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  1. Keeper Help. WHIR

    Sooo my keepers are almost due and I find myself going back and forth on who to keep. Something keeps saying keep both SP and focus on hitting for the the first bunch of rounds.
  2. Keeper Help. WHIR

    10 team H2H Points League Pick 2 of these 3 players. Nola in the 12th round Paxton in the 13th round Ozuna in the 17th round Thoughts?
  3. James Paxton 2018 Outlook

    Obviously "Big Maple" had a great final line last year. When he was on he was damn near unhittable. Peripherals backed everything. But....he missed significant time due to injury once again. Finishing the year at only 140 IP. He's never exceeded 171 IP in his career, and that was only twice(2013,2016). So adding in his injury risk where are people valuing him going into drafts? If he's healthy the whole year he's an ace, but that's a big IF.
  4. Wonder how many that pushed FG by Elliot will loom large in people's wins/losses
  5. XMAS DAY GAMES- What Do you Need?

    All i need is: Foles 350/4 Ertz 9/120/3 Crabtree 12/175/2 Not too much to ask for. Got gurleyd.
  6. Foles or Bortles.? WHIR

    Down by 60. Who's the higher upside play?
  7. 12.24.17. Rams @ Titans Gameday Thread

    Why did I start Murray? Cause I obviously hate myself and my own happiness.
  8. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    The Hoodie gonna Hoodie..
  9. DeMarco Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    My thoughts are this: YOLO.
  10. Pick 2 Rbs Full PPR WHIR

    So L murray let me down Still trust D murray or go with M Davis?
  11. Foles or Cousins? WHIR

    It isn't gonna be that windy, that's getting way over blown. And that game has an over/under of 47.5. I don't see foles sitting at any point bc i don't think the eagles secondary is solid enough to keep the raiders off the board.
  12. Everyone keeps talking about the weather for the Philly game. Way overhyped. It's gonna be cold. 10 mph winds. Don't see the Big deal.
  13. Foles or Bortles.? WHIR

    I actually have Ertz. And Crabtree. But I don't mind the idea of having 3 players in the final game of the week. Especially a game with an over/under of 47.5
  14. Nick Foles 2017 Season Outlook

    Yes if they win they lock down home field throughout