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  1. Trade for Mookie?

    I'd say Tyson Ross or Vlad, altho if the other team is near the bottom of the league, which it sounds like he is, you might be able to package Vlad and a pitcher in the deal to get an ace in return. Personally, I'm not huge on players under the age of 22 or 23 and if you could include Vlad and Pivetta for someone in the Paxton-Bauer range you could even up your roster and get a nice upgrade in the process.
  2. Trade for Judge? WHIR

    Absolutely do it. Judge is a significant upgrade over Bellinger and I can't imagine either of those pitchers are substantially better than what's on waivers, especially if you can curate a few streamers. If you could help me out as well I would appreciate it.
  3. Aguillar 4 Lamb/Hader or Peralta/Hader (WHIR)

    I would definitely decline this trade. Hader doesn't have much value in your league since he's unlikely to get more than 1 or 2 saves moving forward and any wins will not count in your QS league. That leaves him contributing in ERA, WHIP, and K's, but as a reliever his contributions there aren't likely to make a meaningful impact. Peralta isn't even worth owning IMO and Aguilar is looking much better than Lamb so far If you could help me out as well I would appreciate it.
  4. Freeman for Kershaw/Cole WHIR

    Unless your pitching staff is terrible or you think Kershaw won't miss a best or a start for the rest of the season I wouldn't do it. Freeman is one of the best hitters in the game and that's pretty hard to replace. That being said, is still pretty close from an absolute value perspective. It's like you're reading your top 5 pick for a late second and early this round pick. Not bad, but do you really want to miss out on that flat out stud bat? Any help you could give on mine would be appreciated.
  5. Trade for Mookie?

    If you're selling out to win this year (which I would recommend) then do it. Betts is one of the top 3 players this year and give you a great chance to win it all. As they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Any help you could give on mine would be appreciated.
  6. Who wins this MONSTER deal? WHIR

    I like what your getting in this monster deal. Goldy is back in form , so I'd say that Goldy for judge and Turner is roughly equivalent. That leaves you with Darvish and Pollock for Berrios and Bellinger, and that isn't even close. If you could help me out as well I would appreciate it.
  7. That's a close call and though I love Flaherty I'd probably make the deal. Your pitching staff is already solid and from a keeper perspective I like Andujar quite a bit more. Not only are hitters generally safer keepers than pitchers, Flaherty is probably a solid #3-4 pitcher long term, whereas Andujar is rising the ranks at a position which seems to be getting thinner outside of the top few options. If you could help out on mine I would appreciate it.
  8. Paxton for Albies?

    I'm not super confident in either player, as Albies has not made the necessary adjustments once pitchers figured him out and Paxton is always an injury risk. I think you could do better than Albies for Paxton, but if nothing better comes up and you need the help go for it Help with mine?

    Absolutely, find a team who's been struggling at catcher and take their#2 or 3 pitcher. Let me know if you have any targets you need help with, also help on mine?
  10. Who to use #1 Waiver on?

    Rondon for sure. Rookies are usually more smoke than fire, and have a high chance of slumping after the league adjusts. Meanwhile, Rondon seems to be locked in as the closer for one of the best teams in baseball with Giles struggling and Devinski locked into the Andrew Miller role. Help a brother out:
  11. Trade Help

    I'd take that trade all day. I'm not a huge Greinke fan but he would nonetheless be a great addition to your rotation and Acuna is a stud in a great offense. Meanwhile, scooter is probably at his high point in terms of trade value and the Mets are driving the bus to clown town, so I don't trust anyone on that team. Help a brother out:
  12. Hey guys, I need some ROS advice and some help with a trade, sorry for the long pay but I appreciate any help and will certainly help with your questions (it always seems easier to analyze things from the outside for some reason). I'm currently in 3rd place in my division (6th overall) in my 12 team H2H categories keeper league. Keepers are $3+auction value and you can only keep players you've drafted. Categories are: R, HR, RBI, SB, SO, OPS QS, BB, SO, SV, ERA, WHIP I think my team is pretty solid and once I get a few guys back off the DL I'll be in good shape to make a run at a third straight title, although there's always room for improvement. Here's my squad: C: Mesoraco 1B: Jose Abreu 2B: Odor SS: Treat Turner 3B: Sano MI: Starlin Castro CI: Mitch Moreland 5 OF: Judge, Upton, DeShields, Denard Span, Leonys Martin UTIL: Matt Davidson BE: *Donaldson, *Daniel Murphy, *Cespedes DL: *Will Myers, DeJong 2P: Ryan Tepera, Hector Ronson 5SP: Sale, Castillo, Hendricks, Wacha, Flaherty 2RP: Knebel, Beach BE: *Britton, Bucholtz (streamer) DL: Darvish So my first question is what do you think of my team overall? Are there any areas I should be addressing or should I more or less let it ride? My second question is should I add any of these players and if so who do I drop? Best available FA's are: Marwin Gonzalez, Adam Duvall, Yonder Alonzo, Byron Buxton, Alex Wood, Daniel Mengden. Finally, I have been offered the following trade (by a Red Sox fan who also drafted for $4 then dropped Wacha, messing he could potentially keep him for $7) Moreland and Wacha for Wade Davis and Eric Hosmer I'm not really thrilled by the trade, but he does have Paxton who I might be able to swing a 2 for 1 for. The only other players on his roster that I'd both be interested in and have a shot at are Elvis Andrus and Familia, who are both hurt. thanks again for your input and link your questions and I'll do my best to answer them!
  13. Streamer for Thursday

    I'm looking to stream either Jordan Lyles or Wei-Yin Chen on Thursday. It might be the only day I can stream this week via some creative roster management and while I have a comfortable cushion in ERA and WHIP I could really use some strikeouts and/or a quality start. Unfortunately these are the best two options available and they seem like a coin toss to me. Anyone have some insights?
  14. Rate this trade

    I wish I had more hands so I could give this trade four thumbs up. After he drops mesoraco because he now has realmuto you can pick him up and have the same guy you just traded away (my opinion might be skewed, bc I think that outside the top 3 all rosterable catchers are pretty much interchangeable)
  15. 6X6 H2H 12 Team Keeper League 2nd Place. Suggestions?

    Gausman definitely has great stuff, but he can't control it and plays in a tough division. If you can pick and choose your starts he's good, but if you need a guy to roll out every time he starts, Cahill seems to be pretty reliable. Also, if you can keep players for more than 1 year that was a great trade and I probably wouldn't move Torres. I'm used to 1 year keepers only.