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  1. As can I. That was the best post about this topic yet.
  2. LOL. Earlier you said it was a different discussion. Whatever, man. Don't fall off of your high horse, it's a long way down and you might get hurt.
  3. Do you think there is a non-zero chance that Kang has a problem? I think you'll agree that if you have 3 DUIs, there's some chance that you have a drinking problem. 20%, 50%, 75%, whatever you want to call it. It's a number that's not zero. If he has a problem, is he still a POS? Just curious.
  4. BlueJays claims that he doesn't know or associate with a single person that has driven while above the limit. Take it up with him.
  5. Of all people that have 3 DUIs, certainly a reasonable percentage of them have a drinking problem.
  6. Having a drinking problem is like the main reason somebody would have 3 DUIs. They are intertwined.
  7. Using similar logic, we can't assume that anybody that hasn't been caught has never done it.
  8. Fair enough. Honestly this is about where I'm at too. I just don't agree that "have a drinking problem" = "POS". That's all I'm saying here.
  9. I somehow missed this gem. 50% of all adults have admitted texting and driving, which means the actual # is much higher, probably closer to 80%. Ever look right or left at a stop light? Without fail one or both drivers are on their phones. Every one of them is a POS?
  10. Yeah when you add in the sexual assault it paints a completely different picture. Agree.
  11. Link to where I said it's fine?
  12. Imagine you have a daughter. She comes home and says Jimmy had 3 drinks tonight and drove me home. Imagine your reaction. Now imagine she comes home and says Jimmy raped me. Imagine your reaction. Are they the same?
  13. I was not aware of the alleged sexual assault. That puts him into POS territory.
  15. I agree with that! Doing something moronic does not make you a complete POS. That's all I'm saying here.