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  1. Better keeper? (WHIR)

    In a deep keeper where 100+ guys are retained annually, I don't like the idea of keeping Fitz at all. There's a good chance that you're getting only one more year out of him in what projects to be a very weak offense. Allen could feasibly lead all QBs in rushing numbers for most of the next decade. This format allows teams to keep enough players that rostering a reserve QB is fine in my opinion. Ballage and Samuel are lottery tickets at best right now. Allen has a unique skillset and has already proven that he can be a fantasy force. He averaged over 24 points per game in the six weeks following Buffalo's bye last season.
  2. Better keeper? (WHIR)

    I'd prefer Allen. His rushing ability provides him with a massive ceiling.
  3. Keep M.Gordon or D.Adams?

    Both great options but check out Adams game log for this past season. Absolute monster every week, and that was with Green Bay having a down year. His floor in PPR was 16 points! I'd give him the slight edge here, especially if you can keep players as long as you want.
  4. Keith Kirkwood 2019 Outlook

    Chances are always higher that KK's postgame IG story goes viral than the chances he scores a TD. I don't think he has done enough to really separate himself from Trequan and Ted Ginn has seen a good amount of targets in the few games he has played since returning. Ultimately Kirkwood is on the radar but not somebody I'm likely to target in most circumstances.
  5. Which Side? WHIR

    Very close, but I believe that the gap in dynasty value between Hopkins and Thielen is greater than the gap between Barkley and CMC. I'd give the edge to the CMC/Hopkins side, but a reasonable case could be made for either of those packages.
  6. Darnold/Allen Trade WHIR

    I'd take the Allen side for sure. His rushing potential is higher even that Lamar Jackson possibly.
  7. That is absurd. For leagues that give multiple rewards (playoff champ, regular season champ, most points, etc.) a team is 100% eligible for multiple prizes. If the commish doesn't handle this properly, I'd be seriously tempted to leave the league.
  8. Pick 2nd keeper - 2 QB/full PPR league WHIR

    I'd actually keep Johnson by a relatively small margin over Lindsay and Kerryon. I realize that those owners who took DJ in the first round this season were mostly disappointed, but he averaged a very respectable 15.4 in full PPR for the season. His game log is actually pretty impressive if you take away the first round expectations. He ended up with 50 receptions and 10 total TDs. I'd hang onto him and hope that the AZ offense can improve somewhat. He's still a great value at that price.
  9. flex help

    I don't really understand the logic behind countering your opponent in the late games. Your only job is to choose the player whom you think will get you more points, regardless of kickoff time. I like McGuire here since he's been handling a bulky workload lately.
  10. Your Team Finished Last.........How Come?

    ESPN is in the business of employing human cartoon characters instead of people who actually know what they're talking about. As long as he keeps up his tired routine, he'll have a job in Bristol.
  11. Derek Carr, thanks d*ck!

    Please tell me this is for a 2QB league.
  12. Your Team Finished Last.........How Come?

    I didn't finish last in any leagues but I came close in one. After drafting what I thought was a solid team, all hell broke loose due to a new commish getting too cute with the DST settings. Tons of points for sacks and TOs, a point for tackles for loss, 0.1 point for every return yard, and so on..... DSTs decided virtually every game. Looking at the league's top scorers, a dozen or so DSTs ended up ranked higher than most QBs.
  13. 2019 Keeper League Central

    Yeah, I'd absolutely prefer to spend the extra dollars on Adams. His redraft auction value will likely be around $50 next season. Such an absolute rock solid stud. His FLOOR in full PPR this year was 16 points. Dude showed up every week. I expect to still have Hopkins and Brown ranked above him, but I wouldn't argue with someone who had Adams ranked higher. I like Thomas, Hill, and Thielen after that initial trio but there is a bit of a gap between those two tiers IMO.
  14. Blockbuster trade help

    I like that Thomas/Kerryon package. Go for it.
  15. Derrius Guice 2018 Outlook

    Sure there is. I doubt I'd take a chance on him in that range but we've seen this before. Attitudes and perceptions of owners change quite a bit between December and August. Assuming he gets himself healthy, all it takes is a big play in the preseason or even some high praise from the coaching staff, and owners will become infatuated with that shiny new RB with a high-end pedigree that hasn't let them down yet. Cue the hypetrain.