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  1. Jeremy Lamb may have carved out a decent role for Charlotte.
  2. Every year he puts up versatile stat lines and every year he disappears. I don't think ROS PT is there for him so enjoy while you can but I wouldn't get expectations high at all.
  3. Nevermind, offer got pulled as I was writing this. Please delete!
  4. I'm in a pseudo dynasty league in which we keep half our roster year to year. I was offered the following trade. I give: Marc Gasol I get: Brandon Ingram, Kent Bazemore I love the idea of getting Ingram for his longterm upside, but Gasol is still valuable to me this year. Age and injury history are reasons for me to make this trade though. Not sure what to think of Bazegod this year. Here is the rest of my roster. PG: Wall, Irving (PG/SG), Exum, Collison (O) SG: Barton, Moore, McCaw SF: Harden, Mirotic, Aminu PF: Vucevic, Monroe, Love (All C eligible) C: Gasol, Gobert Thoughts? Leave a link!
  5. James, where you get all them dimes from?
  6. He hasn't been traded. Not yet at least.
  7. Looked really good tonight. 29 points on >50% shooting with 4 treys. Healthy and gonna roll all season long.
  8. What?
  9. Not so sure about this. In football I had a guy in my IR slot who was O. I put in a waiver claim, the guy who was O became Q yet my waiver still went through after this change. Dunno if it's the same in basketball.
  10. Tim Frazier - plenty of opportunity until Jrue is ready to play. Dennis Schroder - massive upside as the clear PG for Atlanta. Showed flashes of amazing talent last year. Terrance Jones - Just needs to stay healthy and he can be a top 60 guy.
  11. I love Rocky too Jay.
  12. Definitely. He's not quite top tier but he's the next best thing and a fun player to watch. Gonna be a good season watching him, Beal, and Porter.
  13. Seems extremely generous for a guy who just arrived on that team. Montgomery is the add IMO.
  14. https://i.imgur.com/mgF86Pp.gif
  15. Better in PPR but is a low end WR3 regardless IMO. He doesn't have much athleticism so he doesn't do much but he is their #1 WR.