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  1. He's on my watch list. Might try to get him next week, depending what happens.
  2. Joe Webb was a QB/WR, but maybe more relevant was Ty Montgomery two or three years ago. WR starting as Green Bay's RB.
  3. I miss Miggy. People expect servicable numbers next year?
  4. Do we have the same people here as in the John Hicks thread? I feel this guy might be the move.
  5. OK, so he is no longer the everyday 1B. Instead he's the most day catcher. And occassional 1B. I'll certainly take that.
  6. The part that concerns me is sending down the third catcher.
  7. They brought up a 1B from AAA, and sent down their third catcher. Looks to me like he has reverted to backup catcher.
  8. On another note, looks like he is no longer the everyday 1B.
  9. I believe his second start would be against the Mets.
  10. Gotta figure Big Maple does well on Canada Day, eh.
  11. I guess I don't really understand the coding behind this, but it seems to me if they have already made him two different "players" then one could be active and the other(pitcher) could be on the DL. Am I missing something?
  12. They do put people on IR for footballl even when they're not on actual IR.