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  1. I'd say Coleman for sure. He has big time potential when he returns. You have very good backfield depth, but Lewis seems like a no-brainer add in PPR. I'd lean towards Coleman's ceiling here and Lewis' locked in PPR value upon his return.
  2. The Gurley side of this trade has more overall value in my opinion! Add the depth. Pull the trigger. Gurley will get going. Fuller is the real deal. Marvin's numbers rest of season should be comparable to AJG's.
  3. I'd go with Wallace due to his TD potential but if this is a PPR format, Beasley is a solid option as well.
  4. In a standard format, I'm definitely leaning towards Wallace here. He is always a candidate for a long TD now that Flacco is his QB. White's week to week value is somewhat dependant on his catch volume.
  5. Go with Pryor. He should eat up the targets. I'm not sold on Meredith yet.
  6. Miller or Meredith would be your most realistic candidates IMO. With Graham look as good as he has, I'd probably let Miller go.
  7. Looks like you're getting more value. Pull the trigger.
  8. With Murray still out, I'm leaning towards Richard here. He's proven to be the most effective of Oakland's healthy backs and that should translate in his workload.
  9. I am a Leveon owner. Should I trade my Julio for Allen Robinson and DeAngelo Williams? A-Rob has been getting more targets per game than Julio and has already had his bye week. I also like the piece of mind of having one of the only handcuffs that becomes an instant RB1 in light of injury. I'm leaning towards doing this. Thoughts?
  10. I'd probably stay put. I really like Graham ROS and that package simply has more overall value. Hopkins is the best player in this trade though, so I'd understand if you pulled the trigger. I just don't really look at Duke and Crowder as startable options in most formats.
  11. I think Gronk/Cooper is your best bet.
  12. Wentz' job security can't be overlooked. He's locked into the starting gig regardless of what happens. If the wheels fall off in D.C., Cousins could lose his job. There was already talk about pulling him after the first couple games of this season.
  13. Thanks guys. Still leaning Wentz but it's close as heck. Bump for any other thoughts.
  14. No brainer? Standard format. 12 teams.
  15. I'd prefer Anderson ROS.