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  1. How was I trying to belittle you??? I answered everything you said in your first post in my first post. I just calmly explained it to you in simple terms since you seemed to miss it first time.
  2. Jesus just read what I said. All summarize it for you since you seem to have trouble. He didn't reset the market(said he would or retire), he did sign a contract for less then 60 mil with Jets(said he wouldn't), I believe he could of gotten similar deal from Pit if his demands were not so outrageous to start. There you go.
  3. He will go late first to early second round. So Like you I don't see myself taking him. Though even with the weird RB usage Gase used in Miami his lead RB was still pretty fantasy friendly. With the money they just gave him you have to think Gase won't mess with his usage like Ajayi and Drake.
  4. There really is no way around this being a huge fail on Bell and his agents part. On multiple occasions he came out and said he wasn't going to play for any contract that didn't reset the market(17-20 mil). Even responded to a Jets fan on twitter last year that 60 mil wasn't enough to get him. I could be wrong but I find it hard to believe if his original demands were not so outrageous he could of got a deal like this from PIt. Been on a super bowl contender his entire career and be guaranteed a spot in the Hall of Fame.
  5. QB's are a dime a dozen and Luck will probably go round 6 or latter. Even without the TE position Kelce will be drafting in round 3 at the latest.
  6. THey both had it as last ditch efforts to resurrect their careers. I can't speak fo Gurley and I am obviously not a stud athlete but I did steam cell last year with hope's to help with my degenerative arthritis in the my right knee I had ACL surgery in 13 years ago. Ended up being a waste of 5 k. My point is if they are going that route its not a simple issue that can just be fixed by surgery. Which isn't good.
  7. The Rams have Gurley on an offseason regimen to get his left knee back to full strength, though if the injury persists, the running back may be forced to undergo stem cell treatment. Fellow running backs Jamaal Charles and Knowshon Moreno have undergone similar procedures in recent years. Both players were coming back from torn ACLs, an injury Gurley suffered during his final year at Georgia. Teammate C.J. Anderson admitted recently that Gurley was "more hurt than we thought," which may explain why he played second fiddle to Anderson during the postseason. With Gurley's health in question, don't be surprised if the Rams add backfield depth this offseason. Never good when they don't know exactly what the issue is and hope the stem cell route will fix the issue.
  8. Lets stop the Gurley questions. He got injured the team didn't report it right. He's still a stud and I hope my league questions him next year. Still in the best situation in the NFL and a year removed from averaging 30 plus in playoffs.
  9. Wow didn't realize that. Initially thought he would be gone but at 2.3 mil no reason to cut him until next season.
  10. Agreed. Living in the bay area they have been given a pass by fans and media since Balke ran the team into the ground. But this is year 3 of the Lynch-Shanny combo. They have made some suspect signings(garcon and mckinnon). They need to fight for the playoffs or the honeymoon will be over.
  11. Lets wait and see if Duke is still around when the season starts. The GM didn't really give a ringing endorsement saying he is on the team for now. If Hunts gets time for last years games and he misses only 2 to 4 games this year. I doubt they bring back Duke on his contract.
  12. I didn't own Chubb but how?? Duke got similar playing time and usage all season per game. I'm not saying Hunt won't really hurt Chubb's value(it has to). But I would say the same about for any top 10 RB who's team added Hunt(who I also think is a top 10 RB talent wise).
  13. Come on??? Its a great system and I do agree a lot of qb's could lead the team to the playoffs. But winning it allt different. When it comes down to game time Brady usually comes through. I mean he had a subpar game today but when they need it he threw a perfect pass to Gronk. As I said in last post I still think Montana is better but you can't deny Brady doing it to his early to mid 40s. It has never been done before and probably never will be done again.
  14. Don't think there was any debate before. Anybody saying different just doesn't like brady..Personally for one game I take Montana. But when you go over a career its Brady hands down.
  15. True. My point is look at the NFL these days only 2 of the top 10 paid QB's were in the playoffs. Brees still took below what he could of got and Wilson is number 10 with a overachieving team. My point is Brady has consistently took team friendly contracts so the team around him was better. The same can't be said for Rodgers.