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  1. Punt ast build is pretty good, been first place throughout mostly because of it. Don't draft guards like Gary Harris that relies on high fg% and steals especially in the earlier rounds.
  2. Seems like just yesterday that people were arguing about how he's good as long as he plays and our only complaints about him should be injuries.
  3. This guy not only sucks but made Malik unplayable too.
  4. Well although I been first place by far in my league with Kawhi and Embiid as my best players, it's pretty much over now at the end of the season.
  5. By the time he's anywhere close to even playing decently he'll get injured again.
  6. I don't think it's crazy to think he'll still get 25-28 minutes after Harris comes back, I have them both so just waiting to see how it plays out. Does he play much minutes at sf at all? if he get majority of the minutes at backup sg and sf I think he'll be fine. I think he's the better player between him and Morris as well so he should be getting more of those backup minutes also.Â
  7. Been punting ast all season and still in first place.
  8. I had the 13th pick in my draft so really there wasn't someone better than him at that point still available even with all the headaches. Maybe Embiid which I also drafted after.
  9. Layman has been sneakily good, better than Kleber.
  10. I would keep Smart and drop pj first if anything. Smart gets some asts and seems to be a bit more consistent with scoring and making some 3s while not hurting you in ft.
  11. He got dropped for Parker for some reason yesterday, will try to nab him. Think he has the potential to keep this up, hope his stls go up a bit though.