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  1. Jette0903 @gmail .com
  2. Hey, I'm looking for an extra dynasty league and would love to get involved in an auction startup. Hope there's a spot left. hollywood_203 @
  3. Hey man. I'm looking for an extra PPR league. Is this an active league?
  4. Hurns without a doubt! Were you watching last season?
  5. You really think Sanchez is worse than 2015 Peyton? C'mon.
  6. Why is this relevant? I said he was (and is) "MY" #1. I don't play in your league.
  7. Both are megastuds but Brown is my no-brainer #1 this year, just as he was last season.
  8. blocks? Favors is a chump at blocks, i dropped him the second he got injured and added Chandler. Best move this playoffs for me. Over the past two months, only six players in the entire league have averaged more blocks than Favors. Whiteside, Jordan, Millsap, Biyombo, Gobert, and Henson (who has only played in nine games over that span). Favors isn't mega-elite in the category, but if you're in a tight playoff matchup, his absence can definitely hurt.
  9. I guess karma caught up to me. I've been really overachieving in the playoffs (mostly due to Dipo), now he and Kawhi are out for tonight. Those are difficult lines to replace.
  10. Z-Bo doing work tonight. Welcome back!
  11. Great schedule coming up for Chicago through the next several days. The only question is whether this hammy is going to lead to more missed games.
  12. Any news on yesterday's visit to the doctor? I haven't seen anything.
  13. Marcus seems like the more consistent choice.
  14. Crowder is a must-drop at this point. I know James Johnson has a great schedule this week, but he is still tough to rely on. Anyone other FAs you have your eye on?
  15. Neither player personifies consistency but Lance looks like he could be ready to go on a tear.