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  1. They were down 21-0 at start of the 2nd quarter. The hole game should of been passing to catch up.
  2. Honestly don't think so. The game script was perfect for a 40 plus pass day from Cousins. Theilan had a amazing year last year and min is not running the same offense.. If you can get somebody to to buy him off last years stats I would do it.
  3. At least he go the work. Thats a huge positive.
  4. Only way I make a deal with him is if DJ is part of the trade. But I doubt he goes for it
  5. They all cheat and nobody cares when somebody even good gets caught. Its when the greats get caught everybody all of a sudden has a huge moral stance. I mean do people really believe players can be 6 5 and 280 and run a 4.40 40 without being on PED's?
  6. Lol. Stickum was banned in 81. But nice try.
  7. This. The Giants have nobody besides him and Barkley.
  8. As a brown owner hope your right and even more then that I hope he gets a chance to prove me wrong. I'm still skeptical the pats play him this week. Playing him this week and then having the league put him on commish exempt after talking to accuser would be a bad look. Its not like the Pats need him to beat Miami. I could see them waiting a week to see what happens.
  9. I don't. Only reason I even said it was everybody keeps bring up 07 season with Moss as evidence that Brown will have a huge season. Brady was a much different QB then and the pats ran a different offense then.
  10. I get it the Pats are just gonna scratch their offensive philosophy for Brown. Brady at 42 will revert to his 30 year old self and Brown will catch 2 to 3 long tds a game. Now I understandđŸ˜‚
  11. I drafted Mont in the 5th and was able to pickup Singletary after they traded Mccoy. Obviously I was higher on Mont thinking he would get the 250 touches Howard got. But after week 1 who the hell knows. Sure looks like singletary has a better chance moving forward.
  12. Own no shares in Edelman. But have Brown in two leagues. Just like I had Gordon in 3 leagues last year. Said the same thing last year and people called me crazy. Brown will still be a WR2 with some blow up weeks. But on a team where he would be getting 10 to 15 targets he would be a top 3 WR.
  13. Is brown more talented than Edelman of course(so is josh gordon). But Edelman is Bradys most trusted teammate and will still get his 8 to 12 targets a game. Just like last year when Gordon went to NE. This is the worst case scenario for Brown owners. He will not get force fed the ball in NE like he would on other teams.
  14. Why would you even consider this?? I know it sucks as a Dwill owner but baring injury your not gonna see shady or dwill take over full time roles. Shady even at his age is still better then Dwill. But there is no upside for KC to overwork him. So you would be trading a solid WR2 for a RB that at best will get a 50 percent share and not much passing down work. There will be better days ahead for Diggs. Cousins threw the ball 10 times that won't happen again.