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  1. I agree with others Kawhi, Porz is way to go given the depth on waivers. I would scoop up Lopez if he is still their after deal or Rubio as a 2nd choice.
  2. PG for Markkanen is no brainer surprised it was offered 1 for 1. As for your team you got a decent mix of upside and proven production, but could definitley use some guard help/depth and too bad PG this year is only SF/PF on yahoo at least.
  3. Just saw your reply to my post so not sure if you drafted already but I like option 3 though assuming AD is not there I'd go with number 1 and grab Curry and either Kemba or Irving after and then either Fox or Booker looks solid in 3rd.
  4. Personally none of those guys peak my interest right now, I would rather stick with your team. You got some lower end guys like Diallo and Graham but I'd rather still hold them then the 3 you mentioned.
  5. 10 team h2h regular draft with any 4 keepers each year. I made it know I would like to pair Mccollum with Lillard and that I can move Heild to make something work. I got a very interesting 3 for 3. I get: CJ Mccollum, Al Horford, Miles Bridges I give: Buddy Heild, RJ Barrett, Collin Sexton I am hesitant to move Barrett but he won't do it with someone like Tyler Hero instead. SF is my weakest position have only Barrett eligible though he does have have loads of upside. Bridges should get nice defensive stats at least if I do take this and then at some point I will need to trade for a 2nd SF, but not sure if I should do this deal or maybe counter it as a 2 for 2 with the SFs? PG Damian Lillard SG Bradly Beal G Jrue Holiday SF RJ Barrett PF Blake Griffin F Lamarcus Alrdige C Brook Lopez C Marc Gasol UTL Buddy Heild UTL Deandre Jordan BN Ricky Rubio, Collin Sexton, Tyler Hero, Derrick Rose Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), Points Scored (PTS), Offensive Rebounds (OREB), Defensive Rebounds (DREB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Turnovers (TO)
  6. Thanks everyone, going to lock in heild and prioritize big men. If I'm lucky maybe I can land Griffin with 1st pick.
  7. This is tough, I like Westbrook but not at 60. Rather go Conely/Doncic and then Bryant as I think he breakouts this year though I really like Lopez as well. Horford/Lavine are not bad value but I think better off saving money for draft since you have good $10 oprioms.
  8. I see you already made move of smart for gay which is not bad. Personally I'd drop sato and kept gay but still like Smart over both. I guess sato you can hold a bit still and drop when someone pops up early season or few more preseason games
  9. I would go AD and Siakam for sure. Jokic for Embid also makes sense I assume no one left in 2nd round will be as good as Embid and great pairing with AD
  10. This pretty fair deal, but I would hold on to Kyrie personally. You can probably find someone better than Monk to pick up early in season
  11. In my opinion, these 2 are solid to not punt any category from the get go it would depend more on who you get next few rounds. I guess if I had to pick 1, only Turnovers are the clear cut punt category
  12. 10 h2h league where we keep 4 players each year then do regular draft for rest. Options are: Griffin, Conley, Heild I got Lillard, Beal and Jrue Holiday as locks so not sure if I should go 1 more guard or Blake Griffin. Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), Points Scored (PTS), Offensive Rebounds (OREB), Defensive Rebounds (DREB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Turnovers (TO)
  13. 0.5 ppr, got 3 options for flex this week. Leaning Ronald Jones but not sure. RB Ronald Jones vs. New Orleans WR Terry Mclaurin vs. New England (not sure he is 100% and tough matchup) WE Phillip Dorsett vs. Washington
  14. Hooper is super underrated I would do this given you need a TE. Ridely will have big games but also disapear some weeks and you have decent WR depth.
  15. 0.5 ppr and unfortuanly I have an empty defensive spot where I need to add someone for tomorrow given the matchup is tight and a couple of tackles may be the difference. I really don't want to drop anyone but these are my bench options Will Fuller (I have Evans, Julio, Mclaurin, Ross, AJ Green and Dorsett) - Still don't want to drop Rex Burkhead - I own White and Michel is sturggling I see Burkhead holding some value all year John Ross - I would hate to drop and another big game tomorrow but same time may lose value once Green comes back but also not a sure thing