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  1. Ware , Ingram, Adams
  2. Drop M. Mack and A. Jeffery?

    Jeffery is not startable. Mack has tough matchups and you have depth. Go for it
  3. Ware
  4. One of these guys needs to be benched in a standard scoring league: Adrian Peterson vs NYG Justin Jackson vs CIN Jeff Wilson vs DEN Peterson did not play much after is breakout run with the Redskins trailing. Jackson is sharing per coach and Wilson has the job for this week.
  5. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    Is there a reason he sat for the second half? Playing down, getting Chris Thompson involved, rest? I saw the game but dont follow the Redskins.
  6. OLeary Swaim Gates Davis or Clay?
  7. September Closer Thread 2018

    Pretty sure they have a closer now
  8. September Closer Thread 2018

    He said he will be back before season end pitching at less than 100%. Edwards should be filling in without Strop, but has not been good, Cishek not much better and has been throwing less than an inning per outing. Chavez seems to be the guy Maddon trusts at the moment.
  9. September Closer Thread 2018

    Strop hobbled off the field after running to 1st. Closermonkey has Edwards and Cishek as next in line but Chavez has been getting the save ops when Strop has not been used.
  10. September Closer Thread 2018

    Did Buttrey surpass Parker for closer? Scioscia...
  11. Rich Hill 2018 Outlook

    Unfortunately, a little early on that stat
  12. I dont see the collusion. therefore veto is not reasonable
  13. Greatest Season by a Starting Pitcher

    He had a single season record FIP- of 30, so his FIP was 70% better than average for the year. Next best FIP- is 45
  14. Gattis

    Its a 12 team league, nothing too interesting on the wire but it beats the 2 games per week Gattis starts. Thanks for the opinions. If anyone had some insight into how Hinch sets the roster, maybe giving Gattis more playing time over Gurriel, White, etc eventually that would help. I dont know much about the Astros other than the fluid closer situations.