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  1. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    This has been one of the most frustrating committees that I can remember. I literally guess wrong every single week.
  2. Pick 2 * WHIR*

    He is.
  3. KEEPER trade. Not your usual settings. WHIR

    It would help if you were more specific about what Fitzgerald’s keeper price would be. Also, how many players do you keep per year? Idk if either is a particularly attractive option to hold onto for 2018 if you are only allowed to keep a few players each.
  4. Flex help--Funchess or Ivory (PPR)

    Ivory for sure.
  5. FLEX: Tarik Cohen or Aaron Jones or Dion Lewis? WHIR

    I think Jones is your best bet out of these options.
  6. Bills D or Saints D

    Well the Bills have been arguably the best and most consistent defense in the league this season and the Saints couldn’t tackle my grandmother, sooo...let me think about this one.
  7. GB vs New Orleans Weather?
  8. Ivory or powell

    Ivory no doubt. I’m not as high on him as some owners are, but I’m avoiding that Jets backfield however possible right now.
  9. Better pickup Gillislee or Ellington?

    Nahh man. He’s obviously cooled way off but I’d hang onto Gillislee. The upside is still there.
  10. Bortles or Hundley, need mad upside!

    Yikes. I don’t love the idea of starting Hundley, but Bortles and upside are not quite synonymous. Leave BB out of your lineup.
  11. Aaron Jones Over Blount - Standard Leaugue

    I like Blount over Jones.
  12. Mixon or Henry

    Mixon. I don’t trust either, but his role is more defined.
  13. Ivory or Doug Martin?

    His matchup sucks but Martin is the much better player on a much better offense.
  14. Start Ivory over Any of these?

    Same here. People get so excited about RBs with new opportunities but it's not as if Ivory is going to absorb Fournette's skillset somehow. He's a good option for desperate owners dealing with bye weeks and injuries but I wouldn't start him over any of the guys you listed.
  15. Vegas

    4-team parlays are generally fool's gold, but the 4 plays that I like best this week are Colts, Jets, Chargers, and Skins. My book has LAC +1, rather than -1, but that difference is negligible.