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  1. I have 2 openings in our Keeper league, that is played over on It is a H2H league, with daily lineup changes, but limits to 7 SP starts a week and 4 FA adds a week. The league has been in existence since 2002 as we are in our 18th season. It's a $10 annual fee and that covers the cost of running it on their CBS site. There are no fees for the new owners this season as both teams need some work. We also have a 15 man Farm System. Scoring is based on players accruing points. It is not a Roto league. If you're interested, I can get you a copy of the rosters. Also, I run all the league stats on Google Docs to track all the historical scoring for all players since 2002. If you're interested in looking at that, here's a link: DDBL Stats Games are played weekly (Mon-Sun) and you play 3 opponents a week. Anyway, if you have any interest or any questions, just let me know. Thanks, Bernard
  2. I run a 16 team keeper league on CBS. We've been in existence since 2002 and I have 1 opening right now. It's a 12 team keeper, and we'll be selecting Keepers in a few weeks. We also have a 15 man farm system. The fee is $10 to pay for the league fees. If you want more info, or to see the roster, let me know.