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  1. Totally depends on how deep it is. I'm in a 16 teamer with 4 NA slots and in cutting bait once someone starts to shine this year. Florial was a true boom or bust guy too so this really hurts his value in dynasty IMO. He was already high risk.
  2. Butler did a great job on this list. The analysis is super helpful. It reads a little funny to me since it goes 200 to 1, but the content is great.
  3. I second George Valera. I also like Xavier Edwards. Another high risk guy could be Jordyn Adams.
  4. The hit tool is very questionable to me. Should be up in 2019 though. IBW is high on him as a top 50 fantasy prospect.
  5. He's a sleeper for sure, just needs to get the walk rate under control. IIRC he has a pretty good curve he just needs to get it over the plate. Could be a sneaky end of bench SP5/6 type.
  6. 16 team full dynasty, keep entire roster year to year Team A: Brent Honeywell, Scott Kingery Team B: Willson Contreras I'm team A, currently running with Castillo at C, but I love Honeywell's upside. Thoughts? Leave your links!
  7. Worth considering too that he was a bit older coming on to the season and will be 25 at the start of this year. Shouldn't be given up on, but expectations should be tempered. This year is very important for him.
  8. Considering that most of his power goes to right/center, and the short right porch in Yankees Stadium, I think this could be a huge year for Voit. Can't see the Yanks giving Bird time over him unless he struggles hard.
  9. Ivaca Zubac Tyler Johnson Delon Wright Are all low percentage owned interesting adds now.
  10. Yeah. Think it was just a mistake by that poster.
  11. Really awful year for Teague. Sucks that Tyus is out with a high ankle sprain too, would have been a prime opportunity for him. I guess its Jerryd Bayless time...