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  1. 2019 League Settings Discussion

    I have played daily roto 7x7 categories for 20 years. I don't understand weekly leagues. To me...the daily grind of playing matchups and really "managing" your squad is really the fun of the game. Our league tends to be real close most years and every K matters in the scope of the standings so it makes for a great 6 month battle.
  2. Mallex Smith 2019 Outlook

    Smith had a terrific 2nd half and is only 25. His plate discipline improved tremendously in the 2nd half posting a 38/24 K/BB ratio, a .311 AVG (.390 OBP) and he stole 24 bases. A full season of that kind of production makes him very valuable in today's AVG and steals starved leagues. He was going to bat leadoff for Tamps so R would be decent. It remains to be seen where he bats for Seattle.
  3. Trophy Traditions

    My dynasty League has been up for 20 years now. We bought a trophy around year 5. Its just a cup, but we keep adding wooden rings on the bottom with the league winner's name on it. 5 winners to a ring, then a new ring. Next year we add the 5th ring to it. Yeah, we stole the idea from the Stanley Cup, but its still fun.
  4. Max Muncy 2019 Outlook

    [Removed Cool Story] I do wonder how much of this was a "flash in the pan" and not likely to be repeated. His slumps were long and then he got scorching hot. I wonder if the league figures him out next year and he goes back to being an also-ran. I just don't know on him. Hoping to hear from others here.
  5. Max Muncy 2018 Outlook

    What's everyone's opinion on Muncy for a dynasty league? Was this a one hit wonder or could this be consistent every year production?
  6. Buy Low/Sell High 2018

    Buy Low Ryan Braun - Healthy & starting to heat up and could be a real force in that super deep Milwaukee lineup. Johnathon Villar - Will see everyday pt in Baltimore and is playing for his career. Started out 8/17 with power, speed and patience in 4 games (and one 1 K). Marwin Gonzalez - PT wont be an issue with all the Houston injuries. In the last week he has 4 HR. Starting to seem like he is going on that same kind of ridiculous run he ended 2017 on and then carried into the playoffs.
  7. Ryan Braun 2018 Outlook

    He has looked good the last 7-10 days. Maybe primed for a big finish? Milwaukee lineup is very deep
  8. Lance McCullers 2018 Outlook

    Is he droppable?
  9. Alex Verdugo 2018 Outlook

    Anyone know why Yahoo has him listed Day to Day?
  10. Max Muncy 2018 Outlook

    2B eligibility would be gravy!
  11. Michael Fulmer 2018 Outlook

    I just traded for this guy. He hit 98 in his last start multiple times and thats gonna play. I think his last two starts are indicative of what we may see from here on out. *Crosses Fingers*
  12. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options - Week 10

    Rockies head to the road after a nice homestand. Time to drop CarGo till the train pulls back into Coors
  13. Matchup Steals - Streaming for SBs

    Its more than just start your speed guys tho, its about maximizing matchups. On my leagues wire, the SB leaders in the last 7 days is Ben Gamel with 3. He did it against Oak and Minn....he's a fringey pickup that with the right matchup for a one-day pickup could prove very useful. Same with a guy like John Jay who victimized Chironos of Texas. EDIT: Even better example, last night Michael Taylor stole 2 bags vs. Dylan Bundy. The 3rd easiest SP to steal against. It would have been worth the pickup.
  14. Given that a small handful of SBs can make a HUGE difference in roto standings, I was wondering if anyone knew a site that ranked which catcher-pitcher combos allowed the most steals throughout the year. Even if I could snag 5-7 extra SBs over the course of the season via streaming ww guys in my league when the matchup is most favorable (yes, I play daily league), it would help an absolute ton in the standings. So...can anyone help a guy out? I know Rotoworld does an occasional Saves and Steals piece which is halpful, but I was hoping for more raw data and rankings of specific SP - C batteries etc.
  15. Anthony Rizzo 2018 Outlook

    263/341/526 in May with more BB than K is pretty good. I think he will just get better as the year goes on, but the dreadful April will drag down his final numbers