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  1. No, he's speculating as Santana was pulled from his AAA game
  2. 7/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    &#%$ Indians. Bauer really does have to throw 125 pitches to conserve a win.
  3. John Hicks 2018 Outlook

    Wish it were so, think you want a different Hicks
  4. Alderson held out for an extra piece (Syndergaard) in the Dickey trade, so there's that. The Mets absolutely should absolutely trade Degrom before injury. The nerve surgery he had has decent results overall but the issues can reoccur.
  5. June Closer Thread 2018

    Dyson gets the first shot
  6. June Closer Thread 2018

    Norris has been mediocre over the last few weeks. Pickup Hicks if you have room but Norris has to have some leash left.
  7. Hunter Strickland 2018 Outlook

    I saw an article in late May where Bochy said he did not want to put pressure on Melancon immediately. However, if he proves he is healthy (who knows) I would not be surprised if he gets the job back post ASB.
  8. May Closer Thread 2018

    Gibbons is paraphrased as saying not necessarily Clippard in the 9th anymore. Tepera likely, could be Oh or Axford for the extra grit
  9. Trevor Bauer 2018 Outlook

    He is in the circle of trust so I would start him vs the 1927 Yankees. I look forward to many Ks vs the Cubs if nothing else. Facing Chatwood does not hurt.
  10. May Closer Thread 2018

    Parker save!
  11. Bumgarner vs. Corbin?

    Counter with an added player going back to you, or upgrading another player on your team in a 2 for 2 trade.
  12. Who to drop?

    People that dropped Hill after the poor start last year missed out big