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  1. Yeah it's the guy you picked up off the free agency a couple weeks ago that's gonna cost you the championship.
  2. I don't know what expectations you had for him, but he did exactly what I had hoped. The FG hurts, but I added him for about 5 or 6 dimes on the low volume days and I'm more than satisfied.
  3. Because it's playoffs. Holding someone and risking only getting 1 or 2 games from them is a move that would cause many owners in competitive leagues to lose. Hold Lin to get maybe 2 games of 15-4-6 or drop him for 4 games of 10-3-4 (with a decent chance that you get one blowup game from the four)? The choice is painfully obvious. Unless you have a bye or your league is not that competitive, he was a drop Monday. -A JLin owner this season
  4. pick him up expecting a 40%/80% 10-2-4 guy 1 steal 2 TO. if this is something that helps you, do it. don't add him expecting lin stats and complain after that you lost "because of dinwiddie".
  5. nah i meant like his line today is already a full line with a block and it's half time. he could be one of the best pickups from the trades.
  6. 4th of 12 in a very competitive league. Team that drafted CP is fighting for his playoff spot and couldn't hold. I have Lin who my team has carried for pretty much the entire season. Do I drop Lin who has no real timetable or clarity regarding his injury for CP and pray he comes back in 5 weeks instead of 6? Alternatively I can use my streamer spot to hold Paul, but holding 2 deadweights in my league will kill me over the next 5-6 weeks. I won't bore you with my whole roster, but the upgrades in assists, steals, threes, and turnovers will really help my team if CP comes back. WHIR Link me Edit: Our playoffs start March 13th.
  7. What a lukewarm, infallible statement. "I'm not saying they're gonna do it guys--I don't even think they will--but if they do you'll know I was right when I said they could" Really bold. As for beating the 95 Bulls' record, 6 more wins on top of 67 is much more difficult than some people will want to believe. Hell, no team except that Bulls squad has even hit 70 wins on a season...including the all the other incarnations of that Bulls squad. I think the Dubs might have a slight advantage in the value of their role players, but take into account the fact that Mike > Steph, Scottie > Klay, and Phil > Steve and it looks highly unlikely the Ws will go 72-10, let alone 73-9. Could be wrong and I'll eat crow if I am, but the record won't be broken this year.