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  1. Not sure about Gary Harris, he hasn't been right since one of his past injuries and seems to have lost any explosiveness he had. Pretty much went from a 2nd option to 4th at best on that Denver team. Pick 100-120 he might be worth but I think many would gamble on him around 80-100.
  2. Probably won't play on saturday either, there goes my playoffs.
  3. Biggest joke of a line in 35 minutes.
  4. Well there goes Portlands playoff hopes.
  5. He's already averaging 27.5/8/8 this season and in 9cat he's much worse than KD and George already. I'm not sure how much better you think his stats could get next year compared to this year. If you compare his averages with Durant this year Lebron actually has higher 3pm, 2 more rebounds and 2 more assists per game with everything else almost the same besides the ft%. Yet Lebron is ranked 19 per game vs KDs 9th per game due to the difference in ft % alone. George is even ranked 3rd due to his insane 3.8 3ptm per game, unless you're punting ft there should be no reason you should draft Lebron ahead of them. It's the same deal with Westbrook, it doesn't matter if he averages 25/10/10 if he's shooting 65% from the line he shouldn't be drafted in the 1st round unless you're punting.
  6. Embiid and Dlo both missing 3 fts tonight, pretty much lost me fts for the week already. Not to mention Embiid also got 0 blocks once again.
  7. There is no way Lebron should be taken over George or KD.
  8. Mid-later rounds if available- Lamb, Dedmon, Murray, B.Lopez, Smart, Oubre.
  9. Glad I actually dropped Mitch Rob for him couple weeks ago since I was good in blks already and needed better ft and any amount of 3s made from your center is a bonus.
  10. My playoffs start late so I'm still in the semis, pretty much screwed if I make the finals since both Kawhi and Embiid will likely rest a lot of those games.
  11. He's a pretty solid player, maybe a decent 2nd or 3rd option for a good team but I don't see him turning into a star at least anytime soon.
  12. Punt ast build is pretty good, been first place throughout mostly because of it. Don't draft guards like Gary Harris that relies on high fg% and steals especially in the earlier rounds.
  13. Seems like just yesterday that people were arguing about how he's good as long as he plays and our only complaints about him should be injuries.