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  1. Apparently I'm the kiss of death. Since i posted this he's given up 4 runs in the6th
  2. So Dickey has been on a hell of a tear lately. Has given up 1 ER or less in 7 of his last 10 starts.
  3. The amount of "fantasy football" minded people complaining in player threads is at an all time high this year. Gain a damn frame of reference for your baseless complaints. You know like to the actual game of baseball. Stop filling up the player and game day thread with your incessant whining.
  4. He's lucky he isn't getting lit up. He's leaving everything middle.
  5. Darvish may not record a single K tonight.
  6. Wil myers just stole 2nd/3rd/Home. First cool thing he's done since April.
  7. Pivetta with 6ks through 2 ip.
  8. When you really look at who else is in the 2nd round it makes it a lot more sense to want to go Gronk in the 2nd. We're talking Howard, Ajayi, Murray, Gurley, Cooper, Zeke, Dez, Hilton.. They all bring some form of risk, but I'd say outside of Zeke(who's risk is a certainty) no one comes close to Gronks possible output.
  9. Exit velocity of 110 on that one. Laser.
  10. Maddon did a 4 OF shift against Votto. But i thought Rizzo stayed at 1b for it.
  11. He's given up 17 ER in the first inning this year. His most in any inning.
  12. Gausman gonna get crushed if he keeps throwing middle of the plate FB's
  13. Quintana's control has been soooo suspect all year. Especially with first pitch strikes it seems.. LH Hitter-low outside..Typically slider RH Hitter- High inside ..Typically fastball
  14. Speaks volumes to how inept Collins and the entire Mets organization is at baseball.
  15. Wins aren't predictable in anyway ever, even with a great offense. For instance in their last 10 starts. Sale has 6 Wins. Kluber has 5 Wins. Scherzer has 5 Wins. Greinke has 5 Wins. And guess what Nola has 6 Wins.