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  1. Punishment for playing in WBC. He'll hit and he'll rise in the lineup. Take advantage of the situation and grab him later than normal - I got him late 4th last night in a 12 teamer (pick 46)
  2. Stick to your guns jdbob, these youngsters with their SIERAs are good for nothin anyways. Next thing you know they'll be trying to convince ya to watch Moneyball and then all of a sudden you're a commie. Be careful out there.
  3. Pujols, Zimmerman, Longo, Dickerson were all plantar fasciitis.
  4. GL with this argument fam, you've already won but you've also already lost.
  5. What possible injuries would require confirmation from a CT scan as opposed to what would be apparent from an MRI? Need a doc.
  6. Is height a category in your league? If I'm picking 2 I'm taking Goldschmidt, with Betts/Altuve about equal and every so slightly behind PG. One thing that is sneaky value on Goldy is the crazy low RBI total he had last year. 95 is a lot, but with his talent and hitting 3 in that lineup/park, he should stumble into 110. Projection systems seem to base RBI projections mostly on previous year's RBI, and nothing to do with expected RBI. Steamer has him projected for 85, that's laughable. His wRC+ last few years with men in scoring position: 2013: 192 2014: 167 2015: 180 2016: 124 career avg: 157 If he wRC+ 157 this year with RISP and stays healthy, 110 is the floor for RBI imo. Take advantage of this market inefficiency.
  7. You think the Mets offense will be ok because they have a good pitching staff?
  8. He cited 3 respected(ish) projection systems as a counterpoint to someone implying 260 was out of this world impossible, to show that it's not *that* far away. It was a perfectly reasonable post. When people think Buxton might be good, that does not mean they are insulting your children. Chill.
  9. Unless I missed it, you didn't really address the idea that they screwed with his swing for so long and finally let him just play. Do you not think that's important? Do you not believe it? Just curious your thoughts on it, respect what ya have to say.
  10. Basically everything important that taoball said.
  11. Chisenhall/Guyer platoon is above average offensive production, and the Indians project very well vs RHP and LHP. I'm more concerned with SP depth (Ross?) than anything, and the pen could use another piece.