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  1. it is a Keepers league and both Realmuto and sanchez were kept. Posey went 4th overall and Contreras yadi and Ramos went quickly after.
  2. Traded to Miami and hurt his knee. He should be ready for the start of the season. what are we expecting for Alfaro in his first season in Miami?
  3. I waited a little too long on a catcher. I ended up drafting Robinson Chirinos. I figure that he will be the starting catcher for the Astros and should see a lot of playing time, while also providing some pop for my line up. There are some other options out there and not sure if I should pick one up and carry two catchers or drop Chirinos for one. Tucker Barnhart(Cincy) Yan Gomes(Nationals) Jorge Alfaro(Marlins) Omar Narvaez(Mariners) Please help and leave your link. thank you
  4. I noticed an article on about Martin Perez and his increased velocity. Last year his average fastball velocity was around 92.8 mph so far this spring it has been at 95 mph and maxing out at 97 mph. He has also been emphasizing his cutter. They are saying these changes are due to a change in his mechanics(using his hips more than trying to throw hard) and being mentored by Johan Santana. Is anyone buying into the hype. I feel that he is going undrafted in most leagues and if he can finally gain some control we may all be in for a surprise.
  5. What are the concerns going from the Pen back into the rotation. He was awesome as a RP, but not sure how effective he will be as a starter.
  6. How much playing time should we see?
  7. Any word on how much he is going to play?
  8. Dynasty league where we keep 10 I give: Anthony Rizzo and George Springer I get: Charlie Blackmon. leave your link.
  9. I am in a dynasty league and got an offer that i think is great. I trade:Charlie Morton, Yu Darvish and Odor or Polanco I get: Corey Seager
  10. I trade Charlie Morton and I receive Jean Segura. this is a keeper league where we keep 10. I consider segura a keeper, but not Morton. leave your link
  11. Is he a start tomorrow vs White Sox?
  12. Is this just a spot start or is he here to stay?
  13. i am streaming Nathan Eovaldi tomorrow Vs Marlins.
  14. he is starting to really heat up, i have been watching him, but he was dropped and I grabbed him.
  15. so tomorrow is the big day for v jax. so how long does everyone think that his suspension will be for???? right now it is at 6, but they are going to have the hearing and it may go down to 3. what does everyone think??