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  1. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    yeah i did tried to late in the evening
  2. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    it's getting late though, so I doubt we can get 6 more. though 2 did just join like 15 minutes ago
  3. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    Probably until 12:30ish if not I'll call it
  4. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    Lol you have nothing better to do than troll a completely random person trying to get a league filled? What is wrong with you kids?
  5. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    Dude, what are you talking about? I legit have no idea who you are and I'm always co-commish in my main, longtime league who doesn't even handle the leaguesafe. I'd appreciate if you got off my post because again, I don't know who you are and have never communicated with you before.
  6. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    two people just joined. Need 6 more for a draft at 1am et.
  7. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    hey, is that you that just joined? Someone just joined, so if this league happens we need 7 more
  8. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    who are you? Are all the kids out tonight? I use rotoworld to fill leagues. Have said who I've invited into the league. Some people on the internet have genuine, serious issues. No worries though, I highly doubt we can fill this league at this point with only one hour to go.
  9. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/170625/invitation?key=9010cfea961f1cce&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=cddaa99d3d456170 there's the link if easier
  10. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    sent you invite bro. if you join we need 7 more
  11. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    I'm not making the league safe until we have it just about filled. I invited henry from this post, he joined as did his friend. I invited Orlando from this post, who also joined. And taker from the current post has joined who was trying to make his own league
  12. damn sorry to hear that. I'm on the east coast too and I know it's late, but I'm trying to get into one more league before the season starts so I'm staying up to try and make it work lol
  13. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    I genuinely don't understand what in the world you're talking about. If we use league safe with majority vote, how is this a scam? I'm not asking people to paypal me directly. I'm using a trusted site for payment that everybody uses. Literally just trying to get a last minute league going with others that are in the same boat. Not sure what you're issue is, but if you aren't interested please move along as I'm trying to put my efforts into filling this league so we can all draft tonight.
  14. $100 league drafting tonight at 12:30am et

    I'm so confused. yes, I use rotorworld and reddit league finder to help fill the longtime league I'm in as we typically need a few replacements every year. No other use for forums. We are using league safe, thus impossible to scam anyone. Everyone on this forum tonight was trying to find a league, including myself but I didn't see one I was interested so I tried making one tonight, because I have no interest in drafting once the season starts, which is tomorrow.
  15. We have a $100 entry fee through league safe. 12 team, roto, auction league 6x6 drafting tonight at 1am et. Need 7-8 more but been filling it up as I just made it a little while ago https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/170625/invitation?key=9010cfea961f1cce&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=cddaa99d3d456170