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  1. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    Last 2 weeks: 469/629/937 5 HR, 15R, 14RBI, 27% BB, 8.6%K
  2. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    True except only person dumb enough to sell is Melvins
  3. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    Was it a serious question? WTF are you expecting when you ask if the best non-Trout hitter in baseball forgot how to hit because he's had a bad week?
  4. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    Yes. Drop him.
  5. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    As can I. That was the best post about this topic yet.
  6. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    LOL. Earlier you said it was a different discussion. Whatever, man. Don't fall off of your high horse, it's a long way down and you might get hurt.
  7. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    Do you think there is a non-zero chance that Kang has a problem? I think you'll agree that if you have 3 DUIs, there's some chance that you have a drinking problem. 20%, 50%, 75%, whatever you want to call it. It's a number that's not zero. If he has a problem, is he still a POS? Just curious.
  8. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    BlueJays claims that he doesn't know or associate with a single person that has driven while above the limit. Take it up with him.
  9. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    Of all people that have 3 DUIs, certainly a reasonable percentage of them have a drinking problem.
  10. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    Having a drinking problem is like the main reason somebody would have 3 DUIs. They are intertwined.
  11. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    Using similar logic, we can't assume that anybody that hasn't been caught has never done it.
  12. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    Fair enough. Honestly this is about where I'm at too. I just don't agree that "have a drinking problem" = "POS". That's all I'm saying here.
  13. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    I somehow missed this gem. 50% of all adults have admitted texting and driving, which means the actual # is much higher, probably closer to 80%. Ever look right or left at a stop light? Without fail one or both drivers are on their phones. Every one of them is a POS?
  14. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    Yeah when you add in the sexual assault it paints a completely different picture. Agree.
  15. Jung-Ho Kang 2017 Outlook

    Link to where I said it's fine?