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  1. not sure if the team you want is still left, or if you joined. there are two left!
  2. invite to league and chat sent
  3. this league is looking for committed owners ready to play in 2019 and beyond. this season's results don't matter; just take a look at the open teams and pick one you want. starting in 2019 and every subsequent season, the league fee will be $20 paid through leaguesafe the theme of the league is Super Smash Brothers, the video game series. it would be recommended if you knew what that was, and can pick a character from the series. for instance, I've picked Solid Snake. this league has large rosters, superflex, IDP, and a solid scoring template. but a league is only as good as it's committed owners. let's make it great! if you can't join through the link or have any questions, email me
  4. the team is purple pineapples. this league is $20 every year, and this year is free obviously. not looking for a babysitter for just this season; want a committed owner ready to build the team for 2019 and beyond we use leaguesafe and groupme for communication. if you can't join the team through that link, or have any more questions, email me
  5. invite sent to chat and league
  6. the two teams with absent owners are Beastbrook and WrongWayRicky. do not mind the two teams labeled Open 11 and Open 12, this league is transitioning from 12 to 10 teams and recently held a dispersal draft leave your email and which team you want, and i'll kick out the owner and add you. these guys are MIA, need committed owners. we also have a groupme chat (required to join) if you can't reach me through here, email me
  7. Knicks are now open. Jeff Teague, Paul George, Derrick Favors, Reggie Jackson, Ricky Rubio, John Wall, Andre Drummond, Nic Batum, Draymond Green, Gary Harris, Tyreke Evans, Gordon Hayward.
  8. invite sent it's public now
  9. Miami Heat has opened up Players are: Russell Westbrook, Demarcus Cousins, Jrue Holiday, Hassan Whiteside, Rudy Gobert, D'Angelo Russell, Caris LeVert, Josh Jackson, Danilo Gallinari, Zach Lavine, Josh Richardson, Otto Porter leave your email and you'll be invited ASAP
  10. the lakers are still open!
  11. celtics taken. lakers last team left!