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  1. Gus Edwards 2018 Outlook

    Lol just look at even the updates ESPN rankings. Long term outlook and this week only are completely different discussions. Jones hasn’t touched the ball more than 15 times and gets a tough Vikings defense. Gus gets the raiders defense and is paired with Lamar Jackson... I like both players!! I’m saying I would rank them comparable, and if you think that’s outrageous, well, I’ll be here after the game to either eat crow or not. Gus is a top 15 play this week and I rank him above Jones this week, although also a top 15 play.
  2. Gus Edwards 2018 Outlook

    The average composite I have for him based on sites I use puts him at 17. But since this the Gus thread don’t want to derail it. i think they are both top 15 plays and I just prefer the game plan and opponent of Gus better
  3. Gus Edwards 2018 Outlook

    I’ve seen multiple commentators move Gus up to top 15 RB play now. Jones is closer to top 20 in most rankings. Long term I’d rather have Jones, but this week I’ll go with Gus
  4. Gus Edwards 2018 Outlook

    Im starting him over Aaron Jones.. I think with this news I put him in a similar category as Jones and Brieda. I think I’d rank Brieda ahead of him this week, but it’s close.
  5. Gus Edwards 2018 Outlook

    Where does Gus rank this week with this news in everyone’s mind?
  6. Can you elaborate haha
  7. August Closer Thread 2018

    Yes it easily could be changed to an error. Play should have been made. Could end up being 0 ER. Wilson also deserves credit for stepping out every 2 second and getting Madson to hit him.
  8. August Closer Thread 2018

    To be fair the inning should have been over
  9. July Closer Thread 2018

    Lol omg this forum sometimes... he isn’t close to being done not only has been good lately (even somehow striking out people) but Bradley got literally bombed recently. And I am 100% a biased owner but I am giving you the coors cold hard facts too
  10. Domingo Santana 2018 Outlook

    Well Happ going to Yankees so guess this is moot for now
  11. Domingo Santana 2018 Outlook

    Pillar would play in center when healthy.. presumably Donaldson will eventually be back too further clogging up the roster (yes he could be traded) but Solatre has played some OF when Donaldson has been healthy, all ten of those games
  12. Domingo Santana 2018 Outlook

    Personally I feel like blue jays have a logjam themselves on the OF, especially when Pillar is back.
  13. 7/3 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I streamed him lol Mets stink
  14. June Closer Thread 2018

    Wont lose his job over this though, but for those who do own him he needs to start getting some clean outings under his belt or else...