think hes coming back since he hasnt playing the whole 3rd quarter.
  9. Started Keenan and Tyreek in one league where i was projected to destroy my opponent. Coming out with 6 points altogether.