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  1. Would love to hear some talk on Piscotty predictions for 2019. after the deal to Oakland and his personal family issues he caught fire. While I think that was a hot streak, the talent is there to do that a few times through out the year. Looking at .265BA .340-.350 obp and 28+ Hr for Oak in 2019.
  2. Dynasty help

    Agree with CrypTviLL. Team B is making out better. But its a good deal overall. Neither side is getting ripped off.
  3. I've been thinking about this Cryptville. 1. Its your league and you have to enjoy it, but so do your league mates. I think going full out sabermetric categories is a mistake because it will severely limit your pool of players. I'm in a redraft league each year that does obp and slg instead of ba and HR. Its different enough that some player values are affected and you have to pay attention but not so different that it feels like I'm playing a different game. 2. from the info you gave, yes, Yahoo can handle this. Though you may have to manually track pricing and auction values. I dont do auction leagues often so am not familiar with how yahoo's software works for auction leagues. But yahoo can manage everything else but minor leaguers 3. No, I dont believe yahoo's platform is great for minor leaguers. But then again, who's platform is? You can N/A slots and as long as the minor leaguer is in yahoo's database you can put the player on your team and n/a slot him. Its not ideal, but its something. 4. I'd say get as many people as you know irl and from these boards - people you have interactions with, then use strangers from the net to fill in spaces. 5. Random guidance - be prepared for high turn over the first 2-3 years. Its a mental beating to take your pride and joy and watch it 'fall apart' as more and more original members leave. But it only falls apart if you let it. Be prepared to find replacement managers often. If you are willing to put in the time to find those replacement managers, the league keeps going and after about year 3 or 4 suddenly you have a few seasons with no turnover and the league is officially up and running. Best advice - all the hard work you are doing now - be prepared for that level of work for the next few seasons.
  4. George Springer Trade

    You can do better for Springer. To be honest I dont think I'm trading springer for Rosario/Vizcaino but add in the fact that he wants a 2nd round pick and this is a no brainer rejection for me.
  5. Dynasty League Trade - Big names

    I'm taking the deal to get Beni.
  6. What does the rest of your MLB keeper list look like? You aren't asking if you should take Thor/Rizzo of Acuna. You are asking if Acuna/4 unknowns is a better keeper list than Thor/Rizzo/3 unknowns.
  7. Trade Help

    No, if you are looking to upgrade arms and improve your starting pitching, dont look to pitchers on their way out. Look at Nola, Snell, Severino types. Then decide if their asking price is worth it. If not, look to the draft and developing guys like Mikolas. In a keep 10, closers often get kept and are a bit harder to come by. Despite that, I may still be tempted to throw back Kimbrel and keep Mikolas over him, especially since you are looking to grab better SP. You can always pay attention around the trade deadline and grab the next Kirby Yates.
  8. Toronto Blue Jays 2019 Outlook

    Tulo is of course rehabbing. And assuming a strong wind doesn't kick up and injure him again, he'll be ready for 2019. But he'll never again be the Tulo he was with the rockies.
  9. I truly hope they dont bring Kimbrel back. Yes, I loved having him these past few years. But 2018 showed he is no longer the pitcher he was and I dont think its going to get any better for him.
  10. Javier Baez 2019 Outlook

    A .290 30/20 multi positional middle infielder in a line up that should net him 200 runs/rbi's again as low end second round? What 20-25 players will put up better numbers than .290 30/20 at any position? I think a few players get name recognition picks ahead of him, but those are solid round 1 numbers.
  11. Who should I keep?

    Andujar or Berrios. I think a lot of people had very high expectations for Berrios coming into the season, unreasonably high, and when he didn't meet them for the whole year, people are really down on him. But if you look at his stats, he should be just fine. His whip was 1.14. Thats near elite for a SP. He had 202 strike outs in 192.1 IP. Thats elite as well. His wins were a little low and his era a smidge high. But his high era is a bit of bad luck considering a 1.14 whip. Dont ignore Berrios.
  12. Help me think about my keepers

    Its a pretty shallow league with only 3 OF - what do you have in terms of settings, c, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ss, 3xOF 2xUtil 3xSP 2xRP 3xP 6 bench.
  13. Help me think about my keepers

    If I'm you, I'm keeping Bregman, Yelich, Correa, Snell, Merrifield, Ozuna (marcel), Rendon I'm trying to justify you keeping bellinger but I really just can't over these guys. Especially considering the potential platoon he may find himself in next year. But there are never quality 1st basemen in the draft. He'll go R1 next year assuming he's full time (note for other readers, I'm also in this league). You could make a case for Eloy ahead of maybe Ozuna. We had a manager going into 2018 keep both Vlad and Acuna, both players who had no mlb experience at the time. Normally in this league I wouldn't consider it because you can redraft eloy but with some managers putting a higher priority on pre-mlb prospects, maybe just keeping eloy now is better than risking him back in the player pool. No way I'd keep closers. Our league may draft them in round 2 and 3 (sometimes 1) but they just dont get kept except maybe 1 or 2 each year.
  14. To much for Kershaw ?

    You dont need Kershaw with those starting pitchers. If anything I'd look for a younger pitcher like Nola.
  15. Need help with keepers! WHIR

    People talking about realmuto over harper are giving way too much credit to positional scarcity. Realmuto is good and had a great year "for a catcher". But that great year for a catcher still only netted him 120th overall in most rankings. Harper was a top 30 player. Yes, you can get another player in round 1 - but not at harper's level. 50 players are off the board, right off the bat so unless you have one of the top 2 picks you are getting around round 3-4 talent - which is right where Harper is. Though his ceiling is round 1 talent. Realmuto in the 8th? At his absolute best he was round 12 talent. At his best. He might have a year or two of similar numbers left, but as a catcher his shelf life is very short. Harper has 5-8 years of round 3 production. If you REALLY want realmuto in the 8th, you can probably draft him there again.