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  1. Wow you could of gotten Kamara for Cook and Golladay?? Jesus take it and run if you still can.
  2. Why would you regulate it?? As long as there is no collusion. No reason to worry.
  3. A healthy Gurley is the top pick in the draft. But he is not so probably go with Kelce.
  4. Who's your fifth, sixth round picks?? Honestly haven't done many mock drafts but to me it seems like you go from fourth to eight or ninth round after your 4 rb's and hill. In a ppr I would want much better WR's.
  5. At his current ADP of 5th round he has good value. Only worry for me is while he did play in 16 games. I do remember him getting dinged up in game fairly frequently. If he can get past that I would not be surprised to see him flirt with top 15 to 10 numbers.
  6. Wouldn't touch Hill at this point. If any of what his baby mama is saying is true(which I think it is) he won't see the field for years. While the league didn't discipline Hill coming into the league for what happened in College. It doesn't mean they will forget it when deciding his punishment this time.
  7. Run first offense?? Kingsbury ran some of the most pass happy offenses in college football
  8. If you tell me Kupp is healthy all season I would go with him. He and Goff seem to have a special connection on the field. But since health is a big question mark I would go Cook, Woods and Kupp. That can obviously change in the preseason.
  9. PPR I will gladly take Ertz in the third. Might not be a huge TD guy but gets WR targets weekly. In standard I can see pushing him to middle of fourth. With so many question marks at the position it is a nice luxury to have his consistency.
  10. Per Marc Stein of the New York Times, if DeMarcus Cousins (quad) maintains his recent progress from a torn quad, he is on course to make a return to the Warriors' active roster during the Western Conference Finals. The good news for the Warriors continues. By beating the Rockets in Houston in Game 6, they avoided a do-or-die Game 7, and also get extra rest for Kervin Durant (calf) and Cousins. In addition, they will face a weary Blazers or Nuggets team, after their brutal seven-game series wraps up Sunday. Cousins will obviously be rusty, but should be able to provide a spark and some offensive punch for Golden State. Andrew Bogut started at center in Game 6 on Friday but didn't score a single point in his 12 minutes of action.
  11. Pass. Losing Jones hurts your RB's to much.
  12. You can't keep DJ?? If not I would go Golladay. He's a beast.
  13. I would keep Adams. I just think he will have a much longer shelf life. Adams probably has 6 to 8 good years left while Gordon 2 to 4.
  14. Yes and with better defense less he has to throw for TDs. At no point am I downplaying Wilson's ability I honestly think he is a top 5 talent at QB. But if Seattle treats him and the passing game like they did last year he is undraftable in fantasy. As it has been stated he only finished as QB 11 when throwing a td every 8 passes. Thats not sustainable.
  15. Huh??? At no point was I talking about td to int ratio. Completions to TD ratio was what the conversation was about and Rodgers had a 14.88 ratio.
  16. Somebody gave you Gurley for Watson. Wow just wow
  17. Take it. Hill is a top 5 WR for years to come catching passes from Mahomes. While Williams has upside but I doubt Cook can repeat last year. Guys don't miraculously get better after 30 and a second in a dynasty isn't that great.
  18. I would take it. You already have luck so you wouldn't be keeping watson anyway.
  19. How was I trying to belittle you??? I answered everything you said in your first post in my first post. I just calmly explained it to you in simple terms since you seemed to miss it first time.
  20. Jesus just read what I said. All summarize it for you since you seem to have trouble. He didn't reset the market(said he would or retire), he did sign a contract for less then 60 mil with Jets(said he wouldn't), I believe he could of gotten similar deal from Pit if his demands were not so outrageous to start. There you go.
  21. He will go late first to early second round. So Like you I don't see myself taking him. Though even with the weird RB usage Gase used in Miami his lead RB was still pretty fantasy friendly. With the money they just gave him you have to think Gase won't mess with his usage like Ajayi and Drake.
  22. There really is no way around this being a huge fail on Bell and his agents part. On multiple occasions he came out and said he wasn't going to play for any contract that didn't reset the market(17-20 mil). Even responded to a Jets fan on twitter last year that 60 mil wasn't enough to get him. I could be wrong but I find it hard to believe if his original demands were not so outrageous he could of got a deal like this from PIt. Been on a super bowl contender his entire career and be guaranteed a spot in the Hall of Fame.
  23. QB's are a dime a dozen and Luck will probably go round 6 or latter. Even without the TE position Kelce will be drafting in round 3 at the latest.
  24. THey both had it as last ditch efforts to resurrect their careers. I can't speak fo Gurley and I am obviously not a stud athlete but I did steam cell last year with hope's to help with my degenerative arthritis in the my right knee I had ACL surgery in 13 years ago. Ended up being a waste of 5 k. My point is if they are going that route its not a simple issue that can just be fixed by surgery. Which isn't good.