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  1. Curry+CP3+Vuch or Jokic+CP3+Vuch?

    I like the one with Steph, too.
  2. Barnes for Dunn? Dynasty

    Barnes will lose rebounds to DeAndre Jordan and that will hurt his value. I’d take Dunn over him all day any day.
  3. Huge Mitchell/Kawhi Dynasty Trade WHIR

    I wouldn’t do either of those trades. #1 seems risky because we aren’t sure what Isaac might do. The potential is there though, but the same could be said for Turner, too. If you HAD to make a trade, it’d be this one. I’m just not sure about it. As for #2, I’d keep Mitchell and Love. Both guys will be in for big years.
  4. Either do a lottery or do an auction. I’m also in a 30-team NBA contract league, and either option would work. Let me know if you need help with anything else. I can always use my league as a reference point.
  5. Keeper Help

    I’m taking RHJ and RoCo all day. Those guys help you across the board.
  6. Keepers help needed

    I’d gamble on Conley and Turner. The other options don’t make much sense for the round they are associated with.
  7. Brandon Knight 2018-19 Outlook

    I appreciate your modest feedback. I wish I had a magic globe, too!
  8. So it’s looking like Brandon Knight will be the starting PG for the Suns heading into the season. Is there anyone out there that thinks he can be successful like in years past? What kind of season do you all think he will have, and will he be someone you’re targeting as a sleeper pick late in fantasy drafts?
  9. Dynasty Trade Help: WHIR

    Anyone else?
  10. Dynasty Trade Help: WHIR

    I have been offered*
  11. Final Keeper Help.

    Harris... Conley seems to be on the wrong side of his career arc. help me?
  12. Need to Keep 4

    Harris, Collins, Allen, and Gordon help me?
  13. Jamal Murray or Pick 1.02?

    What is the salary associated with Murray? I’d keep Murray since you’re competing. Help me?
  14. This is a 30-team points league. I have offered the following: Josh Hart Robert Williams Channing Frye 2019 1st (my pick - controllable) 2019 1st (late) 2019 2nd (mid to late) 2020 2nd 2020 2nd for my Mitchell Robinson Harry Giles Ante Zizic Mike Muscala No idea what to do... I’m so attached to Giles and Robinson, but getting my pick back would help since my team is middle of the road. HELP!
  15. Doncic, Jackson, Carter