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  1. Texans def Or Giants

    Texans without a doubt. So many more playmakers!
  2. Which WR Do I Start? WHIR!!

    Is it just me or are those not WRs??
  3. Week 14 Playoff WR help

    I think Ridley is your best option.
  4. Start Allen or Goff? (WHIR)

    Not a chance I’d start Allen. His floor is way too dangerous. Go with Goff here man.
  5. Please help with Flex

  6. Week 12 RB2: Lewis, Shady or Barber ***WHIR***

    Lewis by default.
  7. Breida or Gus Edwards?

    I like Breida man.
  8. Gronk or Lockett?

    I actually trust Lockett more right now. He’s been a scoring machine this year.
  9. Cousins or Jackson

    I’m not ready to start Jackson over a guy like Cousins. I think Kirk could have a big week and I’m personally starting him over Jackson with confidence in one league.
  10. Josh Adams, Peyton Barber or Sony Michel?

    Sony for sure.
  11. How bush league is this?

    I genuinely admire the level of spite and pettiness that this entails.
  12. Ebron or Brate?

    Both decent options. I'd go with Brate based on the expectation that he'll see more targets.
  13. Lamar Miller or DJ Moore for flex spot WHIR!

    Miller for sure. I don't trust Moore at all.