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  1. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    It's not. Similar example: I have a 4 sided die (die A) and a 3 sided die (die B). I roll them each twice. 4sided(A): 2 2 3sided(B): 1 3 Guess what? I'd still be touting the 3sided(B) die to be more likely to land '2' on the next roll, despite it never having done it and the 4sided(A) die having done it.
  2. Commish plays free and worst of all, isn't up front about it. It's a ******** scam. Notice he didn't answer the question above. Notice it's not mentioned in the OP. Guy should seriously be banned.
  3. Any interest in daily transactions?
  4. I should add that I've been in Windy's leagues before and will absolutely join them again. Very well organized and he does a great job.
  5. Wait, just noticed something in your other recruitment post. I'm only if it's daily, not weekly.
  6. Interested in 1k auction and 500 snake
  7. I'm in.
  8. Offense: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, BB, OPS Pitching: QS, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, K, Holds, Saves Yahoo isn't open yet but I'm trying to determine if there's enough interest in a high stakes league. Post here if interested and I'll invite you when Yahoo opens. I've run this exact league for $250 for a few years, have references if needed, and we'll use league safe.
  9. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    Last 2 weeks: 469/629/937 5 HR, 15R, 14RBI, 27% BB, 8.6%K
  10. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    True except only person dumb enough to sell is Melvins
  11. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    Was it a serious question? WTF are you expecting when you ask if the best non-Trout hitter in baseball forgot how to hit because he's had a bad week?
  12. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    Yes. Drop him.
  13. Xander Bogaerts 2017 Outlook

    Punishment for playing in WBC. He'll hit and he'll rise in the lineup. Take advantage of the situation and grab him later than normal - I got him late 4th last night in a 12 teamer (pick 46)
  14. Charlie Morton 2017 Outlook

    Stick to your guns jdbob, these youngsters with their SIERAs are good for nothin anyways. Next thing you know they'll be trying to convince ya to watch Moneyball and then all of a sudden you're a commie. Be careful out there.
  15. J.D. Martinez 2017 Outlook

    Pujols, Zimmerman, Longo, Dickerson were all plantar fasciitis.