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  1. I bet they wanted to move him to the bullpen again and it caused a fight.
  2. Rumors now that he is NOT sick. Who knows what's going on.
  3. I know we've all seen it, but I'm going to leave this here as a reminder of the K's to come
  4. He should be very solid for fantasy. Only thing working against him is health record.
  5. So those 20/30 years weren't good enough for you? A lot of BJ's problems seem to be mental. Dunno if a move to a better park would help him because of this. He just seems to be back to himself or in some sort of groove right now, something he hasn't done in a long time.
  6. I blame Statcast. All that data available to prove that Abreu is not a good hitter when it comes to inside fastballs, why wouldn't pitchers/catchers go to that more often then not?
  7. Hand seems to be moving up the hierarchy in SD... though don't think there is much way for him to get saves unless both Maurer and Buchter moved. But then we would have the Hand of the King closing games.
  8. I'd keep an eye on Corey Knebel in Milwaukee. Has closer stuff. I don't think he is getting any high leverage right now, but should be a valuable MR down the stretch if things break the right way.
  9. Hands down Duvall for me in a deep 16 teamer and it was mostly for his trade value during his bigger surge.
  10. Deeper league guys Tommy Joseph Mike Montgomery Yasmani Grandal if he was dropped (reason to believe he will bounce back at least a bit) If you're really desperate for a deep league multi-position guy... maybe this time Nick Franklin can have some value...... maybe
  11. He's hitting everyone better this year, but he's hitting lefties a lot better than his track record. No reason we can't have .280/25 this year. Much excite to have Schoop Life in my dynasty!
  12. I like Russell Baez Suarez/Espi
  13. Seager has insane value in dynasty/keeper formats. Id stay put. Bats before arms in long-term is usually safer anyway.
  14. I don't particularly like it. Ortiz is having a great goodbye year and McCullers should be a solid pitcher. Not seeing a huge gain for you.
  15. Lamb is probably the best player in the deal but I'd take it.