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  1. Can we really qualify him as a "young" pitcher? He's 28. And has been appearing in the Majors since 2013. This isn't a first or second year SP, its a guy who has had injuries get in the way. Something started clicking last year, and I'd say he has greater chance at upside success than someone like Gausman who is being drafted around him.
  2. Was able to grab him in the 15th round in a 10 team H2H points league. This was 2 weeks ago though.
  3. This was more attributed to Francona than Kluber. I get that Kluber is the one in the game, but Francona would consistently leave him in longer than he should.
  4. Agree with everything you have said above. I actually hate him. But it's an abusive relationship i can't quit, and when he was there in the 22nd round I picked him. The mental make up thing is the main thing that gets me when I have watched his starts. He can appear as if he doesn't want to be out there.
  5. So in an update to the above line up. I have since dropped Tomas and grabbed Moustakas. With Tomas being banged up and not loving his numbers against righties I thought it best to have back up to Sano.
  6. This guy is becoming more and more intriguing, especially for those in 5OF leagues.
  7. I gotta give it to you at least you're consistent in your strategy. I once again will have to side step your advice. Kind of need my top 2 sp.
  8. Kind of betting on his upside. Only other option would be to pick up Moustakas as a back up plan. But there's no one on my team I'd be willing to drop at this point.
  9. 10 team points keeper league. Standard scoring aside from steals being worth 2 points instead of 1. Waited on pitching outside of Yu in the 4th. Currently using one of my bench spots to carry an extra pitcher. Any moves? Concerns? C: Martin. OF: Marte 1b: Freeman. OF: Braun 2b: Altuve. OF: Upton Ss: Segura. OF: Eaton 3b: Sano. OF: Ozuna MI: Dee Gordon. Utl: Peralta CI: Wil Myers. BE: Tomas, Mazara SP: Darvish, Quintana, Nola, Duffy, Gray, Cotton, Bundy, Paxton, Walker RP: Osuna
  10. There aren't loads of guys at the ADP that Zunino is at. Rupp, Gomes, J. McCann, d'Arnaud, Hedges. Zunino's power projections are higher than all of them. yes his avg is projected somewhere between .220-.230. But the rest of the field at that ADP is projected between .235-.250. Also Zunino's expected games played tends to sit at the top of the list with those at his ADP. So If you're selling out for power and not focusing on C as a position of need his cost is worth the gamble. Out of the rest of the group I like Rupp the most, but I expect Alfaro to displace him as Starting C around the all star break.
  11. What are the better options around an adp of 300? Rupp ? Gomes?
  12. I'm counting on it. Showed flashes last year and his strong showing in the spring is promising. Waited on C until my last pick because i think he will give a lot of value to those that gamble on him late in the draft.
  13. This post was more done to encourage discussion and conversation on the topic. Wasn't really interested in a right answer. Think questions like this are useful in the bench coach forum to spark discussion on differing perspectives thus enriching the community as a whole.
  14. Not sure how this response has anything to do with my original question. Also can't accurately evaluate your question when there are keepers involved Since I have no clue who will be there at pick 3 or pick 6
  15. Based upon SP performance last year and the resurgence of offense in baseball: Is paying the price for Top tier SP worth the cost anymore? Thoughts?