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  1. Jaylen Brown, tatum, lou will.thanks
  2. Hi sir .. can you give me some advice [13 rosters, strategy (punting stats) anything] in yahoo H2H 15-categories [ (MIN), (FGM), (FG%), (FTM), (FT%), (3PTM), (3PT%), (PTS), (OREB), DREB), (REB), (AST), (ST), (BLK), (TO)], im in 9th pick next season godbless thanks sir

    1. krupocin


      what do yo mean, like who you should pick? how do you know you have 9th pick already?

    2. startselect


      Yes sir! who are the rosters should i pick?(snake draft, 12-teams only) last season im in 4th place so im in 9th pick in next season, sorry for my bad english sir..thanks

    3. startselect


      its autodraft also but we have option to assign roster first before the autodraft.thanks sir

  3. Taz, help mo naman ako rosters para sa H2H 15-cat (basic yahoo 9-Cat + [6-Cat (minutes+FTM+FGM+DeffReb+OffReb+3%)] 12 teams lang.thanks

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    2. startselect


      Sir Taz, di ako makapag membership sa BBM, gusto ko sana gamitin yung punt column eh di naman po pede magamit kasi free account lang po ako..kung meron po kayo pede po mahiram..thanks in advance

    3. tazdingo


      1. Don't call me "sir". I'm just a regular dude and calling me sir just makes me feel weird.

      2. Please respond in English, I have a hard time understanding basic Tagalog (even if I am 100% Pinoy).

      3. I also use the free membership of BBM and you don't need a paid membership to edit the settings to the league settings you use. Just go tinker and figure it out.

    4. startselect


      Ok sorry dude .. btw thanks again .