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  1. Need opinions on my 4th Keeper

    AB, DJ, Hill, and Henry.
  2. It doesn't impact Hunt's value at all. Kerwyn is one of the least threatening backups imaginable.
  3. 2017 Completed Trades Thread

    In one of my PPR dynasty leagues, two owners just completed a trade: Mike Evans for Fournette straight up.
  4. Dynasty, McKinnon or Henry? WHIR

    Henry without a doubt. Tennessee has a strong offensive line and he's shown the ability to be dominant with carries. Lewis will get snaps but he isn't a realistic threat to cut into Henry's newfound workhorse role. Also, Brieda might be the best back in San Fran. As usual, Rush makes zero sense.
  5. Would you take this bet?

    I'm not a baseball expert at all, but I feel like it's always a sound bet to go against three guys on the same team essentially hitting 50 homers each. If I was confident that this buddy would pay up in the event of a loss, I'd accept that bet in an instant.
  6. Beckham's value in dynasty

    I'd say he's right around the most valuable dynasty asset in the league right now. I always value WRs over RBs in long-term formats based on shelf life and injury potential, and the only WRs on the same level as OBJ are Brown (who will be 30 when the season starts) and Hopkins.
  7. Anyone looking for someone for a dynasty league? WHIR
  8. Newton/Brady Trade. WHIR.

    I could make a more definitive decision if you told us how many keepers per team and if there were any limits on how long you can keep a player, but on the surface I think I'd lean towards the Cam side.
  9. Hunt without a doubt. With only one keeper per team, you'll be able to land another stud in round 1, especially with only ten teams. Would you prefer Hunt and a borderline first round value (at worse) or Zeke and a 15th round value? No-brainer.
  10. Dynasty Trade. WHIR.

    I would think that you could get much more value on a Kamara trade at this point. I'd pass on this.
  11. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    I think he was trying to be funny, but you never know around here.
  12. Vernon Davis, Marty Bennett Price Check

    Those prices seem pretty high.
  13. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    Through one year, Kamara's career is a direct mirror of Chris Johnson's in my eyes. This will start to differ in year two if LenDale White....I mean Mark Ingram, sticks around. That said, I traded CJ a few months into his 3rd year (in dynasty) for Jamal Charles, Calvin Johnson, and a 1st round rookie pick and obviously never looked back. Point being, I absolutely love him right now but if you can land a king's ransom for Kamara at this point, I think it's the safe bet. Fantasy owners always tend to forget it but RB production is so, so incredibly fluid in this league. To clarify...I wouldn't trade him just to trade him, but if I could get a package similar to the one mentioned above....I wouldn't think twice.
  14. Biggest Sleeper FA's available for 2018

    So Devante Parker, who is only three months younger than Snead, has a career high in receptions that is 16 lower than Snead's and his career high in yardage is 240 yds lower.....but he's a first round talent and Snead is a bad player? Gotcha.
  15. Biggest Sleeper FA's available for 2018

    2015: 69/984 in 15 games 2016: 72/895 in 15 games "Bad football player"? Sounds like somebody reached too high on Snead this season and is feeling a little salty about it.