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  1. If Arenado or JoRam are there, you take them. But I seriously doubt they'll be there at 5.
  2. This post is totally uncalled for.
  3. I am a fan of Berrios this year, but I think giving up Aguilar for him is a bit much. At least not until you find out what kind of hitter Alonso is going to be. I'd wait a bit, see how Alonso turns out and then decide if trading Aguilar is worthwhile at all or not.
  4. Trout. Then target Bogaerts in the 3rd or so.
  5. I've found that relievers, due to the minimal number of IP are the most difficult to project and usually come in on the high side. Just using Bradley at 73IP with a 3.70 ERA that gives us: (73/9)x3.70=30 runs given up on the year. If you drop 2 runs off of that to 28 total runs given up his era becomes: 3.08 (28/73)x9=3.08 That's a pretty big difference. Whip is similar. 73x1.20=87.6 (or 88) hits and walks. If he gives up say 83 instead of 88 you get a whip of 1.14 (rounded up). Again, pretty drastic difference for a pretty minimal reduction. Go with Bradley. He'll be fine.
  6. 12 team keep 10, 120 players off the board before the 1st pick: 1. Story 2. Davis 3. Vlad 4. Rendon 5. Albies 6. Mondesi 7. Carrasco 8. Berrios 9. Diaz 10. Realmuto Rosario is projecting out to 24HR and a .319 obp. Thats pretty low for an ops league. He and Realmuto should give somewhat similar numbers, but you are more likley to find replacement production at that level in the OF than you are at catcher (note: for those who have argued with me about how great of a steal realmuto is and keep him over guys like Hoskins, Nola, Carrasco, Goldschmidt - all conversations I've had this year on these boards - THIS is where position scarcity comes into play - when comparing players who should put up comparable numbers. Not when comparing them to a guy who is going to put up head and shoulders better numbers than him). I've also been vocal about not keeping closers. However with 120 players off the board, more teams are likely to keep closers legitimately and having a top tier closer is even more valuable. Basically this list comes down to cutting 2 guys - Rosario and Andujar. See Rosario above. For why you aren't keeping Andujar - he's going to probably have obp below .330 and a slg in the 420s to 440s. Thats a 750-770 ops. Rendon already kills him and takes up his spot. You simply have a better option.
  7. Agree with Swayze here. I think my response to his counter offer request would be, "Not really interested in shopping Trout. If you want him, make an offer that blows me away and then I'll consider it."
  8. JRam/Snell for me. Potentially this is a wash. But JoRam has multiposition eligibility which has a value to it. I also expect Cole and Snell both to regress from last season. But I think Cole regresses more.
  9. So right now you are looking at a line up of: Benintendi Pham Jd Martinez Anthony Rendon For outfield and third base With this trade you are looking at: Trout Martinez Pham Devers for your line up. Trout is projected 116 runs 42 hr 92 rbis 28 sb .311 BA Benintendi is projected to: 94 runs 23 hr 89 rbi 18 sb .288 BA difference of: 22runs 19 hr 3 rbi 10 sb 23 points in BA (with roughly similar at-bats) All in favor of trout On the other hitting side, rendon is looking at projections around: 93 runs 26hr 98 rbi 3 sb .295 ba devers is projecting: 80 runs, 25 hr 86 rb 7 sb .262 ba difference of: -13 runs +2HR -12 rbi 4sb -33 points in BA You stand to gain 9 runs 17 hr 14 sb you lose 9rbi and 10 points in BA So is losing Carlos carrasco worth 9 runs, 17 HR, 14 SB, losing 9 rbi's and 10 points in BA? You're pitching staff doesn't look so great after losing Carrasco. It looks solid with him and Flaherty. After those 2 there are a LOT of questions marks. I think overall you lose more points in the pitching categories than you gain in the hitting categories with this trade.
  10. After marking keepers you go into commissioner and choose draft & tab. 2. Choose the "submit draft results" link. This brings up the screen with the player list on the left and draft on the right. 3. On the right side is 2 tabs. Click 'by round' 4. Click the drop down box underneath and choose the round you wish to enter a player. 5. Add the player to the appropriate spot Note - if you are keeping based on round do it this way. Do NOT add them under the team tab. The team tab adds players in the order they were picked. This is not necessarily round order if additional picks were acquired. IE: you have pick 2.5. You trade for pick 2.1. If you enter them by manager you enter round 1 at the first. pick 2.1 at the 2nd box and 2.5 at the 3rd box. When you go to enter that manager's round 3 pick, he'll pop up in round 4. So just make sure you click the 'by round' tab and do it that way. Saves a lot of headaches. Note: That kind of change is not really reflected in the settings. Its just reflected in how you enter the draft.
  11. Remember, Judge's career OBP is based on just 2 seasons. So a big season like he had makes his career average look phenomenal. Also remember that harper has had seasons just as phenomenal as Judge's for OBP. They should actually put up similar numbers across the board - except for Harper's steals.
  12. I wouldn't veto it, but I wouldn't be thrilled either. However, with that said, the stanton side might feel perfectly fine with this trade for a few reasons: Namely Hosmer and Brantley. I'm really down on both of those guys. But they are 2 names that quite a few managers put a lot of stock in for some reason. While I view those 2 as, "you know, send the deal back w/out them. no I dont want anything to replace them, I just dont want them on my team. Ever." There are some managers who would go, "Oh my gosh Hosmer AND Brantley added into this deal? SWEEEEET!" I dont understand them and dont agree with them. But I love drafting with them, 'ohh, you took Hosmer in the 8th? Thank you, that means virtually anybody else is left for me to draft' Its why we play the game and why it can be so difficult. Because there are different values on players. Hosmer and Brantley are in that handful that get a lot of name recognition.
  13. Billy Hamilton figures out how to be a slap hitter, bats .270 and steals 65+ bases (sorry, couldn't resist. its a tradition on these boards).
  14. I wouldn't veto it, but its far from a 'fine trade.' I'm 100% in agreement with secretagentman on this one. Trading an established player with Yelich's pedigree plus more for a guy who has never even had an MLB at-bat is ridiculous. It just shows how stupid the hype has gotten on Vlad. If you remember back in 2013/14 yelich was a prospect projecting out to about a .300 hitter with 25hr upside and 15 or so stolen bases. His 25 and 26 yr old seasons he actually started to show signs he was going to meet that potential. Then his 27 year old season he crushed that potential. But even accounting for some regression, Yelich has always projected to a solid 5 category early round player AND he has actual experience to back it up. Vlad is projecting to an absolute stud. But he has no backing. Right now he could be Christian yelich, mike trout, bryce harper type. Or he could be Adam Eaton, Lucas Giolitto, Mark Appel or any other number of high potential prospects who just faded away into oblivion. So why trade somebody with experience and a history, even a short history, of success for somebody who no history at all? And then throw in Nomar Mazara. 2 years ago he was projected to be a big leaguer with .300/30 potential. He's only 24 years old. Giving up Yelich says you aren't trying to compete for this year. Give up a 27 yr old coming off an MVP campaign and a 24 year old with 30 HR potential that may just need another year or two to fill out and develop doesn't sound like you are rebuilding either. A number of people in this thread feel like this was a very foolish trade to make and can lay our reasoning why. But in the end, here's the question that matters most - are you truly happy with this trade? If so, why does it matter what others think of it?