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  1. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Seriously how am I supposed to tell the difference. You have been spewing ridiculous comments over Henry for a few years. Honestly thought it was sarcasm when you started posting only to find out you were serious
  2. Jarvis Landry 2018 Season Outlook

    Exactly good luck proving that. Plus for him to get traded doesn't he have to agree to terms with the team he is traded to?? I could be wrong but in most cases you see that happen. So it actually works in his favor for the team to trade him.
  3. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Do you really want me to go look at last years posts. Ok: from Dashoe: i dont' think I have ever read this much debate about a rb that has basically been a backup rb in the NFl until a week or 2 ago. tevin coleman owners must feel their thread is neglected i have no stake in this debate, i'm only trying to figure out what he is worth next season From you: #1 overall pick I'm not exactly sure how to copy and paste it all. But go to page 173 of the 2017 Henry thread. So again how am I spreading lies???
  4. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Cleats has him as top 3.
  5. Drew Brees 2018 Season Outlook

    The Saints and free agent Drew Brees will meet at the NFL Combine to discuss a short-term deal. This year's Combine will be held February 27 until March 5, so it's just under a week away. Per NFL Network's Rapoport, the expectation is Brees will not try to "break the bank" by looking to become the NFL's highest-paid quarterback, which he conceivably could do. Instead, Brees is expected to seek $20-25 million annually, less than Jimmy Garoppolo's $27.5 million per year from the 49ers.
  6. E. Sanders for T. Taylor (NFL Team Trade)

    The issue is Buffalo woudn't want Saunders on his current contract and Denver wouldn't want Taylor on his. So why would either team agree to the trade when they could conceivably get both players on cheaper contracts. Also nobody wants Siemian
  7. Julian Edelman 2018 Season Outlook

    Best case a solid WR2 in ppr. I mean look at his stats he has never finished a season as better then a WR2 in ppr. That is in seasons where his QB wasn't 41 and he wasn't 32 coming off ACL surgery.
  8. Julian Edelman 2018 Season Outlook

    Edelman will be drafted as a WR2 and probably produce closer to WR3 numbers(assuming Gronk is back). Gonna be alot of mouths to feed with Gronk, Cooks, Edelman and Hogan
  9. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    Lol no kidding. Love the Niners but they are way to overhyped right now. Still a year or two away hopefully they don't break the bank for any of those guys.
  10. While I do think Zeke will be better. I couldn't pass up the value of Hunt in the 14th round.
  11. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Season Outlook

    Really like Juju and think he's gonna be good. But in 18 feel he will be overdrafted as a fourth rounder(maybe higher) WR2. Baring injury he is still gonna be the third option behind Brown and Bell. Plus Big Ben lead offense has never really supported two consistent WR. Saunders had to leave Pitt to realize his potential and Brown while having 1000yd season only scored 2 tds when Wallace was the number 1.
  12. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    Just like the Raiders once AL was gone.
  13. 2018 WR Class

    As a cowboy fan I'm gonna assume you watched the games(as did I since I had Dez in fantasy). He was singled up alot this year and couldn't take advantage.
  14. "Two Win" Leagues

    I don't understand why people want to make fun of a different structured league. Everybody does realize it is fantasy football we play??? As long as everybody in the league plays by the same rules then who gives a crap.
  15. Nick Foles 2018

    Are you serious??? The Eagles would trade Foles for a first or second in a heartbeat.