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  1. 2 orphans in RSO dyno ($35)

    spots filled!
  2. 2 orphans in RSO dyno ($35)

    team 5 is now taken! that leaves 8 and 9 as the remaining options remember that a friend of mine is taking the last one remaining, so hurry and get your pick of the two!
  3. funny guy! definitely a challenge still open
  4. 2 orphans in RSO dyno ($35)

    bump, looking to draft as soon as filled!
  5. 2 orphans in RSO dyno ($35)

    ^ that team 4 got taken very quickly lol the 3 teams in the initial post are still available!
  6. 2 orphans in RSO dyno ($35)

    there's another orphan open! team 4: keenan allen, dalvin cook, mike evans, landon collins, luke kuechly $30M in cap space #3 pick in the draft
  7. 10 teams scoring is intended to reflect draftkings DFS scoring 7 starters: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, 2 UTILITY 5 bench (2 IR) 10 keepers team really needs some TLC: Stephen Curry, Enes Kanter, Brook Lopez, Otto Porter Jr, Elfrid Payton, Trevor Ariza are the team's prominent keepers picking #2 in rookie draft email with subject line SPLASH if you want this team
  8. 12 teams 9 cat (TOs) 10 starters: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, 3 UTILITY 10 bench (3 IR) 10 keepers the orphan team's projected keepers: Kyrie Irving, Demarcus Cousins, Bradley Beal, Nicolas Batum, Will Barton, Robert Covington, Dennis Schroder, Terry Rozier, Brook Lopez, Trevor Ariza team is picking 11th in rookie draft email me with the subject line YOU BROKE MY HEART BOOGIE if you want this team
  9. take this team and we can begin our rookie draft comment below or email me (this is the best way to get my attention)
  10. how goes it, denizens of rotoworld forums. provides, in my humble opinion, the best site for salary cap/contract fantasy football. my league heading into it's third season has 3 orphans. a friend of mine has agreed to take the least desirable orphan (the last one remaining), so really there are only 2 spots left! once those spots are filled, we will go right into our rookie draft, which is 5 rounds and done offline (slow email draft). after the rookie draft, we will take part in the annual FA auction there is a $35 buy in on leaguesafe (must be paid upon entry) and a $12 RSO fee to use the site (they do all the legwork and math so you can feel like a lazy GM). we also have a groupme chat that is mandatory to be in clicking on that link should allow you to see the league settings now, the teams... I couldn't post screenshots, so i'll give some notable players on each roster, how much cap space they have, and their pick in the first round. they all have unique qualities. team 5: corey davis, telvin smith, deshaun watson, adoree jackson, demaryius thomas $100M in cap space picks #10 in first round team 8: deandre hopkins, melvin gordon, aaron rodgers, bobby wagner, tyrann mathieu $60M no first round pick team 9: joe mixon, evan engram, aj green, khalil mack, keanu neal $35M #7 email me with the subject line SHOW ME THE MONEY if you'd like to take any of these teams
  11. Orphan in free ESPN Marvel vs DC dyno

    spot filled!
  12. we're in the middle of our rookie draft, and the owner with 2.01 leaves the league! need a committed owner for this fun dynasty league (comic book nerddom recommended) first, some details on the league ESPN PPR with big play IDP scoring 12 teams 35 roster, 23 starters including head coach and punter 5 round rookie/FA drafts every May must pick a Marvel or DC character based on the corresponding division the team's last owner named this team The Winter Soldier. here are some of the studs: leonard fournette, stefon diggs, david njoku, devante parker, cooper kupp, myles garrett, oj howard, donkey kong suh, sammy watkins, jamal adams this team has some decent players but needs some work to get into the playoffs. email me with the subject line THANOS if you're interested in taking over. first come first serve! be ready to be added and draft right away, you are on the clock!
  13. Hey Persiandood,


    I'm willing to take over Hodor, I'm in the whats app group and my email is