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  1. Nobody here gets a vote. Only Weiss does. It's not a question of "calling for" removal, it's a question of predicting it.
  2. .350 and 4 SB in the last week... if that is what we want to call "slumping" I will surely take it.
  3. OHGODPLEASENO Let's not start the "pay for saves!" "don't pay for saves!" holy war all over again. Don't. Just... don't.
  4. Jonathan Papelbon. Nothing about him, just happy to see this numbnuts finally end up earning this thread.
  5. Simplified: "The [______] talk in here is crazy." welcome to zee clozeer threed.
  6. Like, any team with ZACH BRITTONHULKsMaSH
  7. Admittedly, i would hope no player is ever HAPPY about being sent to the minors. But yes, Puig has shown first class attitude while delivering economy cabin results.
  8. That is one of your next posts ever.
  9. ...And that is why Maddon is managing the Cubs, and you (and I, and everyone else on this forum for that matter) are not. he's got more information, he's looking at more stats, he's aware of the mood of the clubhouse, he's managing egos... pick 'em, but at this point your assumption should be "he clearly knows something I don't" rather than "what he's doing makes no sense."
  10. Hang on. In "real" baseball, you want a guy who can give you magic over the most "real" innings. You are right that a shutdown closer eases the drain on the rest of the staff, but the name of the game in baseball is keeping runs off the board, overall. A guy who can do that for 200 IP is more valuable than one who does it for 70. That's just math. If you don't have enough guys who can keep runs off the board in innings 1-8, then your "shutdown" closer never has a chance to matter in the 9th.
  11. Agree, after Weiss' comment, Ottavino at least merits discussion in this thread, especially if Estevez is struggling and Ottavino is on a roll. as far as I can tell, the biggest value of this thread is in discussing guys who COULD be closers during this season, due to a combo of their strength plus perceived opportunity - weakness at the top of the pen or trade likelihood. So while the "this ain't the middle reliever thread" comment always make for a punchy-sounding retort, it's not really the right application here.
  12. Er, make that, three home runs.
  13. Raise your hand if you thought Reyes would have 2 HR before picking up his first stolen base. (waiting) Ok, nobody? Good. Me neither.
  14. ...aaaaand, Bryce finishes June with a .801 OPS. Has 4 HR in his last 9 games. Mevins shown not to be spot-on. Baseball showing, yet again, the folly of putting too much emphasis in any one given moment. Pancakes for breakfast!
  15. Whether anybody *cares* or not is something people may disagree with you about,. But let's refer back to the mod comment that this thread needs to be about what his fantasy contributions may be and not about the social issues Reyes' employment invokes now.