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  1. Seems extremely generous for a guy who just arrived on that team. Montgomery is the add IMO.
  2. https://i.imgur.com/mgF86Pp.gif
  3. Better in PPR but is a low end WR3 regardless IMO. He doesn't have much athleticism so he doesn't do much but he is their #1 WR.
  4. Watched most of the game today. He had all day to pass many times. He kinds looks like the Monstars got to him out there, either that or for whatever reason his guys are not getting open. He made two brutal mistakes today that were all his fault (INT and fumble).
  5. Three decent or better games in a row in the TE wasteland we live in. Anything to see here? Osweiler seems to like throwing to him and he does seem to be a red zone presence.
  6. Being Matt Ryan, AKA Matty Ice.
  7. Out out or still being evaluated?
  8. Seriously give the ball to Damien Williams on the 1 yard line for the plunge? I hate the Dolphins.
  9. I've watched a few Chargers games this year, granted just a few, but to me, regardless of oline play, Gordon doesn't pass the eye test as some great talent. He doesn't seem to have burst or elusiveness. He can shed a tackle, pass protect, and catch the ball, but I really don't see why people are arguing that he is more than he is. He doesn't look like much more than a mediocre talent, not good or not bad in terms of his running prowess.
  10. Wow Denver with the onside kick... if they somehow tie this up...
  11. Poor CJA owners, that's brutal.
  12. Fowler and Norwood > DT and Sanders
  13. That Fowler owner is so happy.
  14. I just watched this but I don't get the joke.