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  1. I love him in an ops league. I think last year is his floor go HRs if he remains healthy.
  2. Mookie killed it bowling this weekend on ESPN. Was skimming through channels and saw him. Ended being fun to watch.
  3. Zach Godley is a good one and he has SP eligibility.
  4. I would wait until after asb to trade favors. The break may do wonders. No reason to drop until we find out. He's shown some flashes.
  5. Zubac easily. I came in this thread because I was shocked this is even a question for anyone.
  6. Hope you used lube.
  7. Lavine, J. Nelson and Prozingis for Reddick, Milsap and Seth Curry?
  8. I was coming to ask this exact same question ha. I'm still undecided because Milsap has been hot and the Unicorn not but altar break might help.
  9. He had a great matchup too.
  10. Wondering if I should bench him next week in my weekly. Hard to judge if he will be rested for an extended time or if he's close thus they rest him today as to not let him play b2b. Game is at 10 am so rosters basically lock tonight instead of Monday 3:59pm per usual on yahoo.
  11. He screwed himself by talking too much. Everyone he talks he lowers the team's leverage and makes getting a deal done more complicated. Should've just been professional and played the game.
  12. It was a long shot but if he stayed on fire and got to play 4th, Kobe's 81 would,ve been in jeopardy.
  13. Killing me in my weekly lg. Almost drop worthy for that alone.
  14. Both have a 4 game week. Stumped on this one.
  15. Are the one that compared him to Bosh. Someone here did earlier in this thread and that is almost ban worthy.