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  1. 17th player in MLB history to hit 4 HR in one game. Top 5 closer ROS ez.
  2. Pitched with a lot of heart on Yordano Ventura's birthday.
  3. He primarily lies on deception. His stuff is average. He probably will have good games but also games where he implodes on your team.
  4. He may still have wheels but won't he rotate LF with Revere? He might be a cheap source of some steals but might hurt everywhere else.
  5. I don't care if its not irrational and if they are FA
  6. Like the following guys as (deep) pickups Cameron Maybin - Cheap source of steals Max Kepler - Starting to show his all around usefulness Zack Godley - Terrific GB%, should be owned almost everywhere IMO Brad Peacock - Interesting to see if he gets more starts
  7. Charlie Beastmon
  8. Here you go!
  9. Please rename thread to
  10. Jason probably could hit more HR than Loney.
  11. Fangraph's writeup of Sogard from pre-2016 "I guess if Harry Potter can't hit at a big league level, what hope do the rest of us have? If you want one home run per year from your middle infielder to go with maybe 10 steals, then Sogard is the player for you! For the rest of us, feel free to avoid him and his #NerdPower."
  12. Think they just had nothing else to write about and this is what they came up with.