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  1. I think Lorenzen might be their best pinch-hitter.
  2. It has not been in place forever, it is not all of a sudden, and this is not the place for this discussion.
  3. Hope the injury is just serious enough so his owner in my league will drop him.
  4. Could provide some value in Holds?
  5. Personally, I dropped him. Planning on adding him back when/if an IL spot opens up, but not expecting a major impact from him. Obviously rooting for him from a human perspective.
  6. Apparently the Dodgers are treating the rest of the season like spring training, and scheduling when Jansen will pitch. Game situations mean nothing.
  7. Doolittle is great against everybody but the Mets. They have 10 earned runs against him. The rest of MLB has 9.
  8. Looks like some DH ABs just opened up.
  9. They thought they did that last year. Diaz and Familia are both signed for four years.
  10. There was a discussion during the Mets-Chisox game today where the groundskeeper whose family has done their fields for 80 years stated that there were times when they made the basepaths shorter.
  11. Harry Carey voice: “How can a guy from Venezuela lose a ball in the sun?!”