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  1. Ha, based on this half of my staff are bums. Better than the bums they replaced though .... I hope.
  2. Out of curiosity Which low-owned waiver bums?
  3. Not trying to be a d**** but why? How about donate that money in their names to a charitable cause for vets and their families? You’re guaranteed to win that way, and it actually helps them out.
  4. Ok, my eyes must be on the fritz. I see a walk and a strikeout in the same game for LaTortuga. Either one on it’s own is like being struck by lighting. The combination is like Gabe Kepler using just one guy for saves. Min blown On another note, he really isn’t doing much at all with his opportunity. Anyone watching his ABs?
  5. Sorry if this is verboten, but is it ok to ask what % of FAAB you’d spend on Corbin? Also, assuming he sticks, how many innings would you expect? 150-160 total? Looks like he pitched 122 last year. This year it looks like 24.1 plus today’s 5.1
  6. Wow, Hernandezcomes in to save Castillo - bases loaded no outs and strikes out the side! Thank you good Sir!!!
  7. This! This guy seemed awful in most crucial situations while on the Mets.
  8. It looks like it is only for new customers signing up this year, am I wrong?
  9. Then I counter that ownership/teams should have the same standard applied to them.
  10. Then it’s impossible to underpay the owners as well, right? Their (the owners) counterparts in the real workforce have to pay fair-market salaries to their workers. They have as near-zero risk to lose money overall as you can realistically get and why should they get to pay their workers less than what a fair market demands and still charge what they do for tickets, memorabilia, concessions, TV/cable? The real world isn’t getting to charge what you want and not have to pay appropriately to sustain it.
  11. Thanks guys! Interesting, I like Blount this week. I actually also have Mack and Ware. I don't trust either with matchups and Ware especially with Reid talking about a RBBC. I was leaning towards benching one of Sutton or Edwards.
  12. I like Thomas too. I feel like he is less risky than Burton with Olsen out and Burton taking a donut dump
  13. I guess I'm in the minority. I like Adams over Ware. Tough Balt Def, he did crappy last week against a supposedly easy Def, and Reid is talking about RBBC. I like Moore at WR
  14. Definitely Carson if the finger is ok. Torn between jackson and Blount. I feel Blount finds the endzone maybe a few times today. I may be biased though as I am forced to start him. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737310-one-to-sit-of-wilson-blount-edwards-or-sutton-whir/