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  1. I don't think so I don't see Gordon doing anything this year he looks like the RB2 on the team. DK is too TD dependent so far at least. I would want more. That being said I'm thinking more about this year. It might be worth it if you would keep both of them.
  2. Wow so close. I would go Engram Dallas is 30th against TE. Hate to say this as a Barkley owner but I expect a huge day out of Engram.
  3. I'm tempted to go Johnson here. I think his matchup and chemistry with Rudolph give him the edge imo. Am I overthinking this? I think he is the least talented of the 3 but I need to pick this correctly because I'm facing Drake and Sanders. Matchups: Shepard vs Dallas, Johnson vs Indy, Samuel vs Tennessee Leave a link and I'll help back.
  4. I think Johnson has the best shot at a big day and his floor is lower than Conley's. Depends on what you think you need.
  5. I'm with everyone else I'd throw it out there and see what they say.
  6. Miles for me too. I am not excited about him but he is the best option here imo.
  7. Having a tough time deciding who to start. I need a high ceiling more than a high floor because I'm facing Drake and Emanuel Sanders. My question is around which 3 of my WR to start. Here is who I have: Theilen @ KC Samuel vs TEN, DK Metcalf vs TB, Diontae Johnson vs IND, Shepard vs Dallas. Please rank them because Theilen may not play. Leave a link and I'll help back.
  8. Wondering what percent of FAAB people would pay for AJ Green? Here is my roster: QB Rodgers RB Barkley, Fournette WR Theilen, Diggs, J.Brown Flex Mack K Fairbairn DEF/ST Baltimore BN Lewis, Pollard, Samuel, Allison, Reed, Rudolph
  9. Making a move for a RB makes sense, but I would see what other people would offer you. I think you should try to get at least Mixon if you are going to deal Brown. Of course Gordon, Kamara, Gurley could be good options if you threw in another piece. Help back?
  10. Another manager said he would like to trade for Julio or Hopkins. I am pretty weak at RB which is his strength. I'm not sure what to offer. Non-PPR. I should mention that he is 2 games ahead of me in the same division. Help appreciated. My Team: QB: Newton RB: White RB: Drake WR: Hopkins WR: Julio WR: Hilton TE: Engram Flex: Golladay DST: Chargers BN: RB: Buck Allen, Hines, Ronald Jones WR: Allison, Robby Anderson His Team: QB: Mahomes RB: Gordon, McCaffrey WR: Sanders, Watkins, John Brown TE: Reed FLEX: Lindsay DST: Rams BN: RB: Chubb, Collins, Penny WR: Cole, Coutee QB: Brady
  11. Bog I am wondering you thoughts about a couple of guys Britton and Esmil Rogers.