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  1. Michael Kopech - P CHW

    im not great with elig. rules - since they are out of contention whats the likely course...Sept call up when rosters expand then call up few weeks into 2019 for extra yr?
  2. Stephen Strasburg 2018 Outlook

    any update? thought he was going to be checked out today and hopefully start throwing mon....
  3. Austin Meadows 2018 Outlook

    jeez perfect example of how to shatter a kid's confidence....this kid was a top prospect who showed it on the field...1st prolonged slump and they bench him then send him down? not a fan.
  4. Austin Meadows 2018 Outlook

    hard to blame him - awful handling of his development!
  5. Michael Kopech - P CHW

    well i was waiting on Super 2 to pounce but looks like nothing is imminent - what are possibilities - over summer? sept? next April....
  6. New York Mets 2018 Outlook

    Smith was a highly regarded prospect for a while....even when fat...he looked lousy in his callup last Sept which took some shine off....but then he lost a lot of weight in offseason and was looking solid until he got hurt....its a good move to give him a shot...Meadows looked mediocre in minors and somehow it clicked in the majors...sometimes it happened....could happen with Smith. whats the harm....
  7. New York Mets 2018 Outlook

    as a reds fan I have no dog in this fight...but i am local and enjoy watching both teams....Mets cant afford to trade DeGrom or Synd unless a no brainer they are not dealing either one for 1 good would have to be a haul As for Yankees...I understand the value of both Andujar and Torres but you are talking a top 10 SP under club control through 2020....they have the bats, prospects and players to replace those not convinced they have the pitching to win it all.....I'd really consider it if I was the Yanks..
  8. New York Mets 2018 Outlook

    probably not but thats what it would take if I were GM of the Mets...and Yanks are in a rare position where they have Drury and others to replace the two they are dealing....I think it puts them in a better position for post season plus team control through 2020 gives them 3 shots at rings with a top 10 SP for cheap.
  9. Hector Neris 2018 Outlook

    Im as patient as they come but I dropped - grabbed Rondon who was on wire and has more upside IMO.
  10. Zack Godley 2018 Outlook

    awful 1st half so far.....he was at the top of my sleeper list so hoping he builds on this start and offers value in 2d half/down stretch....not giving up on him!
  11. New York Mets 2018 Outlook

    For the MEts to trade DeGrom it would need to be a bonanza of young players in the majors and prospect...Yankees would literally be one of the few teams who could meet such a price and still be in good shape to win it all.....While it doesnt make sense to not do business just because they are the Yankees I can see them pushing for more than the average club for PR reasons.....If I were the Mets I'd want something like Torres, Andujar and a mid level prospect - to get it done - the Yanks would still be in great shape to win it all - plus have a cheap ace through 2020 - win/win.
  12. Austin Meadows - OF PIT

    good stuff - if he can make it through the summer healthy I think there is a good chance he gets a late season audition with an eye twd a job next season if he produces.
  13. Eugenio Suarez 2018 Outlook

    Suarez was just signed to a big extension - hes not going anywhere....Peraza is probably the odd man out unless he goes to 2B...he's been playing decent of late - I dont think they bring up Senzel until Super 2
  14. Matt Carpenter 2018 Outlook

    wow was crowing that I stole him in my 2 keeper leagues....he's been just awful. I am pretty patient so I dont make any rush drops until end of May but he is pushing it lol
  15. Michael Kopech - P CHW

    Have him stashed already in my keeper league but patiently watching on redraft....when he is called up it will be too late to get him off the wire...Im assuming it will be a late May/early June call up so targeting mid May to pick up.