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  1. May Closer Thread 2017

    I love this whole thing. I am also still stashing Capps in every DL available slot I have in leagues, just in case it keeps happening.
  2. Buy Low / Sell High - 2017 Outlook

    He is still Trevor Cahill.
  3. Shelby Miller 2017 Season Outlook

    We are all so trained now that the minute we hear "forearm tightness" we've already mentally scheduled his TJ surgery.
  4. Javier Baez 2017 Outlook

    If 17 ABs is enough for you to make any kind of a decision, this guy is probably not the right guy for you. There are very few players who will ever avoid a 3/17 run (or worse), tbh, but Baez in particular has shown he's prone to very hot and very cold streaks.
  5. Yasiel Puig 2017 Outlook

    Feels too early to be making any kind of definitive statements on anybody. At least @TomBradysCollegeRoommate is owning his own bias. We could all stand to do that.
  6. Commissioners' Corner 2017

    On #1, in-season expiring position eligibility really makes injury impact matter way too much. If you're incapable of moving a guy out from his current position to cover another injury spot, and then can't move him back later after your injured guy comes back... that stinks and can create ugly choices an owner should not have to make. Count me on the list of those who really dislike this idea. On #2 - depends on your league's style. If you really want a highly competitive league and are willing to lose a 20 year (!!!) colleague to do it.. well, that's a league call. But not everybody is caught up playing to win the same way. Some guys just like to show up for a draft and have players they can care about all year. Maybe he's that kind of owner. Or maybe he's only able to devote that much time due to other priorities (work, family). You can always talk to the guy, never hurts. But big question is how far you're willing to go down that road... I'd respectfully submit you want to be careful opening that door, especially with such a long-time owner.
  7. 2017 Starting Pitcher Rankings

    Not sure I've ever heard anybody suggest before that pitchers age "better" than hitters. Can you provide something to back that up?
  8. 2017 Bold Predictions

    Oh man, this is good stuff. Nice work!
  9. 2017 Bold Predictions

    Bold predictions, or "most likely results" for the season?
  10. 2017 Starting Pitcher Rankings

    I'm on the other side. I'd rather take Darvish, who is 4 years younger. Verlander's 2016 was a beautiful return after a lost 2014 and a short (and devoid-of-Ks) 2015, but relying on that again for his age 34 season feels pretty risky, too. And on Ks, Verlander has averaged 8.5 K/9 for his career and only made it to 10 twice - 10.0 in 2016, and before that 10.1 all the way back in 2009. Darvish has never had less than a 10.4 season and has averaged 11.3 for his career. Verlander tosses a lot of innings and that can reduce the K gap, but that age 34 number starts to put some more jeopardy in that.
  11. 2017 Starting Pitcher Rankings

    Props to @taobballfor kicking a lot of offseason a** to prop this thread together. I've just read through it and am so glad to see baseball coming back, and with it, it means I get to read more excellent contributions from the RW baseball forum posters, who collectively form a great group of information providers and thought-provokers. Can't wait for April!
  12. All Fat Guy team

    How can anybody who watched baseball in the 80s not have added Charlie Kerfeld to this list yet?
  13. Welcome back, Roto forums!