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  1. Just clinched tonight. 11-5 including playoffs. Leading scoring team. Q- Cousins R- Bell, D. Murray W- Julio, D. Thomas T- Graham F- Ajayi K- Janikowski (Prater for most of season) D- Titans Bench: Winston D. Henry M. Asiata J. Landry P. Garcon T. Eifert Bell was my #1 stud but the value picks on D. Murray, Ajayi, and Cousins are what carried me through much of the season, as well as picking up Graham on the wire and acquiring Eifert in a trade for Jalen Richard early on. I was pumped when I drafted Julio at #6 but he was a disappointment overall. I expected the WR trio of Julio/DT/Landry to be my strength, but the RBs ended up bringing me the championship.
  2. I'd stick with Graham for sure. He can feasibly be the #1 TE on any given week. Good luck!
  3. Watkins and Williams
  4. I think Eli has a much better chance of putting up big numbers. Smith is tough to rely on in championship week. Good luck!
  5. Kelley and Inman looks good, unless Julio has some sort of setback, in which case I might go Gabriel over Inman. Good luck!
  6. #1? What in the world are you talking about? Denver has given up the 4th most rushing yards this season (1,790). Only San Fran, Cleveland, and Miami have given up more.
  7. Dude. One response was plenty. Stop cluttering up threads by trying to break the record for most posts ever.
  8. Team A has to be a relatively heavy favorite this week.
  9. I think you have the best chance of winning this week. Whether or not to split is more of a personal choice. With the promise of at least $200, though, I think I'd take my chances. However, I could understand if you split.
  10. I'd lean towards Hogan here. Good luck.
  11. Who to start in the championship matchup this week? Standard scoring. Eifert @ Texans Graham v. Arizona
  12. I'd roll with Kelley
  13. Reed looks like he's playing so I'd have him in there for a playoff matchup.
  14. I like Mitchell and Matthews. Good luck!
  15. This is how I feel.