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  1. Rolling Hopkins/Evans as my 2 WRs and can flex 1 of their teammates (Fuller tonight or Deseasn Jackson Sun) My only other option is to Start 2 TEs (Reed and Olsen), but think Fuller or Jackson is the way to go and just pick 1 TE. I'm also rolling with Watson with Rivers on Bye so not sure i want to commit 3 guys on Thursday but Fuller has been great without Keke
  2. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    In my main league (where I already own White so makes more sense than maybe for someone esle) I just did this deal Gronk/Hines/Gostowski For Michel/Reed/Crosby 1 guy thought I got ripped off big but honestly I think Michel is worth paying up for and also don't think other guy would have even done this if he was healthy. It seems like both Michel/White can sustain value ROS even if maybe 1 regresses slightly
  3. I agree with everyone to do it but only due to your depth at WR given Brown is still going to get his
  4. Out of those 2 I like Taylor, though for now I still feel Davis is only WR worth starting but due to matchup they could look at Taylor some more again

    Freeman seems like best option out of those Also don't trade White he is legit but move Fournette if you can the guy can't stay healthy
  6. .5ppr Rolling with Hopkins and Corey Davis at WRs plus started Hines on Thursday. RB2 options- Chubb or Mccoy OR I can pick up Ty Montgomery or Corey Grant Flex options- 1 of the RBs above, or Coutee, Fuller, Taywan Taylor I'd rather role with 2 Houston WRs than 2 Titans so thinking I just go with Fuller or Couttee at flex (not even sure which one though and neither are 100%). At RB I don't really like any of the options and need to drop Taylor to go with 1 of the waiver guys
  7. What a game! As a fitz owner, I am very curious if any other QB started 1st 3 games of season with over 400 yards?
  8. Help with FLEX- 100% WHIR

    Agree on Grant it's tough because Davis is the better talent but no Marriota hurts Edmunds for IDP
  9. Pick 3 WR. WHIR

    No Hopkins??
  10. I'd role with Hogan, I just don't trust Cole at least Hogan is the clear #1 WR right now with Gordon probably not playing and Edelman still suspended
  11. I got Marvin as well and a little hard to start at less than 100% but also not sold on Cole so in this case I'd role Jones
  12. Pick 3 WR. WHIR

    .5 ppr I need 3 out of these 6 Deandrea Hopkins vs NYG Will Fuller vs NYG Desean Jackson vs PIT Marvin Jones vs NE Randall Cobb vs WAS Corey Davis vs JAX
  13. Corey Davis or Kenny Stills PPR WHIR

    This is tricky, 100% Davis but only with Marriota with Gabberat I think I'd actually go with Stills. I'm leaning on benching Davis in my league as well
  14. Mahones or Luck? WHIR

    Mahomes had a good 1st week but I still trust Luck more especially with the high volume of passes last week (53)
  15. Week 2 RB2 and Flex. WHIR

    News is Marriota is doubtfull should I bench Corey Davis and go Cobn or Jackson instead? I know the cook train might be a trap but Denever is bad against TEs but eltie in general so if anyone has a big game it could be Cook