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  1. Doncic, Jackson, Carter
  2. Dynasty. Drop 4 players, help!

    I don’t think he’s that good. He reminds me of Speedy Claxton or another Rodrigue Beaubois.
  3. Several Dynasty Trade scenarios!!!

    In this order: DaR for 7, 10, 12 DaR for 4 and 10 I don’t like the other trades. Don’t trade Tatum at all, and avoid trading any pick you have.
  4. Michael Porter Jr dynasty

    He went in the top-10 in the rookie draft in my 30-team league. I guess it depends on what team you have. If you have a team full of young players, and you can wait a year on MPJ, then he fits. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have a lotto pick, and you’re team is good, it might be tough to select him if you’re expecting production this year. He is basically the Embiid/Simmons/Giles of this year’s draft class.
  5. Kyrie or Wall

    In a vacuum, I’d take Kyrie. I don’t see much difference, though.
  6. Booker and 1.03 pick for Tatum 1.01

    Keep what you have. I do like the Kawhi idea, though.
  7. Dynasty. Drop 4 players, help!

    Bender, Ntilikina, FVV, and Sabonis.
  8. Trade Help: Giles vs. Robert Williams (WHIR)

    Yeah, the pick won’t be in the top-15. He has a solid foundation. I think I’ll stick with Giles for now since there seems to be more positive hype compared to William’s negative reports as of late.
  9. Trade Help: Giles vs. Robert Williams (WHIR)

    It’s a future 1st round pick in 2020. So the value is a bit unclear.
  10. Rookies Draft?

    SGA! help me?
  11. Boogie or Tyreke as a keeper? WHIR

    Tyreke... Boogie might miss some time and Reke’s situation is a good one. help me?
  12. Turner/Isaac Dynasty Trade

    Make this move. I believe Isaac has a higher ceiling than Turner. MT has hit a wall a bit, but I can see Isaac putting up big lines in the future, plus you get a lotto pick; it’s a gamble worth taking. Help me?
  13. Whiteside for #9 and Taurean

    I would have taken the first offer, but this is even better; take it and run!!! Help me?
  14. Last keeper spots

    I’d keep Allen or Prince. Allen’s situation seems more clear now that D12 is bought out, and Prince did pretty well (usage will regress with Trae Young in town). As as far as the 2nd pick... go bold... draft Wendell Carter! He just seems like Horford to me and the most ready Center out of this rookie class. Big Board: 1) Doncic 2) WC 3) JJJ 4) Ayton 5) Knox 6) Bagley 7) SAG 8) Bamba 9) Sexton 10) Young Help me?