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  1. Snell or Bregman

    Bregman. Take that deal fast.
  2. Need help with a big tag decision

    When do you have to decide? I'd wait and see what Harper/Machado sign for on an average basis as that will probably be Mookie's Benchmark for next year.
  3. Keeper Help *WHIR

    I get that. But lets say Bryant is taken with the first overall pick. What then? Lets he comes back to you. Who are you likely to get with the 6th pick? Is the difference plus the risk of not getting him (I think you are grossly underestimating the chances of Bryant being taken first. The guy could easily say, "I'll take bryant and trade for a better pitcher than is available during the season") worth it just to keep Urias or Darvish or Rosario? Just keep Bryant.
  4. Ozzie Albies going into the 2018 Allstar break I would do this trade. Ozzie Albies 2nd half of 2018 - I wouldn't consider it. Since we dont have a great baseline for expectations due to Albies Jeckyle & Hyde season I'd stick with Altuve.
  5. Trade 1 should have been rejected out of hand. I don't think I even bother with a counter offer on that one. Trade 2 should have been accepted before posting here to make sure that owner doesn't wake up.
  6. Keeper Help *WHIR

    So right now you can keep Bryant at the 6th pick and draft anybody else w/ the #2 pick meaning you get Bryant and the second best guy in the draft. Or you throw Bryant back to use the #2 pick on him and use the #6 pick on somebody else meaning you get Bryant and the 6th best guy in the draft. . . .
  7. Bregman or JoRam?

    No, not stupid at all. I do think JoRam will perform a little better. But Bregman is pretty darned good to have. If you prefer Bregman I would just do the swap and leave it at that.
  8. You can try rotochamp. They list games played by position. You'll have to cross reference this to requirements of the site you play on.
  9. Tim Anderson or Villar in a dynasty

    Doh, forgot villar isn't with the Brewers anymore. Ok, possibly a worse line up. but the rest still stands.
  10. Lots of picks - keeper help WHIR

    You're taking Turner with the #1 overall pick. You've got Judge, Gleyber and Seager. Assuming healthy, power is a good start. If this is a roto league you are not trying to build the best looking roster - you are trying to build the best stat-accumulating roster. And Turner is one of the best at accumulating SB. By himself he is good for more SB than some teams will put up all season. Going into the category accumulation with Judge and Turner is a massive boost. From there, you are using your 5 remaining round 1/2 picks to fill in gaps and build your team with the best available.
  11. Tim Anderson or Villar in a dynasty

    Villar easily. He projects to similar BA, similar power, but has more projected SB and a better line up around him for runs/rbi's.
  12. You are manipulating your resources to gain an unfair advantage in a trade situation. That is very definition of collusion. It may not have the ill intent behind it that most associate with collusion. But plain and simple - if you are manipulating the rules to gain an advantage thru a trade that would normally be against he rules you and your trade partner are colluding. So let me make sure I do understand the situation correctly. You wanted to make a trade that included a keeper slot so that the keeper lists would be imbalanced - you have 8, he has 6 and everybody else has 7. This was shot down by the league as not something they allow for. So you come up with a convoluted multi-step trade that includes holding assets until after deadlines are met as a why to bypass keeper/auction amounts/restrictions. Yep, that's collusion.
  13. Beni Keeper Trade, WHIR

    For how long? Carpenter is 33 going into this next season. He slumped so bad early on many managers dropped him. He picked it back up. But after hitting .270+ from 2011 thru 2016, he batted .241 and .257 the past 2 years respectively. He did set a career high in HR. But his pretty sharp drop in BA along with his age and you see Carpenter is in the decline. Realistically his ceiling is .260 with 28HR. Is that what you want from a keeper that is only keeper viable most likely in 2019 and 2020? Keep Rhys.
  14. Beni Keeper Trade, WHIR

    I dont think I would. What 1st baseman is available in FA in a league that deep? Answer - none worthwhile. What OF is available in FA in a league that deep - answer, there's always some. Who would you rather have: Hoskins/?? rotate the hot OF of the week which there is always plenty or Benintendi/?? pray carlos santana hits more than .220 but even he probably isn't available And I'm a huge Red Sox and Benintendi fan.