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  1. Thanks for pointing this out, if you could do this every time he slumps that should help
  2. When Rogers and Romo need a day off it's a strong possibility he'll close
  3. Derek Fisher for Biagini, Sanchez and Cal Stevenson. Could be worse, but Atkins isn't impressing in trades. Another project quad A guy.
  4. Pretty sure that was Trevor Richards, who is now gone. So maybe a committee headed by Garcia now
  5. Jarlin Garcia seems to be the guy in Miami
  6. Martin, although that should change within the next hour
  7. Van Wagenen and Atkins have not exactly impressed with their trading prowess so far (small sample size). I think the other GMs can see this as an anomaly and move on with business as usual.
  8. Going by similar injuries in others, at least 4 weeks missed Winker, Cozart and Marco Hernandez ended up having surgery. Hope for a speedy recovery
  9. I have been following this closely and the only time Oberg was named closer was when Davis was on IL. On June 28th it was reported that he said: 1. Oberg wont pitch vs LAD due to workload. 2. He is “contemplating a few things” and Davis walk rate is concerning With Davis converting that recent save the situation is muddy. If I am missing something I would be very interested to know.
  10. The Nationals bullpen is nauseating. Two gems for Corbin, two no decisions.