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  1. I'm in the same place as you. I'm not sure 10% gets it done. Feel like it'll get outbid
  2. Soroka will not be worth his draft position next year
  3. No longer a 2 start week. Shows him going on Wednesday now.
  4. Drew Smyly's hr rate and great American ballpark.
  5. After an 0-4 with 4ks, got a feeling he sits tomorrow.
  6. I disagree with this. Then why did they bother with stretching both of them out. ? The pen is gonna be for Bassit, Bailey or Anderson.
  7. Maybe they go 6 man rotation. Move one of bassit, Bailey, or Anderson to the pen. Bring up manaea and luzardo. Could mean Luzardo gets to pitch at home against the tigers next weekend.
  8. Astrides. How I love thee.. Another bomb
  9. Bruh.. You know you just responded to your own statement.. And what's a super Ace anyway? What are the statistical qualifications to achieve such a status?
  10. That almost 50% GB rate and 15% swinging strike rate are not the best combination. Maybe at home those grounders turn into hits.
  11. Those that are still holding in redrafts, what's making you hold at this point? He's been downright dreadful. All that's keeping me from cutting is the "what if he gets hot?"
  12. Does it get discounted bc it was off of Chen?
  13. Will start at AAA on Thursday.
  14. Lots of fantasy teams will owe thanks to the orioles for their championships. Straight gifting offensive explosions.