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  1. wow is the shine off Jimmy him uber cheap as y backup.....think he can produce good numbers in the system.
  2. obviously the ship has ailed in dynasty long ago....but im interested in thoughts on him for a 4 yr $260 keeper league...assuming if he is taken off waivers now he would be $10 in 2020 where he may not even play and take one of 5-6 valuable bench spots....but the rewards to have him in 2021 at $15, 2022 $20 and 2023 at $25 would more than make up the difference if he is the real deal....anyone dealing with this decision?
  3. hes not only a cuff but should have stand alone value....Jets have been raving about Gase is a bit unconventional with RBs....definite end of draft add.
  4. with the McKinnon news stock is up......
  5. Ive said it in the individual threads - the kids should be playing every day....I like hat they made the move to stay competitive but this year should be about developing Winker/Senzel....hopefully the Puig trade allows them to play every day and get in a groove.
  6. there is absolute garbage on my WW and dying for pitching......ready for another ride with Gausman...hoping the time off and adding the new pitches helps....he had a nice start to the season before the wheels fell off....worth a shot
  7. Well today's news on Hill certainly helps....I was able to trade for him in 2 leagues on a bit of a discount based on the uncertainty....looking good for another great QB#1 season!
  8. doesnt look good - hopefully they shut him down for a while and let him heal up....I'd be happy if he comes back and contributes in September at this point.
  9. of course after a nice start he has a blister issue....hoping he avoids a IL stint
  10. I understand the anger...we've been waiting for this kid for yrs and the hype just was out of control.....especially after Soto took the league by storm at his age last year....I have him in 2 long term keeper leagues and am basically looking at this year like a rookie QB....just show some signs by the end of the season as figuring things out....I dont see the point in sending him down...the Jays stink so take the year for the kid to figure things out...hoping for the light to go on by mid August and get some good end of the year return.
  11. sneaky grab - SD finally seems like they will give him time to get in a groove....
  12. He was a decent prospect 2 yrs ago....not going to put up big power numbers but Avg/OBP, runs, SBs should be pretty good for a SS - Im in
  13. awful year so far...especially on his awesome last not dropping as he could def heat up the 1d half but def planted on bench.
  14. totally agree - he definitely passes the eye test on the hype...the stats will come....not everyone tears it up their 1st month or 2 out....I think he is going to raise his game the 2d have and finish strong.
  15. even if he pitches well - is he long for the rotation with Dallas looming?