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  1. Can we talk about the load times on the new ESPN site? Slower than Bartolo Colon trying to leg out a triple, and not nearly as entertaining.
  2. Every now and again I lose hope in the forums, but then a gem like this gets posted and my faith is renewed. Good insight.
  3. That infield defense gonna hurt this whole staff. Woodruff is an interesting play though.
  4. Sent M. Olson Received Eloy 10 team points league. Accepted yesterday prior to the announcement of Eloy's deal and Olson's injury.
  5. Just flipped Matt Olson for Eloy in a points league 20 mins before Rosenthal confirmed the possible deal expectations for Eloy.
  6. I highly doubt this. Kid has been ready since last year. Vlad may get all the love, but Eloy is right behind him.
  7. They are. It's all over my social media feeds. I just don't see what he expects out there, he's basically LeBron when he was with Cleveland the first time. The organization has not surrounded him with talent up to this point in his career.
  8. If Pivetta could develop a cutter the way that Hamels did after Doc came to the Phillies, then Pivetta s FB up in the zone would play so much better.
  9. Can someone just post the grandpa simpson gif in this thread? I would be but technologically challenged. Speaking to the actual fantasy impact, think the argument could me made for a 1st round pick in points leagues. Based on low k, counting stats, and power potential.
  10. Been a thing since they became a major advertising partner with MLB. I have had it for the last 3 years I believe.
  11. As a Phillies fan, I'm fine with the length of contract. His offensive game should age well, and it spreads out the AAV of the contract.
  12. Reporting a 10year 330 million with an opt out somewhere. We actually landed a free agent star in Philadelphia. Amazing.
  13. With the Harper saga seemingly looking like it will not end in Philadelphia how do they stack up to the rest of the NL East? Lineup has balance, though not a lot of pop. Bullpen is a strength. However, SP is a question mark after Nola. Depending on movement with remaining free agents and possible moves during the trade deadline, I'm concerned they don't stack up and would see a difficult road in winning the NL East.
  14. Arenado has more value from a positional/defense standpoint. At least that's where I see him getting to bump in his WAR. Whereas Harper has a slightly higher wRC+.
  15. Have you been to a game in D.C. ? How about a game in Philly? Just wondering. Since you making these vast blanket statements.