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  1. Offer him Sale and Andrus. Get Betts though. He will make you a contender for years to come.
  2. In a dynasty. I should be accepting this right?
  3. I like Buxton. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  4. Oh he is.
  5. I think Seager is better.
  6. Something that Something that is being overlooked is that his pitching coach has told him he can throw nothing but fastballs this spring when behind in the count. This is to teach him to not get behind in the count do so much and a big reason his era is inflated this spring. Could be a steal for guys that haven't drafted knowing this.
  7. Yes! I needed him to start in the rotation for my weak dynasty rotation.
  8. Take the deal.
  9. I think both can have a good season but feel Domingo has a higher upside.
  10. Another good game without a strikeout. Slugging over .500 this spring and they might start him in the 3 hole. I'm trying not to get too excited but I do think he will have a good season.
  11. I love him in an ops league. I think last year is his floor go HRs if he remains healthy.
  12. Mookie killed it bowling this weekend on ESPN. Was skimming through channels and saw him. Ended being fun to watch.
  13. Zach Godley is a good one and he has SP eligibility.