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  1. SP Rankings 2018

    stroman much higher than ive him but thought i could grab him he rising up the rankings?
  2. Jedd Gyorko 2018 Outlook

    really liked him last yr with so many position eligible...just 3B now which hurts.......with Carpenter and Jose Martinez Im concerned about his P/T
  3. Brent Honeywell - SP TB

    ugh - well at least its early so hopefully he wont lose much of next season...what a bummer
  4. Mike Clevinger 2018 Outlook

    salazar already behind schedule....the opening is there for Clev to grab a spot....hoping he stays under radar long enough to get him on the cheap!
  5. Austin Meadows - OF PIT

    with Cutch gone - going in to ST whats the odds that Meadows lands a starting job - I know the shine is a bit off him but he has a lot of upside if they stick with him and he can stay healthy.....
  6. Brent Honeywell - SP TB

    as frustrating as it is - Im looking at it as a chance to buy on the cheap and stash him - assuming they are not completely insane he could be a huge boost for cheap if you can hold the roster spot. I dont want to chance trying to get him on waivers or someone else scoop him up late
  7. Brent Honeywell - SP TB

    So they obviously are going to keep him down for an extra yr of control but if he is up early he could be a key contributor - whats a realistic time frame?
  8. Blake Rutherford OF CHW

    I like his upside and now that he is off the Yankees he should come at a discount....when is he projected to be MLB ready? 2019 or 2020?
  9. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    If they decide not to go QB....I know it would be tough for Giants to swing a deal with the Jets...but a pkg would likely include the #6 (draft top OL), a 2d rd pick this yr and a 1st rder next drop 4 spots that would be a big time haul.
  10. Mike Clevinger 2018 Outlook

    I have 2 early drafts - hoping to get him at a discount before he officially lands a spot.....I dont see how he is not in the rotation with that upside
  11. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    I think he'll definitely get the 1st crack at it....but he needs to come out strong with a good bat like Gyorko waiting....if he officially gets the job in ST better hope your draft is early to get him cheap cuz the hype train is gonna be running!
  12. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    problem is that will be likely too late....if you have a bench slot or even a second utility spot i think he's draftable....with all the pre season hype i think he even goes a bit higher than late rd flyer....
  13. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    i like what i see but is he going to get the playing time to produce?
  14. Brandon Drury 2018 Outlook

    if he gets traded im in.....same situation and he's either a $1 flyer or WW pick up.
  15. Zack Cozart 2018 Outlook

    very high on him with SS eligibility in that lineup.....hope he somehow gets enough games to keep it in the future.