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  1. It depends on what I’m assuming your next trade will be that adds a pitcher. I’m assuming you’ll take paddack and Suarez and package for someone who won’t have an innings limit and a high ceiling. German Marquez maybe... is is this a points league or category? If it’s points I’d keep Sale.
  2. Right. I think his results highlight how cold the Reds have been collectively. His power and walk #'s are ok. There are too many good bats not to wake up, so in my mind he's one of the guy who will wake up and make the Reds exciting over the summer.
  3. I like Haniger more but I think Hoskins in Philly is the safer choice.
  4. I think Stripling is already bullpen bound? Keep Nola.
  5. I'm for it. I think it would be wise to pay more but watch him validate himself in ARI before paying little now and hoping it's real. If you're gutsy, then that price seems cheap and options on the WW might not be too shabby. I'm in a 14 teamer that uses 6 SP's and I think there's enough to work with to fill in those names you're throwing out there.
  6. I would keep Luis and Jack. If you can make a 2 for 1 deal involving Robbie Ray and a closer or a bat, not sure what the other team needs, then I would pull the trigger. I traded German Marquez last week for Sale and after his first start, while I have to be optimistic, I feel like I jumped aboard the right buy low ship.
  7. Look for Bruce to take on the 4th OF role in addition to some time at 1B/DH. It’s an open rebuilding year.
  8. take it. I think inglesias and the reds end up having a very solid season.
  9. Thanks all for the input. I wanted to conclude I accepted his offer.
  10. I’d hold. Feels like moves just to make moves. If you end up doing the 2 for 1 then pickup Glasnow.
  11. I would hold out this start. His fastball is too straight for me without feeling he’s locked in. if you need points to catch up, I’d throw him out there. I think he’s positive points, just not many points.
  12. I'm in a 14 team H2H points league and the Chris Sale owner is freaking on his investment and offered me Sale for German Marquez. Sale or Marquez will not be a keeper for me, so the focus is only on this season. Would you ship Marquez out of town for Sale for 2019? WHIR
  13. Please just give me 9 points from Michael Thomas and Mark Ingram. I’m hoping that’s a lock? I have a history of my teams choking in the playoffs. I’m sweating it...
  14. Ideal situation: If you have Connor and not a good sub option for week 14, then Samuels is your guy. If you are looking for a wait and see opportunity and not play the player in week 14, than it's great to take a flier on Ridley. If you have a first round bye and a bench spot, Ridley is a great pickup whether you have Samuels or not. If Ridley somehow gets the opportunities and does the needful, then you got a good alternative. Week 14, I would not play Ridley. Ridley is hoping to catch lightning in a bottle for week 15 or 16. Hopefully you have room and can add both as Ridley is out there for free. Edit: If you look at the pictures of Ridley and Samuels, Ridley looks like a bigger back. Sometimes the player listing page isn't always accurate. I think Christine Michael was listed heavier then Marshawn Lynch. I'm sure that's an anomaly, but Samuel's frame I felt looked a bit smaller.
  15. Steeler Nation can rest easy knowing its young star should be just fine. According to NFL Media, Steelers running back James Conner suffered a lower leg contusion in Sunday's loss to the Chargers but the injury is "not considered major at all." The report noted that early impressions indicate Conner likely will have no trouble recovering barring any considerable swelling or further setbacks. A timetable for his return remains unknown.