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  1. Dez wasn't producing at a high level before he got injured. I don't see why a less talented version of Dez would be more relevant in fantasy in the same position.
  2. Per Caldwell its Andre Roberts? http://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2016/09/26/detroit-lions-return-game/91121766/
  3. Can we start calling him Mini Thor, AKA the PPR god?
  4. I think the old saying "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst" applies. All the critics seem to make baseless arguments and it's indicative of saltiness associated with missing the hype train. Opportunity here is A+. Proponents should be allowed to expect the best since at least half of value in FF is opportunity. Dixon isn't LeVeon Bell, but he isn't Toby Gerhart either. Give him a chance to show his stuff before judging, the coaching staff surely will.
  5. Having both this guy and J. Gordon feels like a hype train on ludicrous speed. Next few weeks going to make or break anyone who relies on these two IMO.
  6. They've allowed 71 y/g on the ground so far... maybe that's how they just chose it?
  7. Not worried about Rawls? I can't see Seahawks benching him entirely for C Mike... might turn into a 1a/1b situation.
  8. Anyone overly concerned with his value when Rawls returns especially if you're buying now?
  9. Bell is likely the #1 RB this year, I don't see the debate. I'd do it.
  10. I'd stay put even though I like the value. The trade doesn't really fit your team.
  11. I don't trust Foster to stay healthy so I'd rather stick with Olsen. I also believe Shepard will have up and down games.
  12. Gronk's value is at an all time low right now so I dunno if thats a great offer, you might be able to get a true WR1 later after a few Gronk games.
  13. Its not a bad offer, I think its worth a shot! Depends on how much he believes in Murray.
  14. This seems like it lightens you quite a bit at RB, I like the deal value wise but if you don't feel confident about your remaining RB I'd hold off.