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  1. Walker is the most frustrating pitcher to watch. You see flashes of the stuff, but he just lacks the ability to harness it consistently.
  2. Or he started the season hurt, and may continue to pitch poorly as a result.
  3. Streamed him last week. Guess I was off a week.
  4. Have I watched Chapman pitch before? Come on man. lol. Yea I get he's an emotion on the sleeve athlete. Just saying dude was looked way off and uncomfortable out there. Yankees broadcast even commented along the lines of "he looks uncomfortable physically" Just reporting what I saw. Not wishing doom on owners.
  5. looked physically uncomfortable. taking a lot of time between pitches. Grimacing. Last few FB were 94-95. Slider was all over. Dude labored through those 30+ pitches.
  6. Chapman looked awful just then. Almost looked hurt.
  7. Not sure of the ROS comp. But I'll tell you this. Is exit velocity is up this year. The lineup around him his better. And he isn't swinging as much and more specifically he isn't expanding the zone.
  8. The lost velo is a big problem for a guy who liked to climb the ladder for ks.
  9. There's no way that Duffy qualifies as an "ace". I didn't call him a flash in the pan, simply said his highest value was over the last week. His era will be somewhere between 3.5-4.0 by the end of the year and his ks are going to be lower than last year.
  10. Really wished I had listened to my hunch and attempted to sell high on him over the last week
  11. About that sell high window. . .
  12. you mean a typical JUp hot streak?
  13. If he settles and pulls off another great game, I'd say this is the peak of his sell high moment. Not that I expect catastrophe, but more in the range of mid 3 era.
  14. Welcome Back Segura. . Welcome Back.
  15. eventually performances like this will force their hand. Their SP is a dumpster fire outside of Santana.