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  1. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/18875205/colorado-woman-arrested-trespassing-stalking-tim-tebow-new-york-mets
  2. Gonna need some of this to ever be relevant outside of a publicity stunt for the Mets
  3. Here's my quick take on these guys Maitan - High risk prospect but only 17. Could develop into a five tool guy. One of the more hyped international guys like Sano. Expectation is that his gap-to-gap contact should develop to over the fence power as he grows. Should be a top 50 guy with upside for more in the future. Szapucki - Like Maitan extremely hard to gauge especially being an age 20 pitcher. Plus curve and fastball. Needs to develop his changeup. Erceg - MLB caliber tools. Nothing seems to particularly standout. Average power, good defense for 3rd. Should be an everyday regular. Dalbec - Big bat but the free swinging style doesn't guarantee anything. Most players slugging over .500 in the NYPL have struggled in their development, but it doesn't mean much. Just means not to overvalue one tool. Otherwise I don't know much about Dalbec.
  4. Not likely 10-20, but future top 100 lists I can see all of these guys make appearances. Luis Alex Basabe OF CWS Wander Javier SS MIN Sixto Sanchez RHP PHI Delvin Perez SS STL Franklin Perez RHP HOU Mason Thompson RHP SD
  5. I dunno if anything justifies biting a dude's ear off
  6. We've got the best-case news on him, I wouldn't necessarily consider him an injury risk until we understand more. Brave owners in longterm formats probably stole him during the last couple days. As for his performance he has a massive IP history of consistency which should bolster his floor. His peripherals are still strong. I don't consider him a fantasy ace at this point, but he should be about as strong of a number 2 as you can get. Still very solid chance of a 200 K season with a sub 3.5 ERA. Can understand your hesitancy though. There are definitely safer picks. I can't see him falling to round 7/8 as you mention though.
  7. You probably will. Its still super early. Most pitchers are below their summer velocities and arm strength won't be there until a month or more.
  8. His odds for 2x his 2016 1st half is pretty crazy for his ADP. Still strikes out a bit too much but he is only 25, likely even more room for growth. Gamble is worth it if you wait.
  9. There are a lot of reasons for this, one major one being the fact that their world series was heavily romanticized by how long it took for them to get back into the winner's seat. You talk about not wearing your Sox hat, sounds to me like you're just not a good fan. Any city who has a world series winner tends to support that winner. You act like the Cubs winning and the city supporting them is something new. The Sox management have made plenty of mistakes in the past, like MANY management organizations in any sport. However their most recent moves have been outstanding and a step in the right direction. They've completely flipped their MiLB roster adding some amazing prospects and are starting their rebuild. They still have some pieces they can move to continue this process and I imagine at least one of Robertson, Melky, and Abreu are moved for more.
  10. 15/20 as a baseline sounds pretty reasonable. The injury risk is pretty big so I don't think I'll go after him this year. Fractured hand, fractured elbow, groin strain all on his resume. I dunno how he'd be able to hold up.
  11. I would too. He was near unhittable for a good stretch last year. The risk is there, but the reward is ace.
  12. Sure but the line isn't there. There is some upside here but dunno how he will coexist and provide consistent value with Rubio and Dunn.
  13. Okafor might be a nice stash. Zubac is going to be just as inconsistent IMO, but may get more PT down the stretch. Henson is never going to be reliable 😥
  14. My bad, the FT thing makes more sense now. I don't like punting a cat in 8 cat but if you've already dedicated to giving up FT and need threes badly this is a good strategy and a fair trade.
  15. If rather have Seth. See him with a better path to relevancy. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/636949-keeper-butler-for-beallove-whir/