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  1. Who to target for a WR trade? (WHIR)

    You have Corey Davis too correct? I think you’re just fine...wouldn’t change anything.
  2. Who to target for a WR trade? (WHIR)

    Would help to see your roster (I’m on mobile). But honestly, I’d be fine with Corey Davis and Mike Evans. If you really feel the need to make a move, I’d target Edelman. Juju will probably cost too much.
  3. Better Defensive Option

    Arizona no doubt. Help?
  4. Need 1 For My WR3...Half PPR...WHIR.

    Tre'Quan Smith. Philly's secondary is so banged up right now.
  5. I'd stick with Boyd. Keke is back so that's another option for Watson.
  6. Flex Lamar Miller or ARob? WHIR

    I'd go with Robinson. Tough matchup, but he can avoid Rhodes in the slot. Miller was out-touched by Blue last week and their line is so bad. Your other options are too risky.
  7. Corey Davis...IND secondary is banged up.
  8. PPR, I'm debating for a WR, RB, and Flex spot. Corey Davis at IND, Amari Cooper at ATL, Mark Ingram vs PHI, Alex Collins vs CIN, James Conner at JAX.Right now I have Davis, Cooper, and Collins in. Seems crazy benching Conner and Ingram but the other 3 have great matchups. Thoughts?
  9. IDP Rankings/Talk

    Thoughts on Bosa today?
  10. Handcuffs? WHIR

    Handcuff Conner for sure. Especially if you play in Yahoo. A starting RB at TE....that’s money.
  11. So you’d have 2 RBs left and with Mack’s injury history, definitely a no for me.
  12. Would help to see your roster. Wait, I’m on mobile so I can’t see your sig my bad. I know Golladay has a brutal playoff schedule. Watkins is no more than option 3 or 4 every week. I’d pass. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734730-qb-help-whir/
  13. I’d rather have someone catching passes from Rodgers than Keenum. If Sutton does something on Sunday, then I’ll change my mind.
  14. QB Help WHIR

    Big Ben at JAX or Fitzpatrick at NYG? Thanks
  15. Landry on Waivers? WHIR

    I would. He’s been struggling but his schedule is nice down the stretch. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734537-wr-and-flex-whir/