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  1. Yeah. Zero targets. That is rough. Not quite sure what’s going on down there.
  2. I’d start Godwin, Jones, and Boyd. Unless your league awards points for fumbles, in which case Moore becomes a must-start.
  3. That depends. Does your league award points for fumbles?
  4. This is very close. In any PPR format, I would choose Crowder but I might give MVS a tiny edge due to Darnold’s situation and your scoring format.
  5. I like Allen but you have to stick with Baker here. He should be able to some damage against those Jets corners.
  6. Oh lawd no! You could get a better return than that if you want to trade Barkley.
  7. What’s with all the Edelman trades on the board tonight? Anyway, in a vacuum I like this deal. I have Diggs and Edelman essentially ranked even, so throwing in MVS tips the scales towards accepting this but who would you drop?
  8. I’d prefer the Mahomes package for sure. Giving up Kittle is tough but this deal is worth it, especially if you believe in Hock’s upside.
  9. OBJ side wins by a pretty good margin in my opinion.
  10. Hell yes! That is robbery. Lindsay has better days ahead of him. He proved his worth last season. And Edelman will be an absolute rock in PPR formats.
  11. Of course White doesn't carry nearly as much value in standard leagues, but that is still a great price for Thomas! I'd maybe see if he had a RB with more upside than White, but either way I would be hitting accept on this one. Great sell-high opportunity on Jacobs.