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  1. I'd go with Gordon if all things were equal. These prices just make the decision easier.
  2. 6 point passing TDs shouldn't really change your rankings or strategy much. The top 3-4 guys have a little bit of added value, but not enough to see any drastic leap in ADP.
  3. You could make a case for a few of those guys but my first instinct was Winston and Graham.
  4. It's risky to spend 2 of your first 3 picks on rookies but it could work out for you. I think that's a bit too early to reach for Tate and I have a lot of concerns about Montgomery keeping the starting job. Excellent value on Abdullah and Henry at those prices.
  5. I'd be inclined to do this if I weren't so worried about Reed. I rarely play the "injury prone" card, but it looks like Reed's health concerns could be of a chronic nature.
  6. I think you're good for now at WR. You have two guys who project as studs in PPR and a couple solid options on the bench. RB depth is more important, although in an 8 team format there will usually be some pretty solid options on the wire for any position.
  7. Okay, so you blindly claim that his numbers have gone downhill and then, when proven wrong, you cherry pick the one area where he actually has? His yards are up. His catches are up. Catch rate is up. His TD totals have always been inconsistent (as with most WRs), but I wouldn't say he's gone "downhill" in that area when looking at the last handful of seasons. But his YAC has decreased so you comprehensively state that his numbers have gone downhill? Give me a break. Just admit that you were guessing. And no, I don't think he tops that. Are you serious? I said right there in my last post that I do not expect the upward trend in Larry's numbers to continue. You need to start reading things before you comment on them, because you're 0 for 2 so far in that department.
  8. 22 & 46
  9. I wouldn't let it alter my rankings or strategy too much. The top studs have a little extra value but there is so much value later in drafts on guys like Cousins, Winston, Mariota, Rivers, etc. that you can wait on the position and still land a quality starter.
  10. Did you actually look at Larry's numbers yourself before posting this? I'm guessing you didn't. The two highest reception totals (109, 107) and catch rates (75.2%, 71.3%) of his career came in 2015 and 2016 (hard to believe, but it's true). He also had more yards in each of those seasons than he had in any season between 2012-2014. It is quite clear that his numbers have been going uphill over the past couple seasons. Do I expect this to continue? No, I realize that's unlikely. But your post is simply erroneous.
  11. I'd go with Julio at #5 (assuming 1-4 goes as expected). Evans would be my next choice, followed by Gordon.
  12. I like the Coleman/Eifert side. 14 team PPR is the kind of league where Coleman's value is really maximized. He's easily a starting flex in that format and RB depth in 14 team leagues is so incredibly valuable. Also, I think Eifert's ceiling is signficantly higher than that of Rudolph.
  13. I actually really like that team! I think you're fine at QB. At least one them should have a very good season. I might consider dropping Julius for a lottery ticket-type RB off the wire.
  14. Gordon or Michael Thomas.
  15. Antonio is the safest, highest floor player in all of fantasy. Sounds like a good deal. How many players are being kept total?