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  1. Josh Hart 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Likely. He needs a trade to put up consistent value IMO, but even then a rookie so 10 teamer you can probably do better.
  2. Reggie Bullock 2017-2018 Outlook

    Yeah. He's become an important part of their offense and should put up some decent lines.
  3. 2017-2018 Trade Deadline Thread

    Given all the talk of a DJ trade and that Harrel has low end value even without a trade, yes most likely. His situation is the most likely to result in value making him a solid stash. Never know if anything out of the blue happens freeing up minutes for someone you'd never expect though.
  4. (WHIR) Good 2 for 1?

    Nah don't buy high on them. Keep Harris.
  5. If you feel your depth is safe I'd do it. You're trading a bunch of midrounders for 1st round (or close) talent. Should be able to swoop some decent pieces from the ww after.
  6. Whiteside + Courtney Lee for Kawhi WHIR

    It's a solid gamble and could pay off big. Not feeling like the shoulder tear is a large issue so hopefully he is back and beasting soon.
  7. I dont think many are high on Jabari being valuable this year. He's going to need some time and the coaches will need to give him meaningful court time as well. It's risky to bank on him especially in a 10 teamer.
  8. I'm not super high on Taj anymore. Or Kuzma with Randle taking over. I'd swap whichever you like less for Tyler.
  9. drummond for kawii?

    I don't think Drummond for Beal is outlandish. If you'd want to do that go for it. Kawhi is risky but the rewards could be huge. It doesn't sound like this shoulder thing is that bad, but you never know with the Spurs. If you can afford to wait until he's playing again I'd do that.