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  1. Cool thanks. I had one guy ready to join but he saw the auction budget was $300 and was out and tbh that seems very excessive to me. If it's the standard $200 I'll stay and get him to join.
  2. my only request is can we shorten the time it takes to nominate players? it's gonna be a rough draft for us east coasters
  3. no worries I joined anyways. I sent out the link to a few people to try and help fill it
  4. I had a league I was in but the commish deleted it and I could get the people to rejoin but it was for $100
  5. this is definitely the league I want to join but would prefer the money being higher
  6. how many teams do you have already? I'm in a league that's very similar but it's $100 with a superflex maybe you could join ours we are at I think 5 members right now
  7. I'd be cool with 14 it's just going to be impossible to do this late in the day
  8. what are the official rosters? I hav a guy from reddit that wants to join but it was with the rosters I had, so let me know what we're going with so I can update it
  9. tbh I actually hate being commish I've never done it before so can you be commish and I'll help you fill the league? I think I can get a 2-3 guys off of reddit
  10. I just made a league almost identical haha. Any interest in turning one of those flexes into a superflex and we can team up and fill the league together?
  11. $100 entry fee through league safe. Passing td's 4 points and .5pp rosters are: QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/flex/flex/superflex/Def/Kicker