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  1. Big name trade!!? What to do? Whir

    Adams and a RB2/flex type of guy could potentially get the ball rolling.
  2. Big name trade!!? What to do? Whir

    Honestly you are going to have to really beef up the type of names you're tossing around in here if you're serious about Thomas. He could finish #1 at his position. You're going to have to give up something that hurts. Not just a couple of your late round picks.
  3. Coutee would be the best drop candidate. The other options are much more locked into their roles.
  4. Baldwin or Corey Davis ros? It’s a ppr

    I say Davis.
  5. Rank These QBs This Week

    Watson, Luck, Winston
  6. Pick 2 RBs to start - WHIR

    Agree on Johnson/Mixon
  7. Carson is the odd man out for me. He's had some good games, but that backfield is ideally avoided if possible.
  8. Enunwa or Davis ROS? WHIR

  9. Cooper, Enunwa or Corey Davis?

    I would never feel comfortable starting Coop. He's a last resort only IMO. I'd choose Davis here.
  10. Need 2 flex! WHIR

    Robinson and Enunwa would be my picks.
  11. I'd probably choose Enunwa, he seems like the safest option here. It'd be understandable if you wanted to go with Gordon though, based on ceiling and projected game-flow.
  12. J Brown or Kupp half PPR? WHIR

    Not a coin flip at all in my opinion. You have to start Kupp here regardless of weather.
  13. Big name trade!!? What to do? Whir

    That would be robbery. You'd be hard pressed to find a Thomas owner who would go anywhere near a trade like that.
  14. Kittle (questionable) or Njoku?

    Looks like Kittle will play so you kind of have to roll with him. He's markedly better than Njoku.